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California to Repeal Laws of Physics

Those people really are fruits and nuts

"Zero-Emission Car" Lunacy, Discrimination Against "Low Income" People

The lamestream media told you:

Six laws and a dozen other regulations have been passed in Calif. recently, representing a more than $2 billion financial commitment to "clean" transportation... Tax concessions are a cornerstone of the government’s goal of rendering the internal combustion engine irrelevant by 2050... drivers are also offered an $8,000 grant towards an electric car... "Electric vehicles (EVs), generate fewer global warming emissions than gas-powered cars, and don't produce tailpipe pollution (hence the term: “zero emission vehicle”)," according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. A series of mandates, kickbacks, tax breaks and required "incentives" will force manufacturers to comply with state government climate-warming initiatives.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

All-electric, plug-in hybrid cars use energy of course -- which they get from the power plant that makes the juice you get from the wall or hard-to-find charge stations that makes the car work. Reporters and legislators don't seem to understand this simple rule of physics: "Electric cars need electricity."

Even if the plant uses hydro, wave, geothermal, wind, solar or magic power, the power must be transmitted, which creates loss. Then it must be stored in the vehicle, which creates loss. The vehicle must convert the stored energy to dynamic motive force, which creates loss. When you add up the losses, and compare it to using fuel directly -- well, no one knows whether it is efficient because no one has done such enormously complex studies. They just want to promote things that are "green." Turns you green with envy. The cars have no emissions. The power plants do.

Recalling the summer, and the winter, when the power grid teeters on the brink of collapse, communities suffer brownouts, smart meters are used to cut power to neighborhoods, curious minds want to know how the nation's fleet of cars will run off power plants on the electric grid. It sure won't be from the nuclear plants we aren't building, or from coal-fired plants the current administration has convinced democrats are evil. When asked, technical experts at a huge tech firm based in San Francisco (I asked, I was there), said you will charge you car at night, when demand is low. I typical fuel my vehicle in daylight, when fuel is low. And you?

The article never makes clear who exactly is making the $2 billion commitment.


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