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Why Are Kids Killing Kids?

The lamestream media told you:

We need common-sense gun laws to stop the mass murders we are seeing across this great country. If only we had more gun laws. The big bully NRA is stopping Congress from doing the right thing. That's the problem. Imagine how much peace we would have if only we could get these weapons-of-war off our streets, with more laws. Maybe these kids on the march now, completely self-motivated, will finally come up with an answer.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Laws don't stop criminals. Laws describe punishment after criminals act. This simple truth is lost on many people who are uneducated, or cannot think straight, even after they're educated. More laws don't change these facts.

The children's March for our Lives, including the 20-state, 75-city tour supposedly set up by themselves as a summer jaunt, is heralded as a solution. For reasons that were unexplained at press time, they offer the same solutions the gun-control advocates have offered for decades -- more background checks, bans and confiscations of scary black guns, a new ban on bump stocks (a plastic item used in one unresolved crime in Sin City), and a proposed ban on additional resource officers (armed police) in schools. Also, assaults on the NRA and discrimination against anyone having anything to do with the NRA.

The NRA is the largest gun-safety organization on the planet. They are the ones who promote the gun-safety rules, teach the gun-safety trainers, formulate the policies that lead to decreases in firearm accidents.

The people who work there want their kids protected at school as much as you or anyone else. The idea that mass media could propose such a preposterous lie ("the NRA wants kids dead!" is stunning, shows the insanity of the left. It doesn't even make sense. The NRA stands stalwart against anti-rights activists who want to deny the Bill of Rights. What's wrong with that is the people who want the Bill of Rights abolished, not its defense.

According to one leading expert, kids are killing each other because society is teaching them not only to do so but how to do so. Every fiber of pop culture is filled with that message. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, who has taught our armed forces to get over their inhibitions about killing sees it, and has documented it, in his amazing book,"Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill." This book will shock you. You may not be strong enough to read it.

By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano 240 p. #ST $15

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It's not just fun and games when Hollywood's super stars run around machine-gunning each other with glee, blowing each other's brains out at close range in full color with splat effects, or doing that bullet-death-dance they do.

Kids learn from this. There is no moral component to mass murder any longer. It's right there on the screen. The methods and tactics for killing and getting away are taught in movies, video games and especially, on TV every night. You switch channels and every click brings another gun, another murder, more death and no consequence. This has a consequence.

Grossman documents this with medical-, psychological- and combat-accurate references page after page. You will learn from this book. You will be outraged. You will have the verbal ammunition you need to fight back. He even provides phone numbers. You want to stop our kids from killing each other? Get a few of these and give them to your liberal friends who think guns are the problem. What a laugh that is.


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