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86,000 M1 Garands from Philippines to U.S.?

Didn't we hear this from South Korea last time?

The lamestream media told you:

It’s about pending historic rifle imports, so maybe that’s a good thing.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

You may have seen this floating around:

Civilian Marksmanship Program May Receive 86,000 M1 Garand Rifles from the Philippines.

"The Civilian Marksmanship Program has received word that the Philippine government could be shipping 86,000 M1 Garand rifles back to the United States for distribution to American civilian shooters."

"It’s a very special feeling to have a rifle shipped directly to your door, courtesy of the U.S. government (via the CMP), and I highly recommend to everyone that can to try it at least once!"

The story seems to be a come on.
There is no real impending action.
It’s “hopeful” and “possible” and why not read his next article on how to qualify if it happens. (Basically, provide government proof that you’re eligible, and register.) "But wouldn't it be nice, sign up now." No different really than the M1s tied up in South Korea, near as I can see.

For it to happen, existing import restrictions have to be repealed.
Nothing like that is currently in the wind, as far as I'm aware.
Trump could make it so though, easily.
But he has many other fish to fry, and political capital to spend elsewhere.
The national carry bill is sitting idle, the hearing protection act too.
Pick this up instead? Not a smart money bet.


IMPORTANT: Jeff Knox, Director, The Firearms Coalition,, notes:

“DC scuttlebutt says to expect no action on national carry reciprocity or hearing protection (silencers) this year -- too many higher priorities, etc...

“CMP might get guns though. But BATFE will try to get State Dept. to block it. Trump could very easily clear the way for this, and the long-awaited guns (also U.S. surplus M1 Garands) from S. Korea too. It would be a smart move for him to do it, to give some crumbs to the GunVoters who are starting to get restless -- and will get more so as hearing protection and reciprocity flounder.

“If they don't get those bills out of committee this year, odds of them doing so next year go down. Republicans sort of get that Dems pushing gun control hurts Dems and helps Republicans. But they can't seem to grasp that pushing pro-rights legislation -- and forcing D's to vote on the record on them -- helps R's and hurts D's. To most, it is just a political issue, and their only real concern is where NRA will come down on their race in the next election cycle. We need to be pushing to get those bills out of committee to get clear recorded votes.”

If you’re not getting Jeff’s inside info on Congress and the states, go to his website now and sign up.

Trump WINS on Obamacare

Media Gets It Wrong Again

Greatest Head Fake in a Decade

The lamestream media told you:

“GOP Concedes Defeat on Health Care Bill”!  –USA Today
“Major Defeat” –NY Times
“Trump Tastes Failure” –Reuters
“acute embarrassment” –CNN
Dems Win on Obamacare!” –Nobody.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The world has now moved on, could Trump have planned it this way? Such prescience, such short public memory, could the president have done this deliberately? You remember how they attacked the president like a bunch of rabid animals.

Or was it really his Secret Plan A: Introduce a flawed complex bill on short notice, without adequate time for review, insist on rapid action, stir up frenzied opposition from your own team, on top of sound and fury from the usual suspects, watch the bill sink, just walk away, problem solved. Yes, solved.

The stickiest, ugliest partisan agenda item in Congress has evaporated. Obamacare remains standing, unscathed. Democrats win, their signature achievement untouched! Now, masterfully, when Obama’s hallmark collapses because it’s everything the Dems won’t admit and experts can’t escape, who gets blamed? Even the alt-left media can’t pin this on the current administration. It’s holy OBAMAcare, Batman.

The Facts

Health insurance isn’t health care. Neither one is in the Constitution. Go look, they’re not. The U.S. Supreme Court can declare the Affordable Care Act constitutional all it wants, even contradict itself in doing so (by calling a tax not a tax, then reversing itself, and then ignoring the hypocritical double standard, NFIB v. Sebelius, 2012) but that doesn’t make it truly legitimate. The Court acts inconsistently a lot.

Congress has no legitimate delegated authority to run the practice of medicine, we all know that (along with the fact they’re eminently unqualified). The same for insurance. When Obama usurped power to abscond with nearly a fifth of the U.S. economy, and attempted to have federal agents run what doctors do, we realized we were on a road to perdition. From two billion dollars for a simple computer database (promised at $93 million) to a bill we had to pass to find out what’s in it, the Democrat’s ACA was bad before it began. Now, under Trump’s watch, we’ll get to see just how bad. That’s a win.

You can thank whatever you pray to that some Republicans lost in their misguided attempt to takeover medicine. If what they’ve been saying is true—Obamacare is an abject disaster about to collapse—let go for Pete’s sake! Why save it? Think about the conniptions left-wing media is going to have then, with no one to blame but... Bush?

States are down to single insurers because health-care firms are hemorrhaging to death. Some counties have hit zero. Insurers can’t afford to stay put with the “savings” they’re not getting. The public is outraged by massive premiums increases... but at least their services have tanked. So many people didn’t get to enjoy the lie of “keep your own doctor,” how do you think they’ll vote after the media-praised Democrat plan implodes?

If Republicans understood this, they would have hastened its demise, not struggled to take it over. From its ashes a fabulous fresh Phoenix can effloresce. Watch the withered remains of a self-immolated illegal confiscation of our medical practice force quick clean repeals of its festering guts. Emergency triage can facilitate change, with natural free-market selection driving activity. People will demand it, not fight it.

You should be able to buy insurance policies, period. Like products, because they are. Like you do for your car, or home, with options. If any laws are needed, they are repeals—of restrictions on your freedom to shop. That sort of protectionism has no place in this nation—it’s not a health-care thing.

Here’s a scenario. When the first few states finally bottom out, and people have zero coverage or options, a big-dog insurer or two will tell their agents, damn the torpedoes, sell policies. They’ll tell their government overlords, have your lawyers talk to our lawyers, see you in court, for the next decade. While they rake in billions providing excellent customer service.

Nothing real prevents insurers from offering juicy terms like pre-existing-condition coverage (for a price), stay on your parents’ plan (as long as you like, to any age, rates and conditions apply), low monthly rates (with high deductibles, your option). Poor people have poor-people options, not the working stiff’s teat.

Insurers all want your business, and will fight to get it, offering you everything from free large-screen TVs to the specific conditions that suit you. You might even do what my healthy friend Erica does (not her real name, she’s afraid to use it in this sorta free country). Pay doctors cash money for service. She gets excellent prices, top-of-the-line practice and the docs like her. A lot. No monthly fees at all.

When Obamacare goes away because it must, Republicans—and you—will finally realize the enormous win America just endured. Which state will be first? Tennessee is virtually there now apparently. Pinal County, Arizona, has hit zero providers. Next is the domino effect. Alt-left media like The New York Times, the TV networks, CNN and the rest will be embarrassed beyond recognition for lambasting the president for his “defeat.” They were defeated, but they’re such ideologues they don’t know it. Yet. The big question is if Trump is so sharp he planned it this way.

Is Subliminal Sex Selling “News”?

Too Fast For The Eye But It's In There:

The lamestream media told you:

Sex sells.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

These images, taken from regular daily broadcasts on the FOX News Channel, bear a striking resemblance, according to reliable sources, to a woman in the midst of behavior that cannot be aired on regular daytime TV.

They appear almost too quickly for the human eye and brain to consciously perceive, a process sometimes referred to as subliminal information. The question of whether this is an unconscious or unplanned appeal to male or other viewers is unknown. The woman pictured is Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former district attorney and personality on the FOX News Channel.

Online debates over the sexiest newscasters are a hot topic, with some international stations using complete nudity as an audience draw. Anyone who still believes news is about news is behind the times. American news has become infotainment at best, "America's tale," and news consumers must rely on multiple sources to corroborate anything they get these days, especially if it’s from lamestream outlets. Panel discussions are opinion fests, to which nearly every spoken line can be met with, "You don't know that." Reporters interview each other, instead of people involved in events.

As they say, If you watch ABC or NBC, you’ll C...BS. Fair and balanced is a catch phrase, not a principle of physics (which is also less than 100%, and always was).

It's Still COMMUNIST China

Sworn Enemy of Freedom
Brutal Dictatorship
Merciless suppression of dissent
Long-range goal: World Domination
Nice to visitors, hides its malfeasance nicely, Slave labor out-of-sight

The lamestream media told you:

Trump met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s opulent Florida estate. China this, China that, China refuses to control North Korea, which is totally dependent on China for almost everything.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Everyone who fails to refer to communist China as communist China is supporting and helping to hide the true nature of this brutal inhumane communist dictatorship.

The communists’ long-range goal is the utter annihilation of America, capitalism, human rights and everything you believe in. They are in a fortunate bind (for us), because they depend on us for buying all their stuff.

In the March “free” elections in Hong Kong -- the formerly super-robust free market which the commies took over -- the red commie rulers carefully selected a mere 1,200 people to vote (island population 7.2 million). Right, it doesn’t sound fair. And two who refused to take an oath to communism were later disqualified. Current whereabouts unknown.

Prison terms for dissent, religion, reporters, internet users, anyone the regime deems worthy of prison are easy to obtain, since due process or even justice is not in their play book. It’s a dictatorship, remember? Expansion of their military bases on land they do not own continues, with no one willing or really able to stop them way out there in the South Pacific. These clever communists are using dredges to create land that didn’t previously exist, and claiming that for their own.

Perhaps one of the best things in all this is the rivalry between commies in Russia and commies in China, who basically hate each other and wish the other dead, so the last man standing can rule the world, if they can get us out of the way. It’s in our interest to sidle up to both, keep the other guessing, and remember they are both dedicated anti-American commie villains, like in the old red-scare days, a point phony news reports insist on hiding. America is safer awake.

BTW, in Chinese the new ruler’s name is pronounced “chee” so whose idea was it to spell it “Xi”? It’s just more phony news from officials, backed up by the entire press corps -- without a single dissenter. Make it hard to say or know who the ruler is. Xi, like Xerox? Or maybe, xenophobia: “intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.” President Chee.

You know what today is.

April 19, The Shot Heard Round the World

Hopefully you don't need me to tell you the American Revolutionary War began at Lexington and Concord on April 19, when 700 British troops marched to confiscate our arms, powder and supplies, and were met by 80 or so citizens in a militia force prepared to stop them by any means necessary. The British stood in the open like bright red targets, the colonists gathered behind trees, and after routing the troops followed them and nipped at their heels as they fled.

Look it up, savor the amazing history, which our corrupted school system now bends out of shape or hides completely. Share it with friends and family. Do your best to overlook the parade of horribles that have also happened on this day in history, that some malcontents would give more focus than the spectacular beginnings of the greatest nation the world has ever seen: More freedom, more abundance, more right to speak your mind, practice your religion, or not, more charity, more justice however imperfect because people are imperfect, and forever improving, because the system allows and encourages improvement. May you and yours celebrate this blessed day.

Constitutional Carry (Freedom To Carry) Grows

No permit needed in 14 states, some don't even require training

Promised bloodbath fails to materialize, 14 times in a row

The lamestream media told you:

If we allow people to carry dangerous loaded guns around with permits people will just be shooting each other in the streets. With this new Constitutional Carry idea, you won't even need training and it will be far worse.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

A mere few weeks after New Hampshire became the 13th Constitutional Carry state in the nation, North Dakota emancipated its citizens, restoring their right to keep and bear arms without government papers or other Jim Crow-style discriminatory practices.

A total of 20 states now have FTC (Freedom to Carry) bills under way, to replace or improve upon the RTC (so-called “right-to-carry” government-issued permission slips) that every state has in some form. Right-to-carry “CCW” permits are a great advance over the total denial of rights that jurisdictions enforced for many years. That was on the way to the far greater freedom of Constitutional Carry, which eliminates significant government management of our civil right to arms.

The ultimate goal of Diplomatic Carry, where citizens can simply carry with impunity, as many authorities currently do, regardless of make-believe gun-free zones and even prohibited places, is still probably a distant goal, according to leading experts.

Full background and details:

Despite constant fear mongering and promises of Wild West mayhem, nothing even remotely of the sort has occurred. Media outlets have refused to issue corrections, confirming their role as providers of hopelessly fake news. They deny the accusation, despite the evidence, 64 times in a row and counting.

Where Are Trump’s Taxes?

If you file taxes you already know some of the answers

The lamestream media told you:

Why won’t president Trump show everyone his tax returns? (Repeat fifty-five thousand times without change.) We want to know his net worth. We want to know how much he paid. We have a right to see all this. We demand the data.

USA Today, now an unabashed arm of the democrat party and a full-fledged propaganda tool, is promoting the alt-left’s tax-release campaign, with front-page color coverage of mysteriously coordinated national demonstrations on tax day, April 15. They demand compliance with their demands. No balance or conflicting information was included, despite ethical rules that require two sides to every story.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Reporters had stopped asking about Trump’s taxes, now that they have other gripes to repeat ad nausem, (largest "non-nuclear" bomb...) which will frustrate them equally, for similar reason.

That ended when “news” outfits nationwide gave exorbitant coverage to staged rallies by left-wing malcontents demanding presidential action on his tax returns -- where none is required.

The only five problems with reporters’ unyielding request for Trump’s taxes are:

1. As the president has repeatedly said, his returns are under audit, so the papers are only a draft. They are unofficial, subject to change, and can be accepted, rejected or rewritten at the pleasure of IRS. Releasing incomplete unofficial returns serves no one and would only confuse the issue. Where is the reporter who brought this up and said, “Next question please?” This adds to the collapse of credibility journalism now rightfully enjoys.

2. Taxes don’t show your net worth, despite left-wing demands to get that information from the returns. If leftists or reporters filed taxes they would know this. You do. Why hasn’t one reporter chastised one person, including other reporters for not asking about that? Does this indicate that, according to leading experts, they’re all idiots? Or they don’t file taxes themselves, and that’s why they don’t know this simple, common knowledge?

3. The demanders insist, “How much did he pay?” If he paid zero, does that mean he should pay anyway, even if he doesn’t owe? If you make a billion dollars, but lose 1.2 billion, you owe nothing, that’s how it works. These abject haters want him to pay no matter what. They act as if they hate the rich, capitalism that has made them free and well off, and they don’t understand how it all works.

4. Sure, maybe the president should show his taxes. But aren’t your taxes private? I know mine are. Bills are being introduced to change this. Might be a good idea, I haven’t decided. Maybe all documentation should be required. Maybe. Until then, jury's out, rule of law. The previous guy took three years just to tell us where he was born.

5. No matter what they say, the only reason the alt-left and dems are screaming for them is so they can attack. It could say he walks on water and they’d argue he can’t swim. We all know this. Why don’t reporters make the point? And we know that too -- because they’re not neutral reporters, they are attack dogs, just watch the so-called “news.”

According to unsourced reports, Mr. Trump has said he put his returns where they will never be found. Under Mr. Obama’s:

Occidental transcripts
Columbia transcripts
Harvard University records
Punahou Hawaii School K-12 college prep school records (missing)
Illinois State Senate records (missing)
Passport application
Harvard funding source (foreign student aid)
“Born in Kenya” book proposal from literary agent for 16 years
Fast and Furious documents
White House guest list (complete version)
Personal medical and drug use records
Social Security Number irregularities files
Selective Service Card irregularities files
Documentation concerning ACORN, Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright

For additional background missed by the lamestream media in saturation coverage of Trump’s still-under-audit tax filing staged demonstrations:

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