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Gun Laws We Need Are No Longer Options

Edited for Page Nine from the original in Dillon's Blue Press

The democrats are on the march. Because they now run the U.S. House of Representatives, they figure they can draft and introduce anything, and they have. They took an entire congressional day a while back (when they were still doing law) to preach, proselytize and promote (they no longer debate) H.R. 8, a gun-registration scheme disguised as some sort of so-called “background checks.” It says no gun will move between people without paperwork filed.

We already have background checks, which we were promised would basically end gun-related crime. H.R. 8 does nothing about armed criminals. The checks are expensive, consume crime-fighting resources, and have become an entire employment branch of the FBI and BATFE. According to Dept. of Justice studies, massive inner-city murder counts, domestic-violence hostilities and murderous sociopathic outbursts in the news (with endless saturation media “coverage”) are unaffected by the existing or newly proposed checks. Mass media omits the inconvenient fact.

All the focus on checks is being prompted by, and done in hopes to forestall homicidal children from slaughtering their classmates, and to stop spree killers and jihadis from randomly creating massacres. If only the “news” media would point out that this and related bills are not remotely related to fixing those problems. Stopping mass murderers, and implementing new record checking are unconnected phenomena.

“If mass media reported accurately

on gun issues, the entire debate

would end.”

 H.R. 8 says gun registration is banned, but people in the know understand that’s just window dressing, designed to provide plausible deniability. That clause can be removed with ease at any later date. The important thing for the left is to get H.R. 8 passed (which they have done), by the one House they control. Control. In the future, the near future, they can massage, change, amend, completely rewrite and reintroduce amending amendments, and make registration the core of the program. They know it, I know it, now you know it. The Dept. of Justice said the obvious, the scheme can’t work without registration: without knowing where everyone’s guns are, private transfers (the new wrinkle) can’t be controlled. That’s why the left just considers this a good first step. Everyone who understands is aware of that.

The results of crime control

are not demographically diverse.

Control of privately transferred firearms, the actual goal of this bill, doesn’t work unless the government knows who has what guns. Without that information, there’s no way to tell if you or anyone transferred a gun to anyone. To know if you own the guns you always had, and still have all the guns you used to have, the government needs a list. All of the time, effort and money of H.R. 8 goes into tracking YOU, not stopping crime. Remember, gun control is about control. It is not crime control. Crime control would look like increased budget and facilities for arresting, trying and incarcerating some of the 6,000 murderers annually who walk free. Crime control means disarming armed criminals lurking in the usual haunts. The left doesn't propose crime control.

The left actually detests dealing with crime control for a difficult reason -- the results of crime control are not demographically diverse. This defeats a tenet of leftist ideology. Crime control to the left is racist, due to its disparate results.


Because gun registration is a required piece of the new so-called background-check scheme, and is meaningless without it, this is a reason why it meets such stiff opposition. It’s evil incarnate, not due to one powerful lobby or another, positioned well and struggling uphill, fighting the good fight. Lobbies like NRA, GOA, SAF, JPFO and the rest are there because left-wing socialist gun-rights-denial plans are so bad.

America needs a law to guarantee that registration—the prerequisite for gun confiscations—cannot happen. The Constitution’s ban on infringement itself is no longer enough. That in itself is astounding. People would approve banning transfers without government approval, as if they are empowered to vote for such things. Too many politicians, sidewinding, bottom-feeding ethics-free maggots—no longer have honor, and violate the Big C without remorse. We the people must hold them accountable, and contained, with legitimate threats of jail time. Here’s how it’s done.

Gun-owner registration is infringement.

Registration is infringement. Infringement is banned. Why? Well it’s easy to see that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, that’s in the Constitution itself, that language is plain. What’s missing is punishment.

Gun and gun-owner registration puts brakes on what you can and cannot freely do—like handing a gun to your buddy, or buying a gun from your friend. Those freedoms you currently enjoy are interfered with—infringed—by the registration and background-check schemes democrats are pushing in both H.R. 8, H.R. 1112, previous proposals, and bills floating now through state legislatures.

Anyone who would infringe your right to property you already own should face (a court martial, ethics inquiry, censure, expulsion, impeachment, fines, ridicule, ostracism, penalties, jail time, tar and feathering, firing squad, pick one). Due process and a ban on cruel and unusual punishment helps guide your choices.

Such a bill would actually provide protection for proper law enforcement officers who might be pressed into service to enforce unconstitutional infringement dictates now being cooked up by the socialist party disguised as democrats. Officers could legally refuse to act in any way that infringes on a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, which people already keep and bear. Because the officers would be subject to penalties for violating citizens’ rights to arms, they (the officers) would have grounds for refusing to obey such orders—it would make police criminals to do so.


Enn Ess

Exactly right on all counts. The biggest issue I can see is what you stated: There is no punishment!
As far as I can tell, from my reading of the Big C and Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Only laws allowed under the parameters of enumerated powers listed in the Constitution are valid, all others are null and void. Only Congress can make law, not any un-Constitutional agency. Not the Supreme Court.
As far as I can ascertain there is no provision under the enumerated powers listed in the Constitution that allows for laws regulating firearms. Shall not be infringed - leading to no consequences for the infringement violation = where we are today.

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