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Solar Plane IS HEAVY

The lamestream media told you:

The solar plane "Solar Impulse" is flying entirely around the world without a single drop of fuel! It is a glorious day for this miraculous feat of fuel-free engineering and human accomplishment, leaving the climate-change disgusting and ugly world of fossil fuel and CO2 destruction of the environment behind!

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The solar plane is actually a battery-powered plane.

The splendiferous idyllic image of a plane that runs completely on sunlight is magnificent and simply glorious. How illustrious the accomplishments of humanity to create a solar plane, how Earth-saving, how pure! How Disney! How inaccurate.

Recall for a moment that this story is brought to you by the same "news" people who paint the world as liberal left as they can, for every other topic you care about, right? Guns, politics, environment, healthcare, immigration, why would this suddenly be different? Before you get carried away on the wings of an angel, add this to the mix:

The plane appears to be 100% solar charged, this is true, a stunning piece of engineering, because how much power can you get into heavy batteries before you can't lift them off the ground. But you don't just put this thing out in sunshine and fly around. It's not that kind of solar plane.

The flight path of the battery-powered solar plane is calculated to rise and fall so gravity, air current, exposure, temperatures, air density and scores of other factors will allow it to fly at all, and complete its amazing circumnavigation quest. Proof of principle, engineering marvel, all that. Don't get me wrong -- the science kid in me is in awe, mesmerized, this is wonderful. But the over-the-top save the-the-world global-savior blush on this is pure reporter lefty hype.

It is the four ten-horsepower motors that get the plane's 5,070 pounds off the ground. It is definitely the batteries, not the sun, that fly it at night. All the "I want a clean future" promotion on the website is sweet, and it's obvious what the social direction of all this is. The planet's self-anointed stewards are rushing off headlong to a brave new world the old world won't recognize, or exercise much control over, for better or worse.

If you add in the gargantuan fossil-fuel needs for building and supporting this monumental and wonderful experiment, no self-respecting environmentally sensitive individual could support it (fuel needs are not calculated, disregarded totally). From fabricating the materials, to the power for the global computing network (and everything else!) in development, to the non-stop transportation needs of the staff, the banking, lawyering, to the energy just in so-called "news" coverage, there's enough Arab oil here to light global cities.

And it's all to fly one plane one time to say look, we did it, and gloat forever -- we burned all that oil, nuked all that uranium, put out all that CO2 (desperately needed for plant life, but don't mention that), every day for years, just so we could fly with no CO2 (kinda sorta). Which is a great thing, if all you see is the small picture. How much CO2 did that take? They don't know, or care, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (or their electric bills, now THAT would be something). And the loony idea that we're flying purely solar planes now. The massive teams use more oil on one day aloft than a real plane might use flying around the world. But we are advancing a brave new world. Thank God for that.


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