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The Problem Isn't the Shootings. It's the murders.

The lamestream media has twisted everything using words

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by Alan Korwin

Look around you—all the “news” stories covering the recent Florida tragedy speak about shooters and shooting. Shooting is not the problem. Murder is the problem.

These aberrant kids have been conditioned into thinking it’s OK to murder their classmates. There are no consequences that matter. Killing is fun. Heaven and hell are pipe dreams. No sense of morality or decent social conduct has been inculcated into their behavior.

Back in the day, no one could have imagined going into a school, or anywhere, and just randomly killing everyone in sight. Where would a person even get such an idea? Where would a person even get such an idea? Read that again. You know the answer. We had the guns, they were even easier to get—no papers at all.

No one in mass media is talking about murder and murderers. Watch. They’re only talking about shooting and shooters. By itself, shooters and shooting is not anything bad—and they know that. Being a shooter and shooting is what good Americans do all the time.

Murder is ugly, too ugly to bear. Murderers are horrible, to be rejected outright by society. No glory in being a murderer. Especially no prize for being a mass murderer. So the media avoids it, and in their conspicuous campaign against private arms, they avoid dealing with the murder angle.

The media are leading the nation down a path of perdition, turning shooters and shooting—people and activities with wonderful, excellent attributes—into targets for fear, loathing and legislative assault. And they’re good at it.

Socialists Have Something to Gain

The political left is jumping for joy at this turn of events. They are using tragedy, as they typically do, to campaign for a favored goal—a goal socialists the world over seek. Disarm the public. Disarm resistance to their rule. The people leading this charge seem like nice people. They seem like they only want to help. They’re all over the airwaves, and in print. And in the schools. They have staged themselves into the White House. Their message oddly enough is identical from all mouths. Take the guns away. This gun, that gun, all guns. At the very least give the government a list of them all.

But by refusing to call a murderer a murderer, and assaulting every decent shooter in America with their words day in and day out, they manipulate the debate, and turn our values upside down. We’re hot on the trail of guns, instead of on the trail of breakdowns in human behavior the media have introduced and fostered, where we should be. They are SO good at that.

Americans, and children in particular, have been exposed to mind-warping mental conditioning for years, and it is taking effect. This stuff, protected by the First Amendment and which “has no effect,” is rearing its head all around you. Don’t act mystified, stumped for a rationale. Accept the obvious. Show children that mass murder is fun and easy, without consequences, and you get what you see. Not from everyone, from the weak ones, which is sufficient. You can’t be exposed to slaughter every night constantly and not have it affect the most susceptible among us.

Call them “shooters,” like in a gallery, show their pictures incessantly (even an idiot knows that’s not “news”) and praise their “accomplishments,” like scores in a ballgame, or a new Guinness book record. Police nationwide understand what copycat crime is, and violence contagion. Media players feign ignorance and keep acting like the criminals’ press agents.

Does it serve any public purpose to hear the names and see the faces of every child murderer who erupted in the past 10 or 20 years? Yes in fact, it does. (Should we say child “shooter” to emphasize the difference?) It gives socialists and their media allies an excuse to campaign even further, pull at even more heartstrings, to build momentum for disarming the public, either incrementally or in one fell swoop.

What To Do

Never again say mass shooter, say mass murderer and be accurate, and precise, and stop denigrating shooters.

Never again say mass shooting, say spree killing, and mass killer, and put the burden on the criminal, not the inanimate gun, as the left would have you do.

It’s not “gun violence,” a cleverly crafted term of art, it’s violent crime and heinous crime, murder, another deranged psychopath, most of whom it turns out are on psychoactive drugs. No one is charged with gun violence, that doesn’t even follow logically. It’s about homicide, murder, how can they justify avoiding it. They cannot.

Dangerous socialists imbedded all over America, politely referred to as “the left,” want to focus everything on precious firearms, to help disarm the public. Encouraging and then using spree killers to advance this cause is pure evil. Now you know. Don’t play into their game by using their loaded vocabulary.


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