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Where Are Trump’s Taxes?

If you file taxes you already know some of the answers

The lamestream media told you:

Why won’t president Trump show everyone his tax returns? (Repeat fifty-five thousand times without change.) We want to know his net worth. We want to know how much he paid. We have a right to see all this. We demand the data.

USA Today, now an unabashed arm of the democrat party and a full-fledged propaganda tool, is promoting the alt-left’s tax-release campaign, with front-page color coverage of mysteriously coordinated national demonstrations on tax day, April 15. They demand compliance with their demands. No balance or conflicting information was included, despite ethical rules that require two sides to every story.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Reporters had stopped asking about Trump’s taxes, now that they have other gripes to repeat ad nausem, (largest "non-nuclear" bomb...) which will frustrate them equally, for similar reason.

That ended when “news” outfits nationwide gave exorbitant coverage to staged rallies by left-wing malcontents demanding presidential action on his tax returns -- where none is required.

The only five problems with reporters’ unyielding request for Trump’s taxes are:

1. As the president has repeatedly said, his returns are under audit, so the papers are only a draft. They are unofficial, subject to change, and can be accepted, rejected or rewritten at the pleasure of IRS. Releasing incomplete unofficial returns serves no one and would only confuse the issue. Where is the reporter who brought this up and said, “Next question please?” This adds to the collapse of credibility journalism now rightfully enjoys.

2. Taxes don’t show your net worth, despite left-wing demands to get that information from the returns. If leftists or reporters filed taxes they would know this. You do. Why hasn’t one reporter chastised one person, including other reporters for not asking about that? Does this indicate that, according to leading experts, they’re all idiots? Or they don’t file taxes themselves, and that’s why they don’t know this simple, common knowledge?

3. The demanders insist, “How much did he pay?” If he paid zero, does that mean he should pay anyway, even if he doesn’t owe? If you make a billion dollars, but lose 1.2 billion, you owe nothing, that’s how it works. These abject haters want him to pay no matter what. They act as if they hate the rich, capitalism that has made them free and well off, and they don’t understand how it all works.

4. Sure, maybe the president should show his taxes. But aren’t your taxes private? I know mine are. Bills are being introduced to change this. Might be a good idea, I haven’t decided. Maybe all documentation should be required. Maybe. Until then, jury's out, rule of law. The previous guy took three years just to tell us where he was born.

5. No matter what they say, the only reason the alt-left and dems are screaming for them is so they can attack. It could say he walks on water and they’d argue he can’t swim. We all know this. Why don’t reporters make the point? And we know that too -- because they’re not neutral reporters, they are attack dogs, just watch the so-called “news.”

According to unsourced reports, Mr. Trump has said he put his returns where they will never be found. Under Mr. Obama’s:

Occidental transcripts
Columbia transcripts
Harvard University records
Punahou Hawaii School K-12 college prep school records (missing)
Illinois State Senate records (missing)
Passport application
Harvard funding source (foreign student aid)
“Born in Kenya” book proposal from literary agent for 16 years
Fast and Furious documents
White House guest list (complete version)
Personal medical and drug use records
Social Security Number irregularities files
Selective Service Card irregularities files
Documentation concerning ACORN, Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright

For additional background missed by the lamestream media in saturation coverage of Trump’s still-under-audit tax filing staged demonstrations:


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