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Fake News

How You Can Tell

If you watch ABC or NBC you C... BS
(They don't know it)

The left and the right are both outraged over what they're calling fake news. They don't agree on what this is and they're searching for a definition -- so they know what to censor. We are on real dangerous ground here folks.

Since the left controls most of the corporate standardized lamestream media, censoring what little is left is a bad idea. On CNN and MSNBC, you can tell the news is false with a simple test -- if their lips are moving it's largely false. If it's about guns it is typically 100% untrue. I've written about this extensively: Just errors of omission cast doubt on their reports -- tons of gun-related crime, virtually zero on all the good that guns do, or economics, science, balance of trade, tax base, jobs, and even sports (it's the #2 participant sport, ahead of golf).

When reporters are interviewing each other, which happens virtually non-stop (reporters are supposed to interview news makers, the people involved in what's actually happening in the world), you can use a simple test. Ask yourself, "Can they actually know what they're saying?" and if you can reply, "You don't know that!" you know it's fake news. Entire CNN broadcasts are filled with you-don't-know-that.

Reasonable concerns have arisen that fake news may have influenced the presidential election, with stories such as, "Pope endorses Trump!"  That appeared on social media, and was simply false, but it circulated widely, and some people, delighted by the report, may have decided it was time to hold their nose and vote Trump. Other reports, like "Space aliens land in Manhattan!" are fake news. But reports like "Trump will never get to 270 electoral votes!" and "Trump will never break the blue wall!" and "People trust Hillary," are as distorted as space alien stories, but presented as real, and the media still doesn't realize those were fake.

I could write a book on this, and have already opened the file. Fake News Is Real.



Sharyl Attkisson spoke of this at her address at the Richard Nixon library in March 2015.

To paraphrase, to avoid the pushback (from WH and government at large, and those in the media who are water bearers for the WH), the MSM has mostly deleted true investigative journalists in favor of those who parse through the webpages of Salon, Buzzfeed, etc so that they may pass on as news what they themselves have read. This is collusion.

Then there is the manipulation of social media (Twitter being most favored) where a handful of MSM-types will open multiple 'personas' per employee which then parrot each other and can seem to appear as a groundswell, a consensus whereby the general public is likely to adopt that perception.


To directly speak of 'fake news', UFO reports and the like defies credibility. But what of 'Russian influence of USA elections'? Of the latter, we would necessarily rely on the 4th estate. And who is to say if they are less than trustworthy?

Well, by their fruits ye should know them and it is be constant monitoring with a somewhat jaded eye which is the answer. Well, those things plus a memory. How soon do most people forget the news of even one year ago? Such is to the benefit of the MSM which seeks a bombardment of constant 'breaking news' and with an ever shorter new cycle.

Why, in this manufactured environment, PT Barnum would have a field day! That the MSM has lost control via the internet blogs but mostly due their own duplicity has to have wrought much hand wringing among them.

Hey, I know! Let's do what we do best, let's come up with something, oh I dunno, call it 'fake news' whereby we get to decide for the people what is trustworthy or not. Of course, by painting a picture that 'they' are fake, we get to win back the perception that we are trustworthy. For we are not them.

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