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What's REALLY in the National Carry Bill?

HR 38 (Carry) now includes HR 4477 (Fix NICS) and SURPRISES

Federal gun-free school-zones removal among others


by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

The Uninvited Ombudsman Report

The House passed HR 38, National Carry on Dec. 7 (1,246 words). It’s good but with problems, described below. (HR 4477, Fix NICS, was nailed on at the last minute, covered separately, below.)

The Senate's carry-bill version (S 446) is vastly different, it sits idle since Jan. 2017. Reporters act like they’re the same, just needs a vote, false (only 658 words).

The bills seem to say -- if you can carry concealed in your home state with a permit, or if you don’t need a permit to do so in your state -- you can carry concealed nationwide. But not quite.

The House bill makes LOCAL PRIVATE “gun-free zones” official federally.

The House bill makes LOCAL STATE “gun-free zones” official federally.

Depending on what those two bans include, where you can carry could be pretty small. Are local roads or rights-of-way “government property” and hence subject to bans?

A state like New York, already on record ready to obstruct the law, could conceivably ban guns on its roads, “government property,” and foul up the entire plan.

Your state can remove itself, you and the nation from the plan by repealing its permit law.

When the bills get combined (IF the Senate votes) we’ll get something brand new.

Both parties will argue during conference committee, change things, that’s standard. Some changes are seriously needed, discussed below.

Handguns are redefined, so possession of an empty magazine is possession of a handgun (you read that right).

Possession of ammo for a handgun is also possession of a handgun. Both definitions (magazines, ammo) MUST be fixed.

A loaded ten-round magazine under the House bill would be 11 handguns.

Those parts are bound to be rewritten in committee, or we have trouble. What idiots write these things? I drafted corrective language below. 18 USC §926D(b)(1) and (2) (gun-free zones) should be deleted.

Some really good things are included in the House bill: Bogus gun arrests will get authorities sued, and they pay, with penalties.

Constitutional Carry is recognized nationwide (11 states so far)

The Clinton-era gun-free-school-zones farce is eliminated for carrying. This has not been mentioned in “news,” is bound to be a hot issue.

If I were skeptical I might wonder, if by keeping quiet about eliminating the federal gun-free-zones ban, the creation of countless local gun-free school-zone bans might not get noticed.

National land assets are unequivocally open to civil rights -- bearing arms.

Much more -- federal judges allow themselves to carry nationwide without training, permits or anything (leftists are silent about that), bump stocks are defined, the NICS system is evaluated for “results” which don’t include crime control (probably just names added to the list, fast), Indians get swept into the system, it’s all explained below.

The most trusted name in news, and the fair and balanced news, carried almost none of this. That’s covered as well. When I get tired of watching the news, I just turn on CNN.



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