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Republicans Quit Trying on Gun Rights

National Carry bill ignored, "leadership" squashes activity

"These people are not the friends you think they are."

Inside scoop -- why the National Carry Act HR38 isn't moving, despite republicans in charge of all three Houses:

Anonymous Source

"Leadership is holding up HR38. They don't want the 'distraction.' Gotta marvel at the stupidity of republicans sometimes. I think the bill has no chance in the Senate anyway*, but they need to force the vote to hold the dem's responsible. Can't understand why they don't see this as a valuable election issue -- keeping their promise, so maybe GunVoters will trust them and keep supporting them, and making the dem's own their votes against it.

"VCDL has posted an official White House online petition to Trump, but none of the bigger org's have promoted it, so it's not likely to reach the 100k threshold needed.** I haven't been able to determine exactly what NRA is doing. It's almost as if a deal has been made with the R's to let them hold off on any action this year. If they do that, they're foolish. If the R's won't push it this year, they certainly won't during an election year."

The conservative/libertarian/independent and entire right side of the nation supports gun rights, and Congress should demonstrate this. Instead, even our best representatives refuse to move against the corrupt leadership of the system, that's the swamp that needs draining.

*Whether the Senate will act properly or not, and end the infringement we all endure, is an open issue. If the House does act, pressure on Senators will increase by an order of magnitude. Then the threshold for a petition may make sense. The online White House tool attempting to take control of (under the guise of providing access for) the right "to petition the government for a redress of grievances," has some serious flaws. I'll get to that soon. Scrutinize their policy statement like I did and scratch your head. If the petition gathers 100K signatures soon, we get a reply.

**Needed for what, you ask? So that, according to the website, "we" can respond. If you reach the magic number, something happens, like an email to the list holder. Almost no petitions do, "we" know that, crazies may not apply, real petitions still count (so far), it looks more like a way to defuse energy, or be able to say later you don't count, than anything related to how the White House is really influenced. "How the White House is really influenced." Think about that, more on it later.

Here is a simple link you can share with people for the petition if you wish, at least look:

The commenter suggested, "All we can do is try to keep the pressure on." Is that really it? How intolerable need acts be?

HR38 has 207 House co-sponsors, 37 Senate

John Snyder, "The Dean of Gun Lobbyists" points out that "AWR Hawkins, the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News, wrote that "gun control activists are up in arms over the legislation, because it would immediately do away with strict gun controls in a number of states."

"Actually," said Snyder, "that's a good reason for supporting it and promoting it. The gun haters have had too much to say for too long. It's time to turn the tables on them and tell them to get lost."

" (HR38) would immediately do away with strict gun controls in a number of states." Strict gun controls is just a euphemism for infringements on your rights. Laws against gun crime are totally unaffected by this bill. The only thing missing is jail time for the perpetrators who put the controls on you into law, in violation of the rule of law.



Even if it should pass, there are 8 States and D.C. where your gun and/or ammo will still be illegal to carry.
Magazine restrictions (10 or 15 rounds), no JHP in New Jersey, only 307 legal pistols in California and fewer revolvers on the handgun roster.


The biggest difference between a D and an R is the letter after their name.

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