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Armed with Weapons of Sport

NOTE: Dear Page Nine readers -- It's been a while. My WWII vet Dad, now 99, has been taking up some time. My other projects, national magazine columns, decreasing energy with advancing age (my overachiever days seem to be behind me now that I've turned 70!), clients, grandson, sci-fi screenplay, speaking engagements, travel, Bloomfield Press, no matter how hard I work, I can't seem to do everything anymore, like I used to do. Page Nine appeared regularly for 13 years (can you believe it?) 184 issues, all still posted and most still good (too much honesty Alan). Read some! I've been drafting news releases as a consultant for JPFO, a group worthy of your support regardless of your religion or interest in such matters. Their fight for freedom and preservation of firearms ownership is second to none. I plan to post some, like, now. Alan.



Robert Francis Couldn't be More Wrong


The “Nicknamed Candidate” has no clue about firearms

Our forefathers fought our British oppressors with weapons of war. The “Nicknamed Candidate” for president, this Beto fellow, thinks the Founders couldn’t imagine us armed properly with weapons of war. We had the most sophisticated weapons of war imaginable in the late 1700s, weapons capable of fighting and defeating the most powerful army on the planet. That was the plan. It still is. The Second Amendment codifies this for the Militia -- our People.

This person running for president as Beto must be a fool. His understanding of history stops short of any comprehension of why we are armed. We are armed as a balance of power, a threat to the existing order if it gets out of line. It keeps us free. You don’t do that subarmed, with weapons of sport, or weapons of hunting ducks. Americans must have parity with police and infantry. To the extent we do not, we are subject to subjugation and frankly, that balance is slipping, and so tyranny creeps closer. Any careful observer can see that’s true, and frightening.

The fact that no one at the presidential debate, no competing candidate, moderator or people "allowed" to interview him afterwards even touched on this subject later tells you all you need to know about the sorry state of modern politics and so-called "news" media. It lacks any news content. The perpetrators of the broadcasts couldn't qualify for an entry level journalism exam. Their understanding of history -- and interviewing skills -- is lower than an eighth grader. They are not just fake news, they are incompetent and misleading the nation, doing irreparable harm.

CNN for one was just outed as a deliberately partisan shill for the democrat party, led by a man whose license to operate should be revoked. Oh, that's right. Journalists are unlicensed, operating without background checks -- or morals. Or facts. And they fired their ombudsman years ago, like the rest of the media.

Relying on a handful of psychotic maniacs who senselessly murder unarmed civilians as leverage to disarm the entire populace -- what the entire democrat party seems to be doing -- is emblematic of exactly who you do not want to elect or even listen to for advice.

Asking the nicknamed candidate, riding a child’s skateboard -- which didn’t even exist in Colonial times -- for advice on how to run the country, is a fool’s game. The fact that our so-called “news” media would give him serious consideration may be the second biggest problem we face. Not just fake news, but fraudulent reporting, misleading the body politic, using a putz as a pundit.


A version of this essay was published last week by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, who I have been consulting with for many years. They stand alone among many fine gun-rights groups, putting teeth behind the words, Never Again!, unafraid to call a spade a spade. The lamestream is afraid to attack JPFO openly, for fear of being called anti-Semitic or racist, which of course they all are, but hide. Muslim Arab communities for example, which the lamestream often shows unwarranted sympathy for, even when the subject is the ongoing jihad against Western Civilization, are all Semitic people, the first deception. It's proof media isn't anti-Semitic, they are Jew haters. Media often use language to hide what they do:

The Politically Corrected Glossary,

As far as blatant racism, media hides it front of your face by lamenting the problems facing people of color, using the preposition "of" to hide what they used to freely call colored people, now a prohibited phrase, because it's racist. Hey media -- they're both equal. Singling out colored people (oops, people of color) for notoriety, is racism on your sleeve. Dear readers, when you see that preposition next (it is constant) read the line without it, and have your eyes opened. Become woke.


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