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How to Destroy the West: Muslim Immigrants

The lamestream media told you:

USA Today--Jubilation as Austria, Germany Open Borders: Thousands of migrants arrived in Austria and many more were heading there on foot Saturday as European countries broke a stalemate and began finding ways to take in the masses of humanity... The migrants are mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and have endured hardships... Arabic-speaking translators were also on hand to help at emergency registration centers... tens no hundreds of thousands, more coming, statistics upon statistics... where were they all last week, month, year... it doesn't say.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In an accompanying USA Today story -- which logic would dictate even if it weren't in ink: "Persian Gulf countries such as [fabulously oil-rich wealthy] Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait have pledged or donated hundreds of millions of dollars but won't resettle those fleeing the Syrian civil war raging for more than four years." Hmmm. According to Amnesty International's Geoffrey Mock, the Gulf states have "offered zero resettlement places." Why would Arabs reject fellow Arabs? (Because it's the best thing that could happen for their cause.)

Luay Al Khatteeb, at the Brookings Institute gets it right when he notes in the same piece that the Gulf states "may" fear destabilization from a major influx of migrants. "When they enter any country, they will bring with them all the reasons why they left."

The Gulf states "may" fear
destabilization from a major
influx of migrants.

So they're not taking them.

They're letting them go to Europe, much further away.

And it, uhh, helps the caliphate. Shhh.

This of course is EXACTLY what the United States is experiencing from the influx of illegal immigrants across its southern border, unchecked for more than a decade. The migrants know it. Their domestic supporters inside government and out know it. Voting is shifted. Culture is shifted. Economics shift. Citizens are screwed.

And there's the rub.

ISIS and muslims everywhere know that the wars in the Middle East are a good thing, if all they do is drive hundreds of thousands of other muslims to pollinate Europe in one fell swoop. The millennium-old muslim dream of a global caliphate moves a giant leap closer, with limited bloodshed and tragedy, just people dying along the road and washing up on shores, to elicit sympathy, and funding. They may not want to admit it, even to themselves, but every single one has had that thought. Just like you.

What will Europe do with these teaming masses, yearning to be... islamic? Many unskilled in employable western ways, insular thanks to language and culture, an economic drag on the economy, despite politician's pipe dreams otherwise: (Angela Merkel, Germany -- "As a strong, economically healthy country we have the strength to do what is necessary," but then she does promise that every asylum seeker, "gets a fair hearing," whatever that means; how long can their strength last? How do Germans feel paying for that?

If you wanted to establish a caliphate, destroy Western culture, take over Europe -- the heart of your enemy -- how better than to send endless hordes of refugees there, with the ignorant political infrastructure welcoming them, instead of forcing them back to their allied countries -- who reject them for the same reasons you should.

Here come the teaming masses
yearning to be... islamic.


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