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National Carry Part II

What the "news" media has been saying

Inventions, lies, some plain stupidity, astounding

Based on my own media observations and notes, basically, every deceptive complaint the public endured from anti-rights people and so-called “news” media about CCW permit laws as they passed in all 50 states we’re hearing repeated for the national carry bill, HR 38. Astounding.

We have the BITS myth (Blood In The Streets) repeated, which never occurred when permits were issued. No apologies or corrections for the false 50-story set were ever issued, the mythology continues.

We were “informed” horrible criminals will suddenly start carrying firearms and shooting indiscriminately (the permits had no impact on armed criminality).

Good people traveling armed will suddenly turn bad, shoot slow waiters and people at stop lights (pure paranoia, never happened), but it is appearing in print, broadcast and online again. Psychologists have suggested it is projection, leftists projecting their own lack of stability, balance and control into the situations.

Studies are circulating how people with permits are an order of magnitude more law-abiding than the general population and even than the police, now thoroughly documented (and ignored by the media and bigots, who cling to their lies and innuendo).

The anti-gunners are complaining, irrationally, that criminal laws will cease to exist or stop operating, allowing criminals to carry, but that is simply silly. Any malfeasance committed with or without a firearm after national carry is enacted remains totally illegal and subject to punishment as it always has been. It doesn’t change based on this bill.

Legal carry will somehow make it harder for authorities to arrest armed criminals, but how or why is not explained, because it can’t be. In fact, police authority to stop you on “reasonable suspicion” is reiterated for good measure. The parade of horribles pouring out of the anti-rights movement over HR 38 is predictably either paranoid or irrational. Decades of positive CCW permit experience fails to hold sway, illustrating the irrational nature of the objections.

What does change, omitted in reports, is that people who travel legally within their states and exercise their constitutional rights will be free to travel outside their states with the same legal protection, free from illegal arrest for possession of their private property.

Bigoted or corrupt law-enforcement officers, who swear and then break their oath to uphold the Constitution, can no longer turn law-abiding people into revenue streams and single them out for peacefully bearing arms. At least in theory.

Some states have already insisted they will disobey the law. For example, “We will fight any federal action that lets visitors bring guns to our streets,” according to NYC police commissioner James O’Neill and Cyrus Vance, Manhattan D.A., in a self-righteous and self-contradictory guest editorial The Wall Street Journal gave them on 3/23/17. They complained that if the bill passes, “a person could be armed in public without ever having a background check.”

Surely they know -- they’ve described every criminal roaming their streets right now! Maybe they don’t know? Can they truly believe this law will invent that? The only change, Messrs. O’Neill and Vance, is that you’ll no longer be able to arrest an armed person who can pass a background check -- whether they’ve had one or not! Mere possession of property will no longer be a crime under a boot, Jack. And anyone who tries try it, even without the smug anti-civil-rights attitude flaunted in the Journal, will be subject to penalties (see below).

Falsely harassing a person, or arresting someone for legally peacefully bearing arms -- that would become an offense, and the agency committing this violation will be subject to lawsuits and penalties, lawyer bills paid by the agency when it loses. This is good.

The corrupt agencies don’t like this change. They want to continue making false unconstitutional arrests, and demands for your papers, which they refuse to recognize in the first place. That would end.

The police chief and D.A. gripe in their editorial that the burden is entirely on the state to prove your permit is valid. What can you say but tough noogies. Do your jobs. Innocent until proven guilty. It’s a poignant condemnation of their terrible tactics and attitude -- self-imposed. [cont'd.]


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