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Both Sides Fight "Open" Elections

Left and Right Do It Differently, Both Do It

The ACLU told you:

"Dear Friend,  The election is just weeks away, and the right to vote is still under attack. Every citizen deserves to have a voice in this election – and we need your support today to make sure that they are not silenced. Friend, donate now if you are with us—help us protect the right to vote, and defend all our freedoms.  We can win key battles in these remaining weeks with you by our side. Right now, we are:

"Opposing laws in over a dozen states that place barriers in the way of voters—largely people of color, students, and the poor. Fighting in states where feckless officials are attempting to circumvent our voting rights wins, like in Wisconsin, where free voter IDs are not being issued to voters despite orders by a federal judge. Ensuring voters don’t face harassment and intimidation from self-appointed “poll watchers” who may act outside of the law."

The lamestream media has told you:

There is practically no evidence of voter fraud. It's a myth myth myth.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Republicans struggle to keep ineligible voters out of the polls, and ineligible votes from being cast, two issues that don't concern democrats too greatly, if actions mean anything.

Just Google "vote fraud" for more evidence than you ever needed to see. In Chicago, the dead vote. Felony criminals in prison manage to vote. Illegal aliens register and vote by the thousands, in person and absentee, with help from democrat activists. In California, driver licenses, the main ID used to register voters, are being issued without controls to illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands -- more than half of all in 2015 went to illegals, 605,000. Eleven other states do the same.

Efforts to bring illegals into the country are tied directly to voter registration efforts. So-called refugees from "majority-muslim" nations are on the planning charts for importation to America from the democrats. Only fools believe no one has looked into how they will vote when they arrive, who will register them, who will advertise to and influence their votes, who will go through their neighborhoods and "educate" them about how they got here and how they can advance their "free" benefits by voting.

Yes, both sides want to influence the vote. One side, the right, wants to keep the vote American. The lamestream media calls this "suppressing the vote." They kill us words. (The Politically Corrected Glossary,  The other side, the left, is seeking to destroy American values and have people lacking in understanding, legitimacy and interest in The American Way, to permanently despoil what we have here on a permanent basis. That's called "corrupting the vote" but the right doesn't control the dialog.


Some actual cases described:

New York Times:
2,068 cases of fraud nationwide since 2000

Pennsylvania Invites Illegals to Register by Accident

You'll find pages and pages for you to review on any web search.

Observation: None of the reported fraud numbers match.
Observation: Democrats are convinced fraud is a "myth" (their word, appears everywhere).
Observation: Republicans are convinced fraud is rampant and their evidence is debunked vehemently.

The Uninvited Ombudsman asks:

If you don't require identification to vote, ineligible people could vote,
or people could vote more than once. Does this matter?

I've asked the right. They say yes, ID must be required to vote.
Only eligible American citizens can vote.

I've asked the left. They have a litany of why people
could legitimately not have ID, and should be able to vote anyway.
Eligibility must not interfere or cause disenfranchisement.

And now you know.



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