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Identify Serious Criminals, Then Turn Them Loose

They're standing in the store, trying to buy guns, FBI's on the phone

Is this what "97% of the public" actually supports? Do they even know?

The lamestream media told you:

Do you support background checks? It's the biggest gun question of the day. Mass media insists virtually everyone does. How could any rational person not support background checks?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

1. After two decades of background checks, inner city gangs are all thoroughly armed. The checks have failed. Plus, we have 6,000 gangland rubouts every year, maybe you've noticed. And there are no 6,000 murder trials for the 6,000 murderers. Is that what everyone supports?

2. The muslim jihad is pretty much unaffected by the background checks. The jihad mass murder in the Florida gay nightclub, the "workplace violence" (Obama's term for the jihad), no effect from the background checks. Is that what everyone supports?

3. The psychotic children who want to mass murder their class mates, they aren't even addressed by background checks, and we all want to fix that problem. Why are we even talking about background checks when murderous classmates are what we want to fix? Isn't the mass media missing something there? Shouldn't someone ask them about that?

4. The background check collects the names of 10 to 12 million innocent Americans who purchase firearms every year, who didn't do anything. What does that have to do with stopping mass murderers, or any crime? Is that a good use of scarce resources? Does that have a sinister ulterior motive like its critics claim -- a list of gun owners kept by big government? Can we audit that system? (No, government tell us, just trust us, we're honest.)

5. And of course the biggest problem. Murderers, rapists, parolees, escapees, fugitives, kidnappers, arsonists, thieves, even illegal aliens and DACA students who walk into gun stores, cash in hand, seeking to buy guns -- which is at least five years in the federal slammer. They fill out forms with their names and addresses, and with the FBI on the phone, while they're standing there, get turned down. What happens next? They get sent away, with their money. Still eager to buy guns.

Is that what everyone supports?

Is that what the mass media makes clear when they conduct their polls?

The background check plan is a scam.

The only thing the background check does effectively is collect the names of innocent Americans who buy constitutionally protected products, that create a balance of power between the public and the government.

Look here:


Jay Dee

The gun violence campaign is probably the dumbest propaganda I've seen. The 30,000 deaths attributed gun violence is two thirds suicides. Good progressives believe in a right to die then claim we need more gun control to reduce gun suicides. In other words we have a right to die only in the progressive approved manner? Perhaps they're secretly being funded by the funeral industry to make their job easier. If they really cared about gun violence as they claim, common sense dictates that we shut down NICS and repurpose their 9.4 billion dollar budget for health care.

Another sign that background checks have failed is that many government agencies are no longer inputting data into the database. Ohio's governor Kasich went so far as to issue an executive order to Ohio court clerks to do their job and input the data.


I offer a unique take on "background checks". First: Do we have a prohibited-person (P-P) law? Prescinding from whether anything in that law is Constitutional - the Expat provision clearly IS - we HAVE a law. How do we enforce that law? Cops and prosecutors need to know whether a person found in possession of a gun (under suspicious circumstances) is a P-P or not. (Likewise, is he a fugitive, escaped prisoner, convicted of a previous crime, . . . ) How is that supposed to work? Got to have a database. Now, we have to be concerned with the maintenance of that database. Fair enough.

What does the NICS check on the sales floor of the FFL do for us? It's PR for lawful commerce in arms. Like hanging a sign in the window: 'Prohibited-Persons need not apply'. Nothing more. Does the FFL-NICS-check turn-away lawful buyers on false-positive matches? Yes; and, this MUST be remedied! Neither errors nor weaknesses in the government's database may be tolerated for an FFL-industry PR measure.

What of this national delusion that point-of-sale checks will prevent a P-P or minor from obtaining guns? Do we harbor this delusion for alcohol? Tobacco? Don't minors obtain these lawful products via straw-buyers?

Let's consider ATF extending its 4473 form, with a 20 year record retention, to sales of Alcohol and Tobacco. 'Are you addicted to alcohol or nicotine?' 'Are you buying for your personal use or as a bona fide gift?'

Then, let's extend the Alcohol and Tobacco regime to all transfers. Holy Communion must be officiated by a licensed alcohol dealer who checks ID and documents the symbolic serving of Christ's "blood" to the faithful. Likewise, BBQs and dinner-parties involving individuals (other than the host's immediate family members) must be officiated by a licensed alcohol dealer.

Constitutionally, there is no impediment baring State legislatures from adopting such a Universal Paperwork Check law. ATF and the FBI would simply support and enforce the State's Constitutional regime.

What? No takers? Arn't the States' legislatures concerned about drunk-drivers? Minors imbibing before driving home? What of the safety of the CHILDREN! ?

By all means, let's refine and reform our P-P laws. Let's vigorously enforce these laws. Let's maintain a database of those individuals whom we have lawfully stripped of their 2A Constitutional rights; and do so honestly and conscientiously. Let's be sensitive to the possibility that any P-P law - no matter how carefully crafted - is apt to unconstitutionally deprive a citizen of rights endowed by her Creator; strive to right these wrongs.

But harbor a delusion that prior restraint has any meaningful effect in preventing acquisition of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms or unlawful drugs?

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