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Comments help keep me going. Alan.

My quibble with you, is this belief in reporting the truth. That is a modern falsehood of post WWII journalism. Journalism has always been propaganda of the owners and most importantly the advertisers who foot the bill in most cases. The newspapers of olden days of 100 years ago didn't even make believe they reported the truth. It was assumed it was just one point of view. Why most cities had many papers from far left to far right and in between. Something for everyone. Today, nobody who wants variety reads USA Today or Wall St. Journal, they surf the net and get their point of view validated. Like the good old days. Regards, Tony T. [Points well taken Tony. Still, the ethical tenets of the profession apply, reporting still differs from editorial content (or should) and belongs in its place, bias still merits noting, self-evident errors and internal contradictions drive me nuts and demean the profession. What would you have The Uninvited Ombudsman do?]


(Referring to the ludicrous nature of phony gun-free zones)
Amen to that!  I've worked in hospitals for over thirty years, all of which have had these absurd signs posted.  Yet in addition to secret announcement codes for arrests, fire, etc. there is always a code for a “weapons situation.” Why is such a code needed if signs are posted?  What garbage!  If Mr. Nutcase pays a visit (the staff entrance is around the corner from my office) I just have to hope I can lay my hands on a bottle of stain or something else to use as a weapon before he finds me… while I don't miss the smog, the crime, the traffic, one thing I do miss about living in Arizona is visiting your booth at Crossroads and saying hello.  I'd buy everything in your library if it was in the budget…
Michael, Laboratory Safety Officer


Enjoyed the entire Page Nine, as usual. Thanks for your hard work. Your skill at getting the point over is certainly a blessing, and I know that, agnostic or not, you don't believe that you are responsible for how adept you've become at confrontationally addressing all who continue their attempt (with much $ and media sensationalism) to take away our basic rights. So, God bless you and your family!
I especially appreciated the NYT write up. It's about time you got deserving publicity. I mean, what's a liberal mind going to do to say after learning about Alan Korwin, except, maybe, "Profanity, profanity, why can't MY brilliance get that kind of coverage. Profanity."
So, keep up the good work (continue writing), and continue making our stand for freedom beyond dispute.
And, finally, as millions will agree, the "Alan Korwin Experience " is the highlight of Armed American Radio. Sincerely, Mike G. [I asked Mike about the New York Times reference, haven't been in there for a while, he meant New Times, The article has a nice handful of errors, but overall it's pretty good.


I have to say my earlier note was an emotional one and I haven't been doing the best job of taking gun violence in stride. I have no idea what the solution is to gun violence, but America continues to lead the industrial West when it comes to shooting it out. I think one step in the right direction would be an extension of the castle doctrine to allow shooting anyone open carrying an assault rifle. [emphasis mine. Alan.] That would be an interesting court test.

If you see a couple of people carrying assault rifles openly, you could argue convincingly that they needed killing. This is based on experience with people openly carrying assault rifles in public places who were perfectly within their rights until they pulled the trigger.

Actually, I think this would be very appealing to folks like you. It would be taking us back to something more like the Old West which is the keystone of our shoot first and ask questions later culture.
By the way, of all the people I have asked why they carry concealed weapons, they all reply it's for protection.    When I ask the same people if they wear bulletproof vests, the answer is zero. 
ps  if you are concerned about protection, why would you not make a bulletproof vest your first choice?  Like police officers?   A bulletproof vest will have fought off the first attack, giving you time to reach for your own Glock.  -Bill S.


Mark C.

To Bill S., so you're a proponent of shooting-on-sight anyone seen in mere possession of an "assault rifle" in public? So you'd shoot all of the open-carry demonstrators on sight if you ever happened to drive by one of those demonstrations?

As far as why I choose to carry a concealed weapon but not bother with a bulletproof vest, maybe it's because I don't consider myself to be nearly as much of a live target as a uniformed police officer seems to be lately.

I'm also concerned enough about a house fire that I have a fire extinguisher in the house, but I don't wear a Simpson seven-layer fire suit to bed every night.

Mr. Bill S., even though you apparently don't carry a concealed weapon on your person, don't you still wear a bulletproof vest? If not, why not? Are you actually that unconcerned about your personal safety? There are dangerous people out there with guns! - Mark C.

Keith H in AZ

Alan, you are so right about the rich Arab states not wanting the rabble from Syria in their countries. And yes, they will bring their problems with them and much, much more.

But, you can't say that they aren't offering to help, after all,Saudi Arabia did offer to build 200 Mosques in Germany.

And the Caliphate continues to grow...

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