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Media Lies About Sex Remarks

They make things up when reality isn't dark enough

The lamestream media told you:

"Trump talks about being able to 'do anything' to women because he is famous..."
-- trumped up by USA Today, on page one, 10/9/16, by David M. Jackson.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Trump actually said, "When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything..."
And he went on in greater detail.

The media, completely in the tank for the other candidate, the female who repeatedly attacked other women for complaining about her husband's documented sexual assaults on them, will distort and pour guilt on the world to deny hard reality. So here it is:

Men are pigs and deserve to die.

OK, there it is. Satisfied? Now that's out of the way, let's get down to the truth.

The object of every teenage boy's desire is women's private parts, that's just the way it is. This continues unabated for decades. I have to tell you this? If you're a man, or a woman, you already know this.

The political left promotes this in every communications vehicle that exists. Now it is attempting to destroy America on this very point with unabashed guilt -- they have the core of the republican establishment, and their own party, and the media -- denying this basic biological, social and cultural TRUTH. What a win for their side.

Watch a movie. Or TV. Or the best-seller list. Non-stop objectification of women. Look at the woman supposedly the object of Mr. Trump's remarks -- Nancy O'Dell, who dresses and acts as sexually provocative as she possibly can. Who's kidding who? Her show is obsessed with who's zooming who, it is its raison detre. The attention lavished on Mr. Trump has simply brought this to the table (and floor, and wall, and bathroom, and bushes, and back of the bar).

You focused on her eyes, right?
Nancy O'Dell

Since childhood I have wondered, without answer, why women are dressed in a piece of cloth that deliberately exposes their main private part. The object of rape, incest, lust, adultery, infidelity, passion, romance novels, dirty jokes, leaked bawdy tapes. Whose idea was the dress and the skirt? Why does it persist? Why isn't that part covered, protected? I've been told that's not "ladylike." Say what?

Nightly "news" is drowning in these exposure clothes. Temptation garments. "She's asking for it" rags. The women, dolled up to the nines, bleached blonde, have to sit with their legs crossed -- all of them all of the time -- so they don't expose themselves. This is right? Don't their legs fall asleep? Mine would.

You saw the ultimate example: Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (I could not have picked a better name). This is no secret. The holier than thou ranting on "news" shows is abject nonsense, total hypocrisy. Starting watching for it. Keep count.

No objectification here

Before I turned off the "news" version, I switched by chance quickly to the movie Horrible Bosses*, in time to see Jason Sudeikis ogle some guy's wife in their wedding photo, and remark, "I'd like to bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states!" A mild, inconsequential remark like a thousand others to be found non-stop from Hollywood, leading the charge on objectification education of our children and ourselves.

Newscasters should be immune from criticism because they maintain high standards. Hot.

Trump's remarks weren't locker-room talk. They were every-day talk. We all know it despite the denials. In fact, thanks to the denials. And women with their legs out encourage it. Don't play coy. You know it. "I am sickened by what I heard." (House Speaker Paul Ryan). Bull. "I was wrong." (Donald Trump). Everyone knows he was forced to say that. It was a normal remark men make and will continue to make unless the left emasculates us to the nub.

"No woman should ever be described in these terms, ever." (Reince Priebus, party chairman). He doesn't get out much, has been totally manipulated by guilt and the left, who revel in describing women in these terms on the big screen. "No apology can excuse the reprehensible remarks" (Jeb Bush). So he never went to a sports game and saw mostly naked cheerleaders. Have you ever seen Lingerie football?

People are falling over each other to lie and say they never heard of such a thing.

*Jennifer Anniston has a snack in Horrible Bosses. You must
be 17 to see this film (or bring an adult). Anniston, a woman,
has no problem advancing normal objectification stereotypes.

The person currently in the White House
duplicitously attacks a candidate's speech,
while inviting the worst of the worst to visit
the White House -- batches of rappers with
lyrics too gross to repeat, F bombs, bitches,
hoes, murder, degrading demeaning abuse,
elevating them to respectability without caveat.
Artists like Killer Mike with his hits One More Gram,
F*ck You Pay Me, The Next Bitch, and of course Gat Totin'.

His wife calls Beyonce a role model for her girls --
just watch her videos, read her lyrics, see if you think
solid American values are remotely connected.
Yes, the images are gross, sorry, it makes the point.

 "News" media is AWOL.


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