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Sharpton, Jackson, NY Times, Community Organizers Say NO!

But blacks are arming themselves.

Just like white folk do.

The lamestream media told you:

Guns are bad. No one should have them. Well of course police should have them.
You trust the poe-leece, don't you?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The anti-gun movement is a function of the liberal left, which includes the famous “leaders” noted in the headline above.

If black leaders had their way, blacks would be disarmed (along with you). Guns are too dangerous. You'll hurt someone. Chances are greater that you'll hurt someone if you have one. Leave your safety up to the police (!). Underlying message -- you're too stupid to safely have a gun. Don't do it. Ignore 100 million neighbors who manage to safely do it somehow. Choose fear.

We leaders on the other hand, the ones bringing blacks this message of fear and danger, we can have guns (and that includes the headliners, bristling with armed protection). We, the authorities. We in gated communities and nice neighborhoods and we keep them that way. You don't need no gun. But we ain't exactly givin' up ours. Oh no.

Bottom line, when you strip away the Emperor's clothes, black lives don't matter, coming from the leaders of the democrat movements, who would ban guns for blacks, and gays and women and all the oppressed classes -- because they would ban guns for everyone. Except the people in power -- themselves. If that isn’t unequal treatment under the law nothing is.If black lives really mattered, there would be 700 murder trials for the 700 black murders Chicago experiences in a year. I can hearing you laughing. In your heart you know it's true.

Blacks are catching wise. A growing movement is spreading the message behind the Second Amendment. A two-edged sword? Of course. When you learn that peace and freedom are attained through a balance of power, and not the power of one group over another, you can reconcile it all. White folks have -- we're well armed and that's why we don't shoot each other. So look what’s happening (virtually absent from mainstream anything):

Black women gun training
Marchelle Tigner, in Savannah, Georgia, runs the first Atlanta-area class for black women to learn to shoot. Nov. 2016

Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction
Tiffany Ware, 44, Cincinnati, founder of the Brown Girls Project, which offers makeup workshops and other activities for building self-esteem in young black girls  -- has organized a group of black women for a firearms training class on 18 December

Black Women's Defense League
In Dallas, the Black Women's Defense League, launched in 2015, has seen the number of black women signing up for time at local shooting ranges at least double in the past 10 months or so.

Nicholas Johnson, law professor at Fordham University and author of Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms, pointed to a 2014 survey showing that 54% of black people felt that owning guns did "more to protect people than endanger personal safety", nearly doubling the 29% who said the same two years earlier.

Here is truth you won't find elsewhere --

Black Man with a Gun
by Reverend Kenn Blanchard, 172 p., $16.95

Working Less Is Good -- or is it?

Unclear who is promoting Americans to work less

What possible ulterior motive could this include

The lamestream media told you:

“Knock off from work a little early? Sure, it’s good for you.” USA Today. Page One.
Newspapers report facts, or claim to.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Any doubt that the lamestream media no longer supports The American Way (click that link) has been finally dashed to pieces with the appearance of a front-page story in “America’s newspaper” (self-proclaimed) USA Today, proposing hard work and long hours are bad and should be abandoned in favor of working less and slacking off, like the French do. According to a new study, so it must be true.

The study, from the great fortress of science, Australia, found that hard work “erodes your mental and physical health, leaving you less time to eat well...” Americans currently suffer from an obesity epidemic, not mentioned in the story.

The work was done by Huong Dinh, from the “research school for population health,” a new discipline. The Uninvited Ombudsman is awaiting charges of xenophobia (dislike of foreigners) to come flooding in for doubting the report. Wealth of Nations, by American Founding Father Adam Smith, upon which the most successful nation in the history of the world was founded (ours), conflicts with the report.

In a shockingly sexist and misogynistic statement, Dinh and reporter Mathew Diebel note that women should work less, because they must, “spend much more time on care and domestic work.” The typical insults and attacks usually hurled for inappropriate and differential sexist mistreatment of women were missing from the story, for reasons that were unclear. Women can, according to the report, work longer if “they compromise their health.” Who decides to run this stuff as if it’s news, or even valid, was also unclear. A picture of an attractive woman staring into the distance, wearing a telephone headset at a computer terminal, accompanied the story.

Scientists March for Earth Day

"We're not political!" they say.


The lamestream media told you:

Earth Day is a glorious event that celebrates our stewardship of the planet and recognizes all the obligations we have to treat our Earth mother properly. All laws needed to control our effect on the planet should be passed without delay.

Scientists marched this year in the parades in a coordinated effort, and promoted the thought that because they pursue science, they are not political and so, presumably, "you can trust us."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Scientists aren’t being very scientific
if they’re holding themselves out to be non-political.

Everything in the public domain is political.

Any group operating on tens of billions of taxpayer dollars,
and constantly in need of more, is as political as it gets.
Read that again.

They’re holding up pictures of DNA and vaccines? Good. How about spy satellites, nukes and labs for weaponized anthrax. It’s proof they’re not only political, they’re underhanded and deceptive, with a hidden agenda and a phony narrative. Your friend the atom. Thalidomide. The coming Ice Age. The absolute trash that passes for science lately is preposterous. "Scientific surveys" are the worst. Some "science" is even done now by voting (Pluto anyone?). It’s the real reason certain “research” funds have been cut off by Congress -- to prevent taxpayer funding of political agendas disguised as science. Government “scientists” conducted human sterilization and eugenics experiments on people -- and were only stopped when forced to by outrage and new law. All sorts of law has been enacted to prevent so-called “science” from committing atrocities.

Now don’t take this the wrong way. Like anything, there are two sides to the coin, and obviously, the wonders of modern science and technology are fabulous. Hey -- we're on computers, right? Just don’t get snowed by this white-lab-coat holier-than-thou can-do-no-wrong all-the-answers mythology.

Science is just as messed up as police, doctors, the post office and your co-workers, and for the same reason -- because they’re people. The fact that their IQs may be high is no reason to place them on a pedestal above every human frailty everyone else has. If anything, this march showed they may be worse off than many of us, believing their own fairy tales. Don’t you know Sheldon Cooper?

Everyone wants clean land, air and water, but not everyone is good with the socialist controls packaged as environmental controls and stuffed in the same wheelbarrow.


Is Aaron Zelman Dead?

JPFO Remains Alive and Kicking.

"Friends of JPFO"

The lamestream media told you:

"News" coverage for firearms civil-rights groups is not happening. These days.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

I’ve heard rumors that Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership had lost its moxie after founder Aaron Zelman died. It shows you what a tremendous figure Aaron was. JPFO lost its Moses and the rabble figures they’ll walk in circles for 40 years. JPFO experienced changes (posted at, moved, and continues breaking ground in Aaron’s strictly zero-compromise pro-gun-rights tradition. We do deeply miss his voice.

JPFO filed a court amicus brief against anti-gunners in California trying to ban gun stores. The Bill of Rights Sentinel newsletter is back in print -- and no one says what that rag does (See below, get one). The David and Goliath Award is recognizing heroes the mainstream doesn’t want you to know about. You don’t have to be Jewish to join, you just have to love freedom and want a respected, morally courageous ally on your side. Join as a Friend of JPFO. Go here to contribute, just learn more, sign up with “America’s Most Aggressive Civil Rights organization.”

Get the next JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel:

[Sentinel EXCERPT:]

I’ve had it with all these statist gun owners who think training should be required. Exercising your rights doesn’t require training. Failure to get training doesn’t vacate your rights or subject you to penalties. Got it? No training required to be a parent to helpless infants, none needed to buy poisons and sharp things in Home Depot, no certificate of completion needed to enter bizarre religious ritualistic buildings. Understood? A dangerous world does not justify government training your life. Smart people get trained for everything because they’re smart. Get smart. Do it on your own. With or without any kind of training, if you screw up, you're responsible. OK? Training doesn’t get you off the hook, at all, but it may help you stay off the hook (and looks good to juries). Making the government force you to be trained the way it thinks you should be trained is horrific.

Washington Times reporter Emily Miller
receives the JPFO David and Goliath award, 2013.
Who will win one this year at GRPC?

Mandatory Gun Training Demands

Excerpt from upcoming JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel

Few people want to address this subject openly:
Gun training good. Forced training bad.

If you come out against mandatory gun training you are pilloried, and verbally attacked by leftists and other malcontents, and plenty of people who believe they support gun rights.

Each state that has mandatory training imposed as a condition for CCW permits found the government's idea of what you need, and qualified trainers ideas don't match at all. People took the CCW classes, thinking they had to, when what many needed was Guns 101, since they had never handled firearms before. Teaching them about actual carry in public is an entirely different ballgame.

Under a mandatory training regime, if some little old lady (or you) shoots an attacker in legitimate self defense, and you didn't take the approved class, you've committed a crime and go to jail, for what is essentially a righteous act. That's just not right.

Government could play a positive role if it ran public service announcements, "in cooperation with this station and the Ad Council," and put up billboards, encouraging the public to go to the range, take classes, learn about gun safety, the whole nine yards. Don't hold your breath. Promoting the Constitution and Bill of Rights is no longer any part of the federal agenda (in meaningful ways).

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, (JPFO) publishes its no-holds-barred newsletter, The Bill of Rights Sentinel, this is coming in the next edition:

I’ve had it with all these statist gun owners and especially firearms instructors who think training should be required. Exercising your rights doesn’t require training. Failure to get training doesn’t vacate your rights or subject you to penalties. Got it? No training required to be a parent to helpless infants, none needed to buy poisons and sharp things in Home Depot, no certificate of completion needed to enter bizarre religious ritualistic buildings. Understood? Smart people get trained for everything because they’re smart. Get smart. Do it on your own. With or without whatever training, you screw up, your responsible. OK? Training doesn’t get you off the hook, at all, but it may help you stay off the hook (and it does look good to a jury). Making the government force you to be trained the way government thinks you should be is horrific.

Do you think this is a fable, just paranoia? Look:

People complain it's just scare tactics when rights activists holler about gun bans. Here's the bill that proves them right, HR 45 from Illinois congressman Bobby Rush, which goes beyond gun bans to ban gun owners. It is so far outside constitutional boundaries it defies belief -- the man deserves to be removed from office. Also, a brief SHOT Show report with pictures.

The Solution: You want everyone trained to arms, include it in school curricula. You should be firearm trained even if you don't own a gun. Maybe especially if you don't own a gun. Give it in school.

Republicans Quit Trying on Gun Rights

National Carry bill ignored, "leadership" squashes activity

"These people are not the friends you think they are."

Inside scoop -- why the National Carry Act HR38 isn't moving, despite republicans in charge of all three Houses:

Anonymous Source

"Leadership is holding up HR38. They don't want the 'distraction.' Gotta marvel at the stupidity of republicans sometimes. I think the bill has no chance in the Senate anyway*, but they need to force the vote to hold the dem's responsible. Can't understand why they don't see this as a valuable election issue -- keeping their promise, so maybe GunVoters will trust them and keep supporting them, and making the dem's own their votes against it.

"VCDL has posted an official White House online petition to Trump, but none of the bigger org's have promoted it, so it's not likely to reach the 100k threshold needed.** I haven't been able to determine exactly what NRA is doing. It's almost as if a deal has been made with the R's to let them hold off on any action this year. If they do that, they're foolish. If the R's won't push it this year, they certainly won't during an election year."

The conservative/libertarian/independent and entire right side of the nation supports gun rights, and Congress should demonstrate this. Instead, even our best representatives refuse to move against the corrupt leadership of the system, that's the swamp that needs draining.

*Whether the Senate will act properly or not, and end the infringement we all endure, is an open issue. If the House does act, pressure on Senators will increase by an order of magnitude. Then the threshold for a petition may make sense. The online White House tool attempting to take control of (under the guise of providing access for) the right "to petition the government for a redress of grievances," has some serious flaws. I'll get to that soon. Scrutinize their policy statement like I did and scratch your head. If the petition gathers 100K signatures soon, we get a reply.

**Needed for what, you ask? So that, according to the website, "we" can respond. If you reach the magic number, something happens, like an email to the list holder. Almost no petitions do, "we" know that, crazies may not apply, real petitions still count (so far), it looks more like a way to defuse energy, or be able to say later you don't count, than anything related to how the White House is really influenced. "How the White House is really influenced." Think about that, more on it later.

Here is a simple link you can share with people for the petition if you wish, at least look:

The commenter suggested, "All we can do is try to keep the pressure on." Is that really it? How intolerable need acts be?

HR38 has 207 House co-sponsors, 37 Senate

John Snyder, "The Dean of Gun Lobbyists" points out that "AWR Hawkins, the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News, wrote that "gun control activists are up in arms over the legislation, because it would immediately do away with strict gun controls in a number of states."

"Actually," said Snyder, "that's a good reason for supporting it and promoting it. The gun haters have had too much to say for too long. It's time to turn the tables on them and tell them to get lost."

" (HR38) would immediately do away with strict gun controls in a number of states." Strict gun controls is just a euphemism for infringements on your rights. Laws against gun crime are totally unaffected by this bill. The only thing missing is jail time for the perpetrators who put the controls on you into law, in violation of the rule of law.

Texas Community College Carry Activates

Built-in 1-yr. lag-time expires, another infringement falls, everyone survives

Bloody lunacy never materialized with campus carry, colleges unrepentant

Although college officials continue to hate it, campus carry has created no problems. The warnings of doom were once again proven -- proven I say -- to be paranoid delusions:

"...non-bizarre delusions are fixed false beliefs that involve situations that could potentially occur in real life, such as being followed or poisoned (Ed., or shot). Apart from their delusions, people with delusional disorder may continue to socialize and function in a normal manner and their behavior does not necessarily generally seem odd. However, the preoccupation with delusional ideas can be disruptive to their overall lives." --Wikipedia

The Texas Tribune along with many other local media outlets reported the change. Most but not all buildings are open for discreet carry by LTC (formerly CHL) license holders at the state's 72 community colleges. The paper notes, "Depending on whom you ask, the fact that guns may be carried into Performance Hall and buildings like it is either an important assertion of freedom or an affront to the very character of higher education."

One small university had an unintentional discharge and no injury. Aside from that, comments were uniform -- "(other than that) very smoothly and without incident" (Tarleton State U., which had the UD); "Virtually no impact at all" (Texas A&M); "Amazingly quiet' (Texas Tech); "I expected it to be largely uneventful, and those expectations have been pretty much borne out" (Sam Houston State U.). The paper notes, "The uneventful implementation follows the patterns of the seven other states that legalized campus carry before Texas."

A number of professors, acting out on their fears, left Texas, citing the new freedom to carry as their reason. The ability of anyone to go shoot them didn't change, only their perception of danger. The Tribune story is illuminating:

A complete description of the law is here: New Texas laws for 2017 take effect Sep. 1, we'll have that out soon.

New Arizona and Texas Gun Laws in Place

Mostly good but as always a mixed bag

The 2017 Update for The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide will be posted in downloadable form here.

The four main new gun laws may not affect gun owners immediately, but protections are now in place against expected attempts at future infringements. All 50 states should have similar protection in place. The Arizona versions can serve as a model.

1. Firearm Tracking Ban -- It's now a class 6 felony to require a person to use any sort of electronic firearm tracking system. That includes devices on the firearm and centralized or decentralized databases. Includes electronic systems "used to locate or control the use of a firearm," which could include so-called personalized guns (sometimes erroneously called smart guns). People could opt in if they want (they did with LoJack), and there are exceptions for authorities. A not perfect but really good plan. Read more.

2. Police Protection -- Cops now get special treatment whether on duty or off. Many protections only applied in the performance of official duty, that's been removed. An assault on an officer, on or off duty, if done with "malice" is aggravated assault. A direct result of the orchestrated Fergusson, Mo. black riots. Includes a gun snatch from an officer, what Michael Brown was doing when shot (misreported to this day by most "news" outlets. USA Today recently said shot "during a scuffle."). Read more.

3. State Preemption -- Continuous struggle to keep local fiefdoms from finding creative new infringements. This amendment basically stops them from banning their employees and contractors from having firearms in their vehicles, or on their real property (homes). Read more.

4. Private Property Transfers -- Beautifully written roadblock to prevent tyrannical actors who are seeking to force gun transfers to fall under federal control or registry. Elegant -- it doesn't mention firearm in any way -- a person cannot be required to check a database before the private sale, gift, donation, or any other transfer of any personal property, and no third party can be required to be involved in such transfers. Introduce this in your state. Read more.

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