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We Need More Gun Laws -- say what?

The lamestream media told you:

Surviving victims of the Parkland mass murders went on a 20-state 75-city summer bus tour they arranged to promote gun-safety measures that will stop future school massacres. They are seeking new common-sense gun laws against a Congress that has refused to act because the evil NRA has bought and sold its members. What the adults have been unable to achieve the kids may have a chance at getting done, at last. Yes, we keep running this story.

The common-sense measures the children are supporting include increased universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons and removal of dangerous guns from our streets. The tour includes a voter-registration drive for youngsters who will be turning or are 18 years of age.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

America has 94,000+ words of gun law at the federal level. Do the children know that? It's rhetorical. They do not. Every imaginable criminal act is already outlawed. New proposed laws only outlaw legal behavior, except -- No federal crimes (yet) for officials who infringe.

Gun laws don't cause crime (at least not directly).

Gun laws don't stop crime (or might be a slight deterrent to the weak).

Gun laws provide a way to gauge and punish criminals after they commit crimes. Every crime imaginable is already illegal. New gun laws, which are only proposed by democrats for reasons that are unclear, affect rights Americans have and do not address criminals in any new way. That's because all criminal activity with guns is already illegal, but I repeat myself.

If you want to see and understand the gun laws already in place across the nation, you get and read this, it has them all. Politicians don't know it. The public doesn't know it. Most judges don't know it.

You should know it:


by Alan Korwin with Attorney Michael P. Anthony
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The complex multi-city multi-state anti-gun-rights bus tour for the new Parkland political activist advocates has been staged and orchestrated by the nation's leading anti-Second Amendment political operatives, and funded by dark money forces who are remaining completely out of the public eye. The idea the kids did this themselves is as false as almost everything else about this micro-managed event.

Sociopathic children who want to mass murder their classmates are unaffected by gun laws. They don't care about their classmates or gun laws, they care about the psychotropic drugs most of them are on, a fact suppressed by mass media, but available to researchers and you if you look.

Even if "law" required every gun in America to be under lock and key, an infringement banned by the Constitution that would make guns worthless for their righteous and intended use, guns would remain widely available -- as they are to countless criminals who cannot have them at all. Kids get drugs, what makes you think they won't be able to get guns -- especially if they are intent on committing murder.

To be effective in combating the misinformation and anti-rights attacks citizens face from children on a bus tour, mass media that reports total distortion on gun issues, and neighbors and friends whose understanding is lower than their shoe size, read in plain English what our gun laws are:


by Alan Korwin with Attorney Michael P. Anthony
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Knowledge is power.
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