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Stop the Space Force?

It's already there -- think of this as a branding exercise

It's basically a budget request, bureaucracy, some logos and hats

Military branches will fight for control

Astronaut pilots hailed from the service, right?

The lamestream media told you:

Trump is out of his mind, wants to add a new branch to the military, start a Star Wars debacle again, spend money we don't have, provoke the Russians, and the Chinese, destabilize the world, violate international treaties, is there no end to the trouble this man can cause?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

We Already HAVE a Space Force.

The lunatic left wing with their hair on fire about Trump's talk of a Space Force to handle our military interests in space have no clue we're already there.

Our assets in space exceed a trillion dollars already, and life on Earth depends on them.

The launches that get them there, keep them there, repaired, are intermingled with military branches, with powers delegated to NASA and its budgets and elsewhere. Military industrial complex, one ballgame. The national security devastation we'd suffer from space attacks by our main rivals (communist China and soviet Russia -- you remember them, right?) is not something our military has forgotten, like many of you or our many enemies, and the "news" media.

How good is our coordination? Maybe not as good as the ChiComs and the Ruskies, terms we need to refresh. They're both developing land-based anti-satellite weapons, same as us. Don't be naïve.

Treaties are in place declaring space a place of peace, a weapon-free zone, and all the niceties you might expect of a place everyone is currently powerless to walk up to and conquer. Everyone also uses space for maximum military utility short of launch platforms -- spy satellites that can read your newspapers, track individuals, monitor all electronic communications, and land missiles with a few feet of target. Serious gear is as hardened as we know how to get it, what, you think we build them with Play Doh? Stop the Space Force? Reporters are stupider than we give them credit for. The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard have Astronaut Badges for their military service personal who train and then fly into outer space. D'oh!


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