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Law Firms to Gang up on Constitution

"Firearms Accountability Counsel Task Force"

$1,000/hr. lawyers will attempt to unravel Second Amendment

Joint effort to stop "gun violence"
(at the expense of rights you currently enjoy)

Old familiar left-wing gun-control dialog --
but with fresh blood, legal eagles and "novel" strategies,
the same misconceptions and prejudices,
plus tens of millions to spend (dark money?)
on "free" legal support.

Gun owners and local laws are their prime target

Stymied at federal level, they're targeting courts

The lamestream media told you:

The New York Times offered up one of its Sunday front pages and an entire back page to applaud the introduction of an army of elite law-firm lawyers, supported by fees from their clients, to do "free" work attacking the current status of the Second Amendment.

Diminishing rights Americans have didn't rise to the awareness of reporters or editors who produced the piece. They displayed instead hoplophobic blinders, obscuring their preoccupation with what they call gun violence, misdirecting attention from criminal behavior and crime.

The Times, literally gushing at the possibilities, lambasted the "gun lobby" for doing such a successful job in protecting the right to keep and bear arms at the local, state and federal legislative and judicial levels, then predicted a campaign of destruction for gun rights at the hands of the high-powered coalition of firms, allied with the usual anti-gun-rights suspects, naming many of the firms and their leaders.

Arnold & Porter, Richard M. Alexander, chairman
Brady Center to Promote Gun Violence, Avery Gardiner, chief legal officer
Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School, Eric M. Ruben
Covington & Burling, represented D.C. in Heller
Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg, financier (did not join)
Hogan Lovells
Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Robyn Thomas, executive director
Mayer Brown, Counsel to Brady Center
Munger, Tolles & Olsen, Brad D. Brian, co-managing partner*
O'Melveney &Myers, represented D.C. in Heller, Charlie Lifland, Partner
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, Brad S. Karp, chairman
Ropes & Gray, Counsel to Brady Center
Skadden Arps, Counsel to Brady Center

Note: Mr. Brian makes a familiar "but" statement in the article, "... recognize that the Second Amendment is an important part of our Constitution... responsible gun owners... but... an epidemic of gun violence... law can save innocent lives without infringing..." Additional easily recognizable left-leaning gun-speak permeates the story.

Among the numerous points of attack, according to the Times, for which the American community should be alert and prepare:

-- File lawsuits in federal courts
-- File lawsuits in state and local courts
-- File regulatory complaints
-- Seek cooperation with regulatory agencies
-- Seek help from regulators
-- Encourage state and federal regulators to join lawsuits
-- Overturn selected state laws on any grounds
-- Prevent the legal right to bear arms in public or private places
-- (i.e., challenge laws that "force" places to allow carry)*
-- Force publication of confidential crime data
-- Force access to private gun ownership data
-- Weaken protections for the innocent in 2A cases
-- Go after the gun industry for stifling competition
-- Charge the gun industry with restraint of trade
-- (e.g., failure to develop and market flawed smart guns)
-- Pursue anti-trust violations against the gun industry
-- Defeat the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act
-- (note: Like all media, the Times constantly mischaracterizes PLCA, it only prevents nuisance lawsuits, it is not blanket protection from lawsuits as they say).
-- Circumvent the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act
-- Pursue "bad apple" gun dealers
-- (a rational idea if truly pursued properly)
-- Enlist BATFE in the gun-control effort in multiple ways
-- Renew funding to CDC and other federal infringement agencies

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

I pretty much said it all in my assessment of what they wrote.

And let me digress for a second. Who hires attorney's at $1,000 an hour? That's outside the grasp of most of us. We can barely imagine $250 an hour and that's when your life is on the line for self defense. Because we work for a living and earn it. When I worked for one of the big hi-tech firms (I won't say which), they were pulling down a million dollars a minute, so it made sense for them to have data centers on three parts of the planet, so even a meteor strike would leave them up and running. That's the kind of companies these law firms are attached to, whose backing makes this pro bono (free) work possible. Nothing is free. It's unpriced at the point of delivery.

Let me also point out that the Times mentions, despondently, that the President of the United States, "a Republican, has vowed to defend the Second Amendment and expand protections for gun owners," as if this is a bad thing. The next sentence does suggest this program might hurt the law firms who typically defend Wall St. and have clients aligned with the gun business. Not to mention aligned with The American Way, to which the Times obviously no longer belongs.

* The idea that a person with a firearm can't eat at a lunch counter is at the heart of the modern-day civil-rights struggle, to free gun owners from outrageous segregation and discrimination. The left, which had fought the civil-rights battle, now wants Jim Crow-style laws to deny civil rights they don't like. I'll be writing more about this soon.

Special note to the perceptive lawyers on this list:

gun violence is a subtle but seductively deceptive and pejorative term of art used by partisans to motivate unsuspecting people into believing a false narrative. An accurate and more descriptive term that can properly illuminate the subject and add focus to help lead to actual solutions is "criminal activity." By allowing focus to drift to guns per se, an object of fear for many in this arena, instead of crime control, which is our true goal, we end up assaulting an object and tangentially people's rights, instead of the behavior of miscreants, repetitious acts and social conditions that are the root cause of the problems we mutually seek to resolve.

The term gun violence invokes the fearsome image of someone shooting a person. The strong emotional hook is well understood, and used. On the other hand, criminal activity takes into account not only illegal shots fired, but the essential precursors -- smuggling, theft, prohibited possession, straw purchase, transport, illegal carry, black markets, repeat offenders, failures to prosecute, catch and release and more. The left either typically fails to understand this, or ignores it to advance an incremental disarmament agenda. Consequently our efforts to reduce crime are stopped cold, because the infringements interfere politically. Focus on criminal activity and crime, not euphemistic "gun violence" and guns, and watch clarity expand and results develop. Crime control, not gun control.


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