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Guns Are A High Calling

It’s Not Controversial -- It’s Virtually Holy

Alan Korwin

This article originally ran in the JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel, Ed. 13

It’s easy to feel a certain degree of guilt about advocating for gun rights and the Second Amendment.

The amount of mud-slinging, criticism and abuse “regular” people heap on you, when you speak of guns is so enormous, it can weigh you down. It is difficult to bear. The constant berating, denigration and antagonism. The non-stop belittling. Endless bombardment by the so-called mainstream media, about crime and society’s psychos doing bad things, it makes it tough to see the forest for the trees, to stand up for what’s right and just and good.

Yet the brilliant Founding Fathers, the ones who ensconced the right to arms in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution must have had some method to their madness. And it turns out it wasn’t madness at all. It was brilliance.

They realized that no matter what they did about the lowly common man, the even lower common criminal was going to be armed. The despots and dictators, the corrupt power-mad immoral politicians, even somewhat decent politicians, and especially the determined slave owners within their midst were going to be armed to the teeth.

These malefactors were going to have and invent ever more deadly weapons and means of oppression as time went on. If Americans weren’t free to be equally armed, a free country was little more than a pipe dream.

Being called into the fray today for defense of an armed public is not a dark art or evil science, it is among the highest of callings. It is liberty personified. It means standing up to the darkest of powers, the most evil of evil people.

The world rulers, the masters of humanity, who would lord it over you, tell you how to live and what you can and cannot do, they are where evil lives. A Chuck Schumer, a Dianne Feinstein and their allies who would summarily disarm you, while they remain constantly heavily armed by hired thugs, they are the ones who should feel crushed by overwhelming guilt. They do not.

Without this stunning guaranteed personal right to arms, which no other place on Earth possesses, America could not be what it is. In our Founders’ genius and insight, they created what you and I could do to pursue the most robust and splendid course of political action imaginable. It is one you can join in with me.

These children now running loose, legitimately terrified for their lives thanks to psychopaths running loose, these kids would ignorantly disarm you in a false hope of creating safety. They are among the greatest threat to everyone’s safety we may have ever faced. They don’t understand this. And they are being used by evil manipulators hoping to accomplish an insidious goal for which they have been thwarted for decades. It is a malevolent plan without equal.

If not for guns, Europe would be speaking German. Without a robust right to arms, there would be no Israel. The despotic Arabs and Muslim nations would wipe Israel off the map, this is their unholy promise, stopped only by the force of arms. Where are any armed minions of “the religion of peace” opposing that pernicious threat? Nowhere to be found.

“If not for guns, Europe would be speaking German now.”

Wake up, mass media. What magic makes America immune to such intolerance? Who in the democrat party, the ones preaching tolerance and inclusion, is arguing loudly, or at all, for arming the rape victim? Nowhere to be found. Wake up, mass media. Wake up “progressive” America. Wake up to the highest political calling there is -- independent self-reliance with the power to act. Communist dictator Mao correctly said power comes from the barrel of a gun. Power to the people, right on.


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