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The "Other" Barack Hussein Obama

Back on the scene with bigger and better lies

"We had no scandals"
Scandals list huge, growing, getting worse, media coverup ongoing

The lamestream media told you:

Obama has broken his long silence and is back on the campaign trail, and it's hard not to refer to him as Mr. President, he's so smiling and positive all the time. What a breath of fresh air. And though he doesn't mention the current president by name, it's clear who he is referring to.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

An audio recording of a private speech delivered by Mr. Obama, delivered to a raucous crowd of hundreds of people attending a sports policy conference, was obtained by the magazine Reason and published. The remarks stunned the civilized world for their hubris and inaccuracy.

"We didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us," Obama said during the closed-door remarks in Boston at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

"Generally speaking, you didn't hear about a lot of drama inside our White House," he added.

Now that everyone carries an audio/video recording studio with them at all times, politicians will have to take extraordinary steps to prevent release of the truth. Attendees were told the remarks were strictly off-the-record and that recording or reporting on them wasn't allowed. A fat lot of good that did, luckily for the rest of the world.

"Our White House" was a veiled reference to the current administration, which is under withering non-stop attack from the so-called "news" media, which invents crises, comments on them, and then when they turn out to be proven fabrications, abandons them and moves on to new ones.

According to the audio obtained by Reason, Obama stuck largely to a set of post-presidential talking points he and his team have developed, including bemoaning people who claim climate change doesn't exist. See the separate story in this issue of Page Nine (#180) on computer modeling of Hurricane Florence, now dying out as we go to press.

Scandals that embarrassed Obama's White House:

Fast and Furious gun-running campaign
Murder of Agent Brian Terry on the Arizona border and coverup
Uranium One sale to Russians
$1.5 BILLION unmarked cash secretly shipped to Iranian Mullahs at night
Benghazi deaths, lies and coverup
Solyndra massively funded and failed
Secret Service hotel sex scandal
Associated Press phones wiretapped
Trump Tower wiretapped and repeated denials
FISA Court lied to and abused
Creation of phony Trump dossier
IRS used to target conservatives
Deliberate refusal to issue tax status to conservative groups
NSA mass illegal surveillance of citizens
Bowe Bergdahl defection, dereliction of duty
Bergdahl swap for terrorism jihadi murderers
California jihadi assault covered up as workplace violence
DOJ seizes journalists records
Attempt to ban gun ownership with secret police “no fly” list
Beyonce cited as role model for children by his wife Michelle
Cash for clunkers funding debacle
Obama phone giveaways at taxpayer expense
Total lies used to pass Obamacare—"Keep your doctor"
The Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs “untimely deaths”
Black Panther Party physical voter intimidation case dismissal
Favors and cash traded under Hillary’s State Dept. for influence and deals
Huma Abedeen, Anthony Weiner and Hillary carrying classified material on their private unsecured laptops
Destruction of 33,000 emails and related gear by Secretary of State Clinton
Twelve Russian generals directly involved in attempt to fix 2016 elections, indicted afterwards

"We didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us," --Barack Hussein Obama

Most perpetrators of these acts, many criminal felonies, remain unindicted and on the loose.


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