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Facebook Censorship Plans Announced

Congress Goes Along

Zuckerberg must be thinking, ‘You are SO over!’

The lamestream media told you:

Opinions on Mark Zuckerberg’s recent marathon inquisition before Congress are all over the map. Search it online if you haven’t already, or care. Members of Congress showed themselves to be highly ignorant, illiterate and uninformed about the Internet, Facebook, data collection on individuals -- even how online tools work. Most of their questions didn’t rise to the level of grade-school children -- and the members didn’t know it.

Chairman Grassley struggled so hard to read his own statement he is an embarrassment to Congress itself, completely hard to listen to his broken cadence and stumbling.

Zuckerberg didn’t get frazzled, or smirk, or get really hard questions, and his answers, after a few hours and certainly by the second day, were simple repetition of prepared statements, delivered from memory, showing his incredible intellectual prowess, typical of the other few oligarchs of internet machinery.

His left-wing predilection was self-evident, and problems this presents for the nation are stunning. His support for dark-money funded ignorant children in the March for our Lives media-promoted movement was revealing.

Congress has no way to contain him, or the web’s power that challenges their own, though some suggestions did arise: An “honest ads act,” fake-account removal, state-actor identification, better advertiser ID, and third-party fact checkers from the Poynter Institute, each with their own merits and disastrous side effects and downsides were proposed. Stay tuned.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Facebook censorship will cover three areas.
No one raised objections, they all fell in line with Zuckerberg’s default position:

Hate Speech

Yes, these are broad, easily abused categories.
Good definitions of these don’t exist.
Everyone agreed on that. But it didn’t deter Congress or Facebook.
Ask Dennis Prager if decent educational material is already being wiped out,
with those excuses as excuses. It is.

Because people have an impossible time defining these,
automated “artificial intelligence” programs will do much of the work for us.
Soon. People can’t define language to be banned, so machines will.
We can count on these to do a good job.
Plus, there is so much of this on Facebook,
people would never have enough time to do the work.
A method for appeals was not addressed.
Yes, that all scares me too.

If this was Revolutionary times (some people say these are), Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founders would not be able to speak in the largest public square in the nation (and world).

Hate speech is an abomination, according to The Uninvited Ombudsman. It exists solely in the eye of the beholder.

Anything you like, that someone else hates, is hate speech, according to leading experts. Leftists hate everything the moderates and the right say, so goodbye free speech on those grounds alone.

Free speech, to the hard left, is no longer valid, according to experts familiar with the situation.

Violence, not to be tolerated, describes much of what government does, experts say.

Common wisdom notes that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. It has been reported that just calling them men is hate speech to leftists. Microaggression is a new leftist term for hate speech in small doses, or that you can't see, but they can, sources report.

And this is what Zuckerberg and his left-wing allies, with the blessing of Congress, have decided is OK to control. The Founding Fathers could not be immediately reached for comment.

So far, memos like this one are free from censorship. But search for it on the web, and it will get tougher and tougher to find, experts say. With Wikipedia censoring the term “gun rights” (see separate article, item 6) that process is already well under way. We did learn from the hearings that the algorithms that do the searching are only partially skewed to prevent locating anything that isn’t of democrat, left-leaning origin. It will only get worse, according to leading experts.


During the hearings:
Facebook is being accused of advancing genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, a 95% Buddhist country, where the Muslims are charged with, or suspected of, creating trouble. Therefor, they are being murdered by local police and military, and are fleeing persecution by the hundreds of thousands into neighboring Bangladesh. Hate speech against the Muslims on Facebook is credited with instigating much of the violence, but this is a controversial charge, unpopular with Zuckerberg.

A widely distributed photo provided by Reuters carries this caption:

"Ten Rohingya Muslim men with their hands bound
kneel in Inn Din village, the site of a mass grave,
on September 1, 2017. Photo: Handout via Reuters"

The photo is then matched up with bodies in a mass grave, with arrows matching the kneeling men to the bodies in the grave. Easy to find with a search. The match up photo may or may not be true, Page Nine makes no claim there.

However, enlargement of this photo clearly shows the caption “hands bound” is false --


Make of this what you will. The caption is not accurate.
This is not to say the genocide and other atrocities are not true.
It just points out the media does a lousy job of protecting its credibility.
No one in the chain of command at Reuters could tell the caption is false.
Media earns the derogatory titles it gets.


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