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Left-wing politicians left the closet

As originally published in American Handgunner Magazine

January-February 2020 edition, on newsstands now!
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If a political party with significant power abandons the rule of law, proceeding headlong down a path with no Constitution, no due process and brute force thinly disguised as court decisions, is this why America’s public is armed?

Back in Colonial times, the public understood the only deterrent to a government run amok was power in the hands of the people:

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

–Thomas Jefferson

To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.

–George Mason

 OK, so we’re well armed, at least the half of us that understands these things. The other half, unfortunately, collectively cloistered in a single political party is clueless. They have reached a point, whipped on by their “democratically elected leaders” where they’ve been convinced they must vote us out of our rights.

They can’t legitimately confiscate property we already own, but this doesn’t seem to matter in present presidential debates. An entire party’s worth of candidates don’t see it, or ask each other—they have actually put it in their platform. A full palette of prohibited acts have become their goals—ex post facto laws, takings without compensation, warrantless searches and seizures, even total bans on firearms. It’s as if the Constitution does not exist.

The so-called “news” media doesn’t question it either, not even a little. If there ever was a third rail of politics, it is no longer Social Security, at least not with millennials cheering skateboarders onto a stage. It is guns—and not just keeping and bearing them. It is the disarming, subarming and confiscation part. The part no reporter will address. Not because they don’t care—they care deeply. They want you disarmed as much as these campaigning pols. They won’t touch it out of electrified fear.

One candidate after another has a more ambitious plan to outlaw, confiscate and ban the best firearms we own. The types police prefer because they’re the best. America, we have reached a tipping point. We have reached the point the Founders armed us for, and only we the armed seem to notice. It’s because we’re old enough to have been educated before socialism overtook and overwhelmed the education system—marxism uber alles.

America has gotten so opulent, comfortable and frankly lazy, the idea of using the front end of guns for their intended purpose—defense of freedom against a confiscatory, un-constitutional, radicalized government seems virtually unthinkable. Candidates don’t fear our arms. They’re proudly—proudly!—promising to confiscate, well, virtually everything that launches lead. Ask what they believe is protected, they stammer. Some believe and have said the Constitution protects muzzleloaders, from the time the document was written.

They say that into microphones that spread speech worldwide instantly. When the Constitution was written, speech traveled as far as you could throw your voice from a soapbox, and no further. The irony is lost on them.

Their hatred—yes hatred—of you and your guns knows no bounds. The days of denying it have ended. They are out of the closet. Some do hate guns in a hoplophobic way, like arachnophobes hate spiders and aquaphobes fear water. It’s just blind medical hatred, and subject to cure, but medical magicians have their heads firmly up where the sun don’t shine. They are “in denial,” the left’s favorite phrase for everyone but themselves.

But others hate you for that root cause—you represent freedom. That firearm in your hands is power, just like guns in their alphabet-soup agencies is power. Sure, power comes from the barrel of a pen, and they have those, but hard power comes from the barrel of a gun. They know this. They want yours which, just coincidentally, will leave you powerless. It will make their tyrannical leadership more secure. They understand it like the communist Chinese leadership understands it. And like every dictatorship that rules (“leads”) a nation of people who are disarmed.

So at what point does the muzzle of your gun protect your gun from tyranny? When one of these socialist-dictator types (running as “green” candidates but actually outspoken virtual commie red ones) decides you can’t keep a decent rifle you already own, and assaults it with “a bill”? Do you file a letter or protest? Do you wait for an official vote? Go to courts they run, with judges they pay, and lawyers—yours and theirs—licensed by them, and learn, as Lenny Bruce poignantly noted, “In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls”? They’re coming for your guns, loudly, proudly, in the open, now, on center stage. Do you really expect to get the kind of fair treatment the Central Park Five got?

It is beyond comprehension—ambitious candidates of an entire party—are campaigning on things the Constitution bans, and getting cheering support.

I certainly don’t advocate violence. On the other hand, like my armed countrymen, I vigorously support self defense and am prepared to act if desperate immediate proximate criminal trouble were to arise, God forbid. I’ve been through intensive training, classes, reading, for decades. I’ve written ten books on the subject—so far.

What I haven’t done is consider the dire threat politicians present to the nation, when they stoke the flames of revolution by doing precisely what the British did that got us there those many years ago. They have announced they’re coming for our guns. It is not subtle. It is not limited. It is not allowed.


Jon M.

I remember back in the 1980's, talking with various gun owners, about government overreach and the continuing and evermore egregious infringements they proposed.
(It's funny. I was often reproached for referring to the democrats who proffered those infringements as communists.)
Many of the "lines" that the liberty minded gun owners back then declared would be too far, and if violated believed would popularly demand immediate resolution by force of arms, were crossed several decades ago and now are considered among the myriad existing infringements which the NRA and others blithely demand be enforced and by which they willfully promote that we gun owners must also "abide."
Alan is correct in his assessment that we are too comfortable in our chains. We have become too complacent, timid and downright lazy to deserve the liberty our forefathers purchased for us with blood and treasure.
In my opinion simply owning arms is NOT "supporting" the natural right to keep and bear arms as enshrined in and guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
Hunting, shooting for sport and even carrying arms for self protection are NOT properly exercising that right as intended. The authors of the Second Amendment were deadly serious about a "well regulated" militia. They knew that only a properly regulated (educated, equipped and practiced) populace could keep the inevitable tyrants who are drawn to the power of office at bay. Part of that regulated practice involves political awareness, education and a willingness to act in the common defense against the power of the state.
Being vigilant to the inherently rapacious nature of the state and demanding compliance to the limitations placed upon it under imminent threat of its dissolution is the only way short of open war.
We are behind the curve.
We have pathetically allowed the state far too much undelegated power attained by usurpation, deception and most importantly on our own part, apathy.
Much like our now unpayable national debt the cost of remedying this ongoing mistake will be much higher a price than it should be.
And possibly more than we can afford.

I am reminded of the following warnings.

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.
Patrick Henry

There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters
Daniel Webster

enn ess

The founders knew that our Constitutional Republic, the rule of law, or rule of ourselves by ourselves, was the only type government that had not ever been tried throughout history, and it was an experiment.
That experiment required three things - Virtue - which requires Faith - which requires Freedom - which requires Virtue. Not only did they recognize that these three things are required by each and every one of us, they are more importantly, required by the leaders we elect to represent us.
Through our apathy we have forgotten these three basic but most important lessons. So how can we elect people to represent us who do not in turn have these qualities.?
It has become a circular route, or catch 22, that has started us on this present path of globalized socialism/communism, what ever you call it, it is nothing but tyranny by the elites of the oppressed. The 2nd was written in strictly for this very reason. Without it we will have zero chance of any outcome other than slavery. The world will be a much darker place.
Under no circumstances should anyone ever give up their guns legally obtained and possessed by any law-abiding person.
America has become great simply by this great experiment in self rule. America is good not only because of this self rule, it is good because it projects this goodness not to itself, but to the rest of the world.

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