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"Don't Inspire Evil Initiative" for Journalists

Put an end to The Golden Age of Glorifying Mass Murderers

________ON LETTERHEAD________


The “Don’t Inspire Evil” Initiative

Bloomfield Press, in cooperation with a growing list
of nationally recognized institutions and individuals,
joins in support of The Don’t Inspire Evil Initiative:

“Refrain from gratuitous or repetitious portrayal of
mass murderers’ names and images.”

Accuracy In Media, Don Irvine, President

Lori Klein, President, Western Journalism Center

Sheriff Richard Mack, Founder, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn.

Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform

Bloomfield Press, Alan Korwin, Publisher and CEO

Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott, President

David Kopel, Columnist, The Washington Post

Second Amendment Foundation, Alan Gottlieb, President

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Rabbi Dovid Bendory

We join with FBI Director James Comey who refused to name the mass murderer in Orlando to avoid the “twisted notion” that “fame or glory” could come from carrying out the attack.

We join with Le Monde, La Croix, and CNN French TV affiliate BFMTV who will no longer publish photographs and names of terrorists “to avoid possible posthumous glorification effects.”

We stand with Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin who became world news by refusing to name the perp in an Oregon college incident given saturation “coverage.”

We support the work of No Notoriety, a citizen effort to curtail glorification heaped upon the worst elements of society in perverse efforts to increase media revenues.

The well-established link between copycat crimes, and excessive exposure of criminal perpetrators by mass media, must finally be admitted and broken. We support adoption of the ethical guideline above to encourage responsible reporting, and discourage behavior by reporters, broadcasters and editors that tends to glorify, promote or encourage mass murderers, jihadis and related criminal activity.

Every journalist who fails to take steps to limit the publicity support these heinous villains seek is virtually complicit in their crimes against humanity. Adopt the new guideline in your heart even if the profession is slow to adopt it officially.

“We must starve terrorists of the oxygen of
publicity which they seek.” Margaret Thatcher

4848 E. Cactus #505-440 • Scottsdale, AZ 85254 •
Office 602-996-4020 • Fax 602-494-0679 • Sales 1-800-707-4020

“Refrain from gratuitous or repetitious portrayal
of mass murderers’ names and images.”

Initial responses from journalists have been, for the most part, predictably resistant, with excuses that fail to recognize or ignore the problem and the actual elements of the ethical guideline. This is not a call for censorship, it is a call for rationale and temperment, and the same sensibility journalists use in deferring from publishing rape victims names. It seeks the same reasonable guidelines journalists use in not publishing troop movements during war time. It recognizes that gory dead bodies never appear in the news, because journalists understand the difference between news and yellow-journalism sensationalism designed for nothing more than revenue generation.

Some in the profession have refused to admit that the evidence between constantly promoting mass murderers by name and image, and copycat crimes is obvious, preferring to deny the obvious and the abundant research. Bloomfield Press is not alone in seeking to wake up the troglodytes who insist and persist in glorifying the most heinous criminals, by clothing themselves in First Amendment emperor's garb.


________ON LETTERHEAD________


Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( will be issuing a supportive statement as well, in addition to support they have been issuing since March of this year, all coordinated with the timing of The Society of Professional Journalists ( Annual Conference and Ethics Committee meeting taking place in New Orleans, Sep. 20 - 22. That meeting will address media coverage of mass murder, with the citizens group No Notoriety as part of the panel discussion.

The outlook for adopting a new ethical guideline to dissuade the current practice of glorification and promotion of mass murderers and jihadis is unclear as we go to press.

Your Homework Assignment:

Tomorrow, Sep. 11, 2016 -- Count how many times the lamestream media "treats" you to glorified images of the mass murderer, now dead, who attacked America 15 years ago, destroying our greatest buildings, killing thousands of us, mobilizing his armies against us. That's not news. They do it for perverse, immoral reasons. They energize and excite our enemies with this. They should be ashamed. They are not. They perpetuate evil.The media are complicit in the evil by doing this propaganda for the other side. Count how many times they flood you personally with that image and name. Then report it to your local media -- and to Page Nine.


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