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Media Distortions Distort Our Thinking

Our system is as good as any nation's

They're just not swamped with invaders like we are

The lamestream media told you:

America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken. America's immigration system is broken.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The going narrative is that our immigration system is "broken."

"Broken" is a code word used by agenda-driven interest groups when something is not working the way they want it to work. Nothing is broken. Nothing needs fixing. They just want to put in a fix. A corrupt fix. They want to fix what ain't broke. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

It's a common trick. A subtle but seductive error of logic. It's being used about our fine, well oiled, well planned excellent immigration system. Oh, it could use some adjustment -- what government-run system can't -- but for all intents and purposes it's fine.* What isn't fine, for the broken-advocates, is their inability to flood this nation with teeming humanity, without rational controls.

The left and "useful idiots" would have you believe that controlling the border is a bad thing. Keeping people out by force -- which we can't do at the moment anyway -- and enforcing that, well that part is broken. We're a laughing stock. Other nations consider their borders sacrosanct. That's what sovereignty is all about. You protect what's within your borders for safety and security -- one of the prime purposes of government in the first place.

Some nations barely accept immigrants. We take immigrants by the millions -- and millions want to get here. It's not broken to reject illegal immigrants. That's got a name. That's called normal.

That's why those immigrants who sneak in are called illegal. Obeying the rules and immigrating the right way is good, encouraged, welcomed with open arms, the rule of law, celebrated on the front page, especially on holidays -- look at the new citizens! Immigration si. Illegal immigration no!

It's not broken to have a system for taking newcomers under your wing, teaching them your ways, bringing them into your economics, tax base, social systems, schooling, in an orderly measured fashion. We have this. We decided how, in a representative Congress, as best we could, with some warts and scars we constantly repair.* It is however defiled, abused, cheated on, defrauded constantly by some people arriving -- yes that's broken, and must be fixed. But having it, that's normal, desirable, perfectly fine.

What's broken is that the "news" media generally supports illegal immigration. They champion it, root for it, cry when illegal immigrants have a tough time. They support every illegal immigration rule bending, policy shift, unwarranted benefit, every public cost, every feeding frenzy at the public feed trough. That's what's broken. It's the liberal progressive left-wing socialist marxist takeover that is insisting the hard-working tax-producing American stalwart be responsible for every illegal leach that can make it across the desert, as if we owe them something. That's what's broken.

What's broken is the idea that we the people have to suffer for something the democrats alone believe in. The country is indeed divided. It's divided between the haves and the want-yours. And the way to fix it is to first recognize what is.

*My contacts in the immigration services tell me the current administration has them looking the other way to allow sharia-devoted muslims in without concern, religious groups are complicit in accepting refugees for money per head under the radar you would be alarmed about if you knew, the numbers of people accepted in various categories is hopelessly askew, with some laborers locked out and other groups way large for political reasons, like I said, the system needs adjustment, which is another story.

Special thanks to a published letter by Craig Tillman of Mesa, Ariz. for alerting me to this perspective, and reminding me about "broken," which I've written about before and belongs in my Politically Corrected Glossary.


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