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The Marine Corps is quietly monitoring sections of the US-Mexico border to stop migrants and drug traffickers

The lamestream media told you:

Nothing. They did say Trump's border wall is a fiasco, not needed, currently stalled.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Along the U.S.-Mexico border, small teams of Marines are using a suite of advanced sensors and remote monitors to assist the U.S. Border Patrol in scanning the most vulnerable sections of the untamed border. These Marines belong to specialized units called Ground Sensor Platoons, and for over a decade have been quietly partnering with the U.S. Border Patrol to help agents catch drug traffickers and migrants who cross illegally into the United States from Central and South America.

Despite being infantry Marines, the weapons of choice for Ground Sensor Platoons aren’t bullets. The Tactical Remote Sensor System, or TRSS, is a suite of sensors, cameras, re-transmission devices and monitoring equipment that are used to track enemy movement. The sensors are sensitive enough to detect how many people may be walking nearby, what direction they’re traveling, and can even differentiate between different types of vehicles.

All of this makes the Ground Sensor Platoon an important partner to the U.S. Border Patrol. And despite some states withdrawing their National Guard units from the region during President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown earlier this summer, the Marines show no sign of slowing down...

2015: 445,000 illegal aliens captured, estimated 200,000 got through, news reports: We're winning! (roughly 16,500 illegal entries per month, 550 per day). If that's winning, what does losing look like?

2017: 304,000 illegal aliens captured trying to sneak in, no estimate on illegal entries. Border Patrol had previously estimated between one and three get through for every one caught. My eyewitness photo essay and report on illegal border activity:

...The Ground Sensor Platoons evolved from a Vietnam War-era remote sensor program whose success during the battle of Khe Sahn showcased how important early notice of enemy movement could be. During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ground Sensor Platoons became invaluable for American troops struggling to maintain control over large areas... For the overworked and undermanned U.S. Border Patrol, the opportunity to utilize military-grade surveillance equipment operated by Marines frees more Border Patrol agents to catch smugglers and undocumented migrants moving north...

It is unknown if anyone has questioned the use of U.S. Military on U.S. soil to enforce civilian law, or if border patrol and enforcement falls into some other nebulous category of national defense. The training Marines get in this process has proved invaluable when deployed overseas, according to Marine sources.

Infringement is Constitutionally Banned

Punishment must be made swift and sure

"Officials" think anything is OK. It is not.
Those who would infringe must face punishment.

The lamestream media told you:

We have to take away the "assault weapons." These are too dangerous to have on "our streets." "We don't want to take away all your guns," says Mr. Hogg, convincingly, despite what all his supporters and media lapdogs say. The "assault weapon" ban simply bans anything with a magazine... and a grip.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Civilians must have armed parity with police. That was the principle behind the Second Amendment. Government could not get out of hand if the the people were armed, the last bulwark against tyranny.

Infringement is banned in no uncertain terms in the Constitution. Taking or attempting to take legally owned guns from the public is infringement. Those who would infringe upon the public's right to possess and possession of arms must face punishment. It is not something they can simply do. Removing or outlawing firearms from the public is forbidden.

The actions of criminals, no matter how bad those acts may be, do not justify illegal actions against the public. Such logic is emblematic of the irrational behavior of so-called progressives in general. It is a sign of people who need medical treatment and are not getting any. It represents, among other problems, the logic error, appelare desperadi, "we must do something." You should not do something, you should do the right thing.

Disarming the public is not even remotely a solution to the actions of criminals or insane people. In fact, it only makes matters worse, by leaving the innocent helpless in the face of miscreants and sociopaths. Failure to see this is a sign of untreated hoplophobia.

One way of fighting this, untested at the current time, is creed discrimination. It is illegal to discriminate based upon creed. Though creed is often viewed in a religious context, it is also equally valid in a socio-political context. The fierce attachment with which many Americans cling to their right to arms is indeed a creed, dating back to Colonial times. Singling citizens out for special legal action is creed discrimination and illegal under civil-rights statutes. Where are the creative and ambitious civil-rights attorneys looking to break new ground and make a name for themselves...

One Yale Prof Gets It

The lamestream media told you:

America has the finest university system in the world (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN).

The university system has become an indoctrination camp instilling in our children marxism, socialism, anti-American values, hatred for traditional American success and what makes this nation, capitalism and the Founding Fathers' virtues great (talk radio, FOX).

So which is it?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Professor Gelernter, a computer science professor at Yale, writing in The Wall Street Journal, advises the freshman class that they -- and their professors -- already know and agree on nearly everything important. You, as a non-Yale freshman can guess, probably with great accuracy, what they believe about his list of what’s important, and then understand why the university system poses such a risk to The American Way.

President Trump
environmental policy
military spending
federal regulation
gun rights
voting rights
voting fraud
religion in American culture
school vouchers
public-school spending
corporate average fuel economy
Supreme Court appointments
the space program
urban transportation
Benjamin Netanyahu
the former Iran deal
affirmative action
school violence
and many other topics

His advice: Now that “you’re adults,” why not disagree just once, so you can tell your grandchildren about it.

Dennis Prager recommends a new book, Get Out Now, about how America's schools have become morally toxic, and concerned parents have an obligation to pull their impressionable young children from this dangerous environment. Many options exist, it's the duty of parents to start looking at your choices, and not co-opt your precious kids.

Michelle Malkin writes:

"I like to joke that I’m a little brown woman with a big mouth.

"And since I’m a “person of color” according to liberals, I’m supposed to use my big mouth to support radical leftist causes. But I don’t do what they expect. Instead, I’m proud to speak out as a wife, mom, entrepreneur…and unapologetic conservative.

"To the left, that makes me a traitor to my race, an instrument of white supremacy, a fascist, and who knows what else! It’s all about identity politics, you see. A dangerous new “social justice warrior” mindset is gaining strength in our gender, and sexually.

"Liberals see racism where it doesn’t exist, fabricate it when they can’t find it, and ignore it within their own ranks.

"If you’re a woman or an ethnic or racial minority, you’re expected to march with the left. If you’re a white male, you’re put down as a racist or one of the infamous “basket of deplorables.”

"If you dare to question the latest pieties, angry protestors will try to shout you down and shut you up. They’ll even use violence to get their way. All to suppress any ideas and perspectives they don’t like.

"This madness started on our college campuses, and now it’s infecting the rest of society. It’s high time you and I stood up to it, Mr. Korwin."

That's why I write the way I do, Page Nine readers. Look at my starter bit about people of color vs. colored people again. It's a brave new world.

Hurricane Florence Displays "Climate Models"

Huge Disparity in Full-Color Broadcast for Days

Climate modeling couldn't make accurate predictions
Meteorologists just needed to do it for hours, not decades

Public sat mesmerized, mesmerized, by swirling images, images

The lamestream media told you:

Run for your lives! Danger Will Robinson! Storm's a comin'! Deadly Category 4 murder death kill! Meets land as Category 1, so what, ignore the number (they actually said that) still horrible threat, pay no attention to people walking behind windblown reporter standing there.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

OK, a certain amount of civil awareness and preparedness is called for, failure to do any would be negligent. But the degree to which the media acts in lock step on this has become absurd.

The public's desire to remain glued to their televisions to watch the silly displays is preposterous. Dennis Prager saliently observed you could replay the storm coverage from any past hurricane, edit out the names, and nothing would be different! The wind is blowing, Wolf, and it's raining real hard! I can hardly see, Don! Look at these waves, and the storm surge is huge! We've got feet of water in the streets, and water rescue crews are out everywhere. Trees are down. OK, there, 60 seconds and you have everything you're going to get for the next hours, along with short term loops of hypnotic swirling colors. Do you really need to see bald Don Lemon getting rained on lightly?

What's missing: Long-term footage of the storm from discovery to current position, that would be revealing, no one played it, just short frenetic loops. Wide shots of the Atlantic to show the other storms developing, also not shown anywhere I could find. Comparisons of the many projected tracks and the actual track, and analysis of why they were so divergent, that would be valuable, and require work. Not displayed before or after.

Does this climate modeling inaccuracy play into any other climate modeling arena of significance? Curious minds want to know. That would be real reporting. Instead we get breathless reports that wind is blowing and rain is falling. You know that with the TV off.


At least scientists know climate-change computer predictions will be accurate 80 years out.


"The left is the real source of racism, always has been."

We all know democrats are the perpetrators of the Ku Klux Klan (the KKK), and the ones who fought FOR slavery in the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln, who saw to its end, was the first Republican, and his tradition continues to this day. Now leftist progressives, a wing of the democrats, are busy tearing down any relics of that, like historic statues and road and building names all across the south, their home base. Remember this: "The one who cries 'racism' typically is the racist, hiding in the noise and confusion created."

The "People Of Color" and "Colored People" problem

They are the same thing of course, except the first name allows leftists to fool themselves into believing they are not bean-counting racists, and the second name exposes them like the naked emperors they really are.

Try this: Next time you see or hear "news" reports, pundits or friends refer to "people of color" think to yourself "colored people" and look how dramatically the entire thing changes! The racism is glaring, horrible, unvarnished. Somehow, leftists can deceive themselves -- and you -- by a simple twist of language, and flaunt their racism right in your face. "We must work to ensure fairness for people of color" (but... who is "we"?) And then, "We must work to ensure fairness for colored people."

Whoa. It's glaring, as noted -- elitist, supremacist, racist. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the vaunted NAACP, has not changed its name because it is so imbedded, and the left simply tolerates it. Try asking, "Why do you say people of color instead of colored people?" and listen quietly if you can.

The "Other" Barack Hussein Obama

Back on the scene with bigger and better lies

"We had no scandals"
Scandals list huge, growing, getting worse, media coverup ongoing

The lamestream media told you:

Obama has broken his long silence and is back on the campaign trail, and it's hard not to refer to him as Mr. President, he's so smiling and positive all the time. What a breath of fresh air. And though he doesn't mention the current president by name, it's clear who he is referring to.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

An audio recording of a private speech delivered by Mr. Obama, delivered to a raucous crowd of hundreds of people attending a sports policy conference, was obtained by the magazine Reason and published. The remarks stunned the civilized world for their hubris and inaccuracy.

"We didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us," Obama said during the closed-door remarks in Boston at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

"Generally speaking, you didn't hear about a lot of drama inside our White House," he added.

Now that everyone carries an audio/video recording studio with them at all times, politicians will have to take extraordinary steps to prevent release of the truth. Attendees were told the remarks were strictly off-the-record and that recording or reporting on them wasn't allowed. A fat lot of good that did, luckily for the rest of the world.

"Our White House" was a veiled reference to the current administration, which is under withering non-stop attack from the so-called "news" media, which invents crises, comments on them, and then when they turn out to be proven fabrications, abandons them and moves on to new ones.

According to the audio obtained by Reason, Obama stuck largely to a set of post-presidential talking points he and his team have developed, including bemoaning people who claim climate change doesn't exist. See the separate story in this issue of Page Nine (#180) on computer modeling of Hurricane Florence, now dying out as we go to press.

Scandals that embarrassed Obama's White House:

Fast and Furious gun-running campaign
Murder of Agent Brian Terry on the Arizona border and coverup
Uranium One sale to Russians
$1.5 BILLION unmarked cash secretly shipped to Iranian Mullahs at night
Benghazi deaths, lies and coverup
Solyndra massively funded and failed
Secret Service hotel sex scandal
Associated Press phones wiretapped
Trump Tower wiretapped and repeated denials
FISA Court lied to and abused
Creation of phony Trump dossier
IRS used to target conservatives
Deliberate refusal to issue tax status to conservative groups
NSA mass illegal surveillance of citizens
Bowe Bergdahl defection, dereliction of duty
Bergdahl swap for terrorism jihadi murderers
California jihadi assault covered up as workplace violence
DOJ seizes journalists records
Attempt to ban gun ownership with secret police “no fly” list
Beyonce cited as role model for children by his wife Michelle
Cash for clunkers funding debacle
Obama phone giveaways at taxpayer expense
Total lies used to pass Obamacare—"Keep your doctor"
The Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs “untimely deaths”
Black Panther Party physical voter intimidation case dismissal
Favors and cash traded under Hillary’s State Dept. for influence and deals
Huma Abedeen, Anthony Weiner and Hillary carrying classified material on their private unsecured laptops
Destruction of 33,000 emails and related gear by Secretary of State Clinton
Twelve Russian generals directly involved in attempt to fix 2016 elections, indicted afterwards

"We didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us," --Barack Hussein Obama

Most perpetrators of these acts, many criminal felonies, remain unindicted and on the loose.

The "Other" John McCain

More scandals and controversy than I can fit here

His own party censured him, remember?
Can you say, "Lincoln Savings and Loan"?

The lamestream media told you:

John S. McCain, the proud naval aviator who climbed from depths of despair as a prisoner of war in Vietnam to pinnacles of power as a Republican congressman and senator from Arizona and a two-time contender for the presidency, died on Saturday at his home in Arizona. He was 81. ... A son and grandson of four-star admirals who were his larger-than-life heroes, Mr. McCain carried his renowned name into battle and into political fights for more than a half-century... (NY Times)

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Though the adulation poured on John McCain post mortem is indeed impressive, it overlooks a few salient items, from the proud naval aviator who graduated 894th in his class of 899:

It seems to me the fact that he was censured by the main county of his own party in his own state is worthy of mention, and wasn't; the Senator faced a recall effort with all the earmarks of success right up until he was saved by the 9-11 attacks that froze out all activity of that sort:


McCain narrowly skated from criminal responsibility in the Lincoln Savings and Loan Scandal that cost 23,000 people their life savings, with a total cost to taxpayers in the billions:


His involvement in the deaths in the USS Forrestal fire remain satisfactorily explained for Snopes and military brass, but leave a dark cloud over the man that some comrades-in-arms speak of in hushed whispers; his votes "across the aisle" on Obamacare, election reform and more made him a "maverick" hero to democrats but not to his republican constituency in his home state; his vaunted "gun-show loophole bill" SB890 was carefully written to completely end gun shows altogether -- a point that went unreported -- but the bill was lamented by mass media when it was defeated; and of course the question has been repeatedly asked but cannot be answered in a politically correct way -- why aren't all other prisoners who made it out alive heroes too?

For eight months our state was without a Senator and a vote, that's really serious -- no representation -- and no reporters seemed to care the entire time. In its place, anonymous reports and releases in his photoless name from the back hills written in a way that can't be verified, right up to his demise -- along with news reports that mainly said he's fighting valiantly and misleadingly giving hope of recovery, unverified, by relatives, surely emblematic of handout journalism.

Perish this thought, and Mr. Trump may not have phrased it for sensitive ears, but the president's instincts were impeccable: Heroes do something outstanding and live to tell about it -- or not. Prisoners of war are a separate distinguishable class of people. Both earn gratitude we can never repay, endured a life we can never comprehend, and both deserve our admiration, respect and honor. They are not the same thing. And that does matter.



Trump is imprecise -- it's not fake news, it's phony news.
(Fake = a lie. Phony = deceptive.)

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