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U.S. Nukes Stored at Turkey's Airbase At Risk

Official's Lies Are Blatant, Self Evident

Safe as "Blocks of concrete"? C'mon!

We'll Never Get Truth About Foiled Coup

The lamestream media told you:

Tribune News Service

[Note: Turkey, a staunch and formerly stable U.S. ally, has housed U.S. nuclear weapons for decades. The foiled coup in July raised questions about the security of those bombs.]

Wesley Clark, the retired 4-star general who was a NATO supreme allied commander in the 1990s, is quoted by Tribune News Service (link above) about the dozens of nukes U.S. has stashed in Turkey: “They are very secure.” He said they could be extracted quickly if the situation deteriorated, and the electronic locks on the bombs would render them useless: “If you captured them, it would be like having a block of concrete.”

The Tribune states that the B61s are broadly considered more a political symbol of US commitment to the NATO alliance than a military asset. The US does not have aircraft at Incirlik airfield qualified to deliver the weapons.

For the weapons to be used, the US would have to fly a squadron of aircraft into Incirlik to load the bombs, all of which would be observed by Russia and possibly make the base a target of a first strike.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

If the airbase in southern Turkey base is overrun by neighboring Syria, or the Islamic radicals in Syria, both just a short drive away, or the poorly identified coup rebels already in Turkey, the scores of nuclear bombs there are anything but secure, this much is obvious to a retard, a word that politically correct forces threaten us for using. Clark is not retarded but perhaps thinks we are.

Calling captured nuclear bombs with trigger locks "blocks of concrete" wouldn't fool Oliver Wendell Holmes, who recognized a three-tier hierarchy of idiots -- morons, imbeciles and idiots, from stupid to stupidest. He decided it was fine to sterilize a woman because she was in category two, an imbecile (and she wasn't actually but the federal government sterilized her anyway, thanks to Oliver). But I digress.

A nuclear weapon even without a trigger, let alone one with a perfect trigger lock (and there is no such thing, since someone can operate it, right?) is packed solid with enough unstable nuclear metal to explode -- uranium or plutonium -- just what jihadis or terrorists want. And it's also got enough hi-tech hi-explosives to set it off, that's how these things work. A block of concrete indeed! What sort of blockheads do they think we are? Even unbathed jihadis in rags can figure this much out. Journalists, reportedly intelligent, didn't question the general.

As to acting easily and getting them out quick, and I won't reference Benghazi here, the political implications of "declaring" the situation so dire, and our most heavily armed NATO ally unfit to store the things by rashly pulling them out, this is drastic or we'd have done it long ago, aside from demonstrating how weak we now are.

And finally, the abject nonsense that we have no system qualified for delivering a B61 tactical nuke, a design from the early 1960s and among our oldest, whose yield apparently ranges from 300 tons to 170 kilotons of TNT, c'mon! If the Iranians had one, just for starters, they could put the fissile material and explosives in a truck with some guy and a hammer. We delivered in WWII in a propeller plane.

I just don't see how the "news" could get any worse.


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