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So, who did win?

And who are the real haters?

HINT: Whatever the left says conservatives are -- is what the liberals are.

They call conservatives racist, but the liberals are the racists. Who are the bean counters, constantly obsessed with how many blacks, or whites, or whatever group-of-the-day are included or excluded? It's the liberal race baiters (think Sharpton, Schumer, Jackson, long list).

Who is overwhelmed with feminist anti-men programs that are true misogyny? It's the liberals of course -- the men of conservatism are real men, not girly men. I could go on at length, but you understand. Liberals charge everyone else with their own liberal foibles, the election brought this out, especially the vitriol afterwards -- it is "psychological projection" -- they project their neuroses, fears and hatreds on the people around them because they can't face it themselves -- it literally defines the liberal mindset.

The defeat of Hillary has provided our friends on the left an excuse to vent their pent up hatred, racism, sexism and other isms -- including gunism, blind hatred of firearms -- at the world and all available targets.

If it weren't for their vicious anger and threatening hostility we'd be having parades and celebrations in the streets for the election of a populist non-politician for simply promising to make our great country great again... but we hold back out of fear of firebombing, smashed glass, race rioting from racists and other civil unrest from phony peaceniks.

Their main targets are the winner of the election and the half the country they aren't in, namely, the "red" blooded American half, the ones who hold religion in high regard, and cling to their guns, morality, rule of law, free markets, capitalism, entrepreneurship, individual responsibility, limited government, low taxation and limited delegated authority. We, the people who reject the takings coalitions, radical feminism, collectivism, socialism, cultural marxism sometimes called political correctness, and all the values that seek to undermine what has made America the most productive, affluent, opulent, safe, charitable magnet for the poor and downtrodden the planet has ever seen.

Cultural Bankruptcy

I've just returned from a three-day leadership conference in San Francisco, literally the belly of the beast, and was impressed by the degree to which even art has been compromised by a Cold War communist principle designed to undermine American values: "promote ugliness as art, meaningless forms of expression with no redeeming social value."
SAN FRANCISCO CITY STREET ART "...promote ugliness as art..." (Cold War communist goal). Is this what we're seeing?

Blobs of nothing anyone could make, and revel in them as if they are worthy of praise. A few lines on canvass with some yellow, an oddly chipped chunk of rock called "woman," driftwood dubbed a horse, and a rounded black mass two stories high deemed sculpture -- with everyone seemingly oblivious to the nonsense of it all.

The simmering hostility the left has held for the right has come to a head with the election of a person who claims American values without excuse, even if he has a checkered past, and his future is unknown -- which is true of every person ever elected.

At a virtually paranoid screech, presstitutes in the left-facing media, institutions and the public are ranting about perceived future activity. No one knows where he will head, but they are projecting, in classic textbook psychological style, every fear they hold. Anticipating wild-eyed racist gulags, population purges and thought camps, the left is expressing fears with no basis in reality. Maybe they're right. But there is no factual basis for their expressed fears. Fear is good, when there is something to fear. Paranoia is unreasonable fear, which we are witnessing today at every turn. The "news" media is fanning the flames as fast as they can. Just more projection, from the same crowd.They don't know it.

The ACLU, quoting the mutlicutltural-inspired diversity-obssessed controversial Southern Poverty Law Center, is complaining about an increase in "acts of hate" around the country, attributing this to the election of Donald John Trump. It belongs to the radical alt-Left. The ACLU and their cohorts have failed, along with entire lamestream media, to recognize the overwhelming outpouring of hatred and vitriol from the left at every level -- aimed at the president-elect, his cabinet choices (only partially made), voters who voted for the winner, and even friends and relatives who do not agree with them in lockstep.

The biggest deception

Saying Hillary won a majority is false. Neither did Trump. No one did.

With a bit more than 60 million votes each (Hillary had slightly more, the final tallies are still not done weeks later) they each got around 20% of the U.S. population of 320 million. That's a plurality.

By any stretch, even if it is our wonderful system, it remains eminently unfair for 20% of the country to enforce its will on 80% of the country. Consent of the governed is a slippery concept, as I've opined in the past. Our Founders understood this, even if pundits today aren't informed well enough to understand.

The popular vote was a small plurality.
But there was a true majority.

It was a majority of the states.

Trump 30 (60%)
Clinton 20 (40%)

The states are represented by the Electoral College. The same Electoral College the left is spewing hatred and vitriol at -- while accusing the winners of being hateful. That outpouring of poison has remained unnoticed by the ACLU, the SPLC, the DNC, the media and all other detractors of the election. But it does remain the only majority in the election -- and it is a true and real majority. More states went for the president elect, a solid majority. The way the nation's Founders planned our wonderful system. Where is the "news" media when you really need them.



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