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Electoral College Matters

The nub of it:
True America doesn't support mob rule.
Simple majority democracy tramples minorities, we don't do that.
We have rules, a Constitution:

That's why we're a Republic NOT a one-vote-to-tyranny democracy.
(The person currently in the White House and reporters constantly get it wrong.)
Read the Declaration and Constitution, you'll see.

Top official offices here get filled in four different ways:

  • The House is directly elected (two year terms)
  • Supreme Court is nominated and confirmed (lifetime terms)
  • The Senate was elected by State legislatures (six years, but method switched to mass democracy)
  • President selected by state majorities through Electoral College (two four-year terms maximum)
  • (Appointed officials in agencies frequently wield power they have no legitimate authority to exercise)
The Founders in their wisdom not only separated powers, they separated selection methods.

OK, now --

The lamestream media told you:

Hillary got more votes, she should be president! The election is unfair! She got a majority! The Electoral College is antiquated and makes no sense! It ought to be discarded just like the olden constitution, written by a bunch of dead white slave owning mysogynist pigs, and it's a living document that means whatever we want it to mean so it can help people! Hillary even said so in the debates, weren't you listening?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

First, the words here are awful, because they don't mean what they seem to say.

There is no "college" in the Electoral College. Those folks are "collegial," meaning they work together.

Next, "federalism" is the opposite of the federal government. It refers to the States, as a balance to federal power. Federalism is a good dose of why we have remained free all these years. In other words:

Because you are governed by two governments, under federalism (state and federal), not one, there is a balance of power. If the feds are out of line, your state resists it, so federalism saves your sorry butt (and vice versa). Happens all the time. Some states approve of slavery, the feds say no, the rest is history.

The states and the feds battle over marriage, abortion, pot, wages, immigration, that's federalism at work. Eliminating federalism would destroy the brilliant system that has gotten us this far.

Arizona now has two highly paid high-power full-time lobbyists working to eliminate federalism by working to eliminate the Electoral College, after 230 years of success. It's a really really bad idea.

Democrats desperately want to get rid of the Electoral College, which the Founders invented and enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. It comes down to one thing and one thing only.

If the Electoral College is eliminated, we get democracy, also known as mob rule, and the Republic collapses. Anything that strikes the whim of the people gets passed. Population centers (there are about seven or eight) run the nation. Democrats will have a permanent lock of the office of the President, they know it, they're pushing for it.


Let's say Hillary got 65.5 million votes and Trump got 62.8. (They did.)
Looks like Hillary won. A 2.1% spread. Slim. And only a plurality.

But if Trump got 306 electoral votes to her 232, then Trump trounced Hillary.
(He did.) That's what happened. 57% to 43%. A clear majority.

But let's say Trump got 30 states and Hillary only got 20. (He did.)
Looks like Trump won again. He did. In another clear majority.

Trump won by a 60% to 40% majority in the forum that decides, the states.
Which translates to a decisive majority in the Electoral College.

With 320 million Americans, 128 voting means 40% of the total population voted.

The Founders set us up as a federal system, where the states' electors,
proportioned based on representation in Congress, elect the president.
Trump wins.

Otherwise, the few population centers would elect the president,
and most states would never have a voice. False democracy would crush the republic.

In Colonial, times, it meant Boston, New York and Philadelphia would always elect,
and Vermont, Georgia, New Hampshire and the rest would count for nothing.

We're a Republic, not a democracy, which the founders understood
would be a terrible mob-rule disaster. The Founders kept the word democracy
out of all our founding documents and plans.

It's imperfect. It would be either way. The way they chose was best. For centuries.


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