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It's Still COMMUNIST China

Sworn Enemy of Freedom
Brutal Dictatorship
Merciless suppression of dissent
Long-range goal: World Domination
Nice to visitors, hides its malfeasance nicely, Slave labor out-of-sight

The lamestream media told you:

Trump met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s opulent Florida estate. China this, China that, China refuses to control North Korea, which is totally dependent on China for almost everything.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Everyone who fails to refer to communist China as communist China is supporting and helping to hide the true nature of this brutal inhumane communist dictatorship.

The communists’ long-range goal is the utter annihilation of America, capitalism, human rights and everything you believe in. They are in a fortunate bind (for us), because they depend on us for buying all their stuff.

In the March “free” elections in Hong Kong -- the formerly super-robust free market which the commies took over -- the red commie rulers carefully selected a mere 1,200 people to vote (island population 7.2 million). Right, it doesn’t sound fair. And two who refused to take an oath to communism were later disqualified. Current whereabouts unknown.

Prison terms for dissent, religion, reporters, internet users, anyone the regime deems worthy of prison are easy to obtain, since due process or even justice is not in their play book. It’s a dictatorship, remember? Expansion of their military bases on land they do not own continues, with no one willing or really able to stop them way out there in the South Pacific. These clever communists are using dredges to create land that didn’t previously exist, and claiming that for their own.

Perhaps one of the best things in all this is the rivalry between commies in Russia and commies in China, who basically hate each other and wish the other dead, so the last man standing can rule the world, if they can get us out of the way. It’s in our interest to sidle up to both, keep the other guessing, and remember they are both dedicated anti-American commie villains, like in the old red-scare days, a point phony news reports insist on hiding. America is safer awake.

BTW, in Chinese the new ruler’s name is pronounced “chee” so whose idea was it to spell it “Xi”? It’s just more phony news from officials, backed up by the entire press corps -- without a single dissenter. Make it hard to say or know who the ruler is. Xi, like Xerox? Or maybe, xenophobia: “intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.” President Chee.


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