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They're lying--There are no guns on the street

This myth is self-evident

by Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman (

Originally published in The Daily Caller, June 4, 2016

Today we're looking at what may be the most ridiculous gun myth the (non) progressive left has convinced itself-and most everyone else-is real. “We've got to get the guns off the street!”

Look, folks, there are no guns on the street. Sure, it's just an expression, I get that, but it's not really. It has risen to urban legend, and is said and believed with such vigor it distorts a rational view of reality and the problems we face. Just like all the gun myths do. It causes severe harm.

In the good parts of town, which is virtually everywhere, guns are in drawers, and closets, and nightstands, and gun safes, and quick access devices, and beautiful wood and glass gun cabinets. And kitchen drawers. And holsters of every shape and description imaginable. And in glove boxes and every other compartment of vehicles. And in gun stores, can't forget those. Guns are everywhere in America, all 300+ million of them. In at least 60 million safely armed homes. But they are not on the streets. They never were. It's mythical, from minds that need treatment.

In the bad parts of town, what reformers can no longer call ghettos but now sanitize as the inner city, or impoverished neighborhoods, or neighborhoods of color, or ethnic communities, or who can keep up with what the left calls the places where gangs hang and so many murders occur, well, the guns aren't on the streets there either.

They're actually in the same places you'll find them in the good neighborhoods. In homes, vehicles, sometimes under lock and key, sometimes not. Often enough people carry them, sometimes legally. But the guns aren't on the streets. People are on the streets. The guns are under people's control. Just like anywhere. The left needs to be sayin' “We've got to get the guns away from the criminals.” Tellingly, they don't.

So you can see the point. Guns aren't on the streets. That's a twisted view of the world and of guns, held by a twisted portion of the population that is so out of its mind with gun fear that it fantasizes about guns and gets it all wrong. There are no guns on streets. As long as you think that way you have no prayer of finding an answer.

What you have on the streets are criminals. Malcontents. Miscreants. Gangsters. People with no moral compunction or sense of decorum or decency. People who would rob and beat you senseless in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it or get something out of it, even just kicks. They do it in large measure to each other, becoming banal statistics. You hear about the 6,000 black-on-black murders constantly. What you don't hear about are the 6,000 murder trials, because there aren't any. Black lives don't matter enough.

People exist who would shoot each other (or you) just to prove who they are, because they think so little of themselves. Life means little to them, they're out there. That's what you have “on the streets.” That's what we have to take off the streets. That's why good people carry guns -- it's rational.

Criminals have guns they're not allowed by law to have? But of course, monsieur! This is how it works. They represent a threat to society. They would assault you without compunction or remorse -- that's the problem. We don't have to get guns off a street they are not on. We have to get the murderers and stickup artists off the street. Until you start thinking like that, you will never solve the problem.

“Some people prey on other people.” Col. Jeff Cooper put it that way. He was right. Focus on that. Many more people would support removing all guns -- as long as you start with the criminals first. But that's sarcasm of course, there's no way to do that or 1) we'd have done it already, and 2) that's why the antis go after the innocent -- because they can. Until that changes, the world remains a dangerous place (like, since time began, and probably forever, nature's plan).

Connecting the dots, it is now evident progressives on the left aren't progressive at all, they're delusional, interested in getting guns off streets they are not on. The left is using a convenient catch phrase to confuse the issue -- a marxist technique from Saul Alinsky -- to evaporate your rights under false pretenses. Man, they are good at it.

“The left lies better than we tell the truth.” --Becky Fenger.


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