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An Italian to White Woke Dopes: Fottiti!

By Craig J. Cantoni

Craig Cantoni is a retired business executive, author, and activist who founded and led a large community-action group in New Jersey, where he was honored as Community Service Volunteer of the Year.


Okay, white woke dopes, you’re going to get what you asked for. You’ve asked Americans to:

  • Engage in racial identity politics instead of inclusivity and pluralism,
  • Favor some races over others in the name of diversity,
  • Lump the hundred or so diverse racial and ethnic groups of European and Middle Eastern ancestry into a catchall group called “white,”
  • Stereotype everyone in this group as privileged and racist,
  • Illogically exclude Hispanics from this group, and
  • Embellish the achievements of your favored racial and ethnic groups while ignoring the achievements of your disfavored racial and ethnic groups.

By asking for the above, you’ve asked for blowback.  Well, here’s blowback from an Italian American—blowback that you can stick up your culo, which is already the location of your ignorant, righteous, virtue-signaling, pasty-faced head.

It’s time for Italians to strike back. After all, we Italians have put up with your prejudices for over a century without striking back. For example, we didn’t strike back when you:

  • Stereotyped all of us as anarchists during America’s individualist-anarchist movement, which culminated in the execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Varzetti.
  • Treated us with suspicion and government scrutiny during the First and Second World Wars.
  • Applauded or looked away as mobs hanged twelve of us in New Orleans and one of us in St. Louis.
  • Implemented immigration restrictions against us and other Southern Europeans in the early 20th century.
  • Tried to put “papist” parochial schools out of business, an attempt that continues today.
  • Called us all kinds of ethnic slurs, including wop, dago, and greaser.
  • Accepted Life Magazine’s description of baseball great Joe DiMaggio as not being a typical Italian because he didn’t put bear grease on his hair or reek of garlic.
  • Portrayed us as gangsters, mobsters and Mafioso in hundreds of movies, most notably in the “Godfather” trilogy.

Then you went through your silly phase of “celebrating diversity,” which was a precursor to your dopey wokeness of today. The phase began with a valid point, as most causes do: that too much history had been told from a Eurocentric perspective.

But you went overboard, as you are doing now. You began celebrating certain minority groups, such as Latinos, and stopped celebrating other minority groups, such as Italians.

Here’s a personal example from years ago: An Arizona military museum had an exhibit on the Second World War, and one of the prominent displays was of Latinos who had piloted fighter planes during the war. There was not a separate display for Italian pilots or for any other racial or ethnic group. Given that my dad landed on Saipan and is buried in a Veterans cemetery, that rubbed me the wrong way.

Maybe olive skin is also thin skin, but I think not.

What was the reason for spotlighting Latinos? Condescension? Some kind of crackpot social agenda?

Instead of an exclusive display, there could’ve been an inclusive display that spotlighted all races, or better yet, didn’t mention race at all. Alternatively, by showing photos and names of all pilots regardless of race, the point could’ve been made that the war was multiracial and multiethnic, without having to be so damn condescending to Latinos.

No doubt, you woke dopes don’t realize that Italians are one of the most diverse people in the world, the result of different peoples, including Africans, tromping through the peninsula for millennia and mixing their DNA together. Italians also understand multiculturalism, having explored much of the world and traded with much of the world before “globalism” became a buzzword. You’ve heard of Marco Polo, right? How about tomatoes? You know where they’re from, right?

You want your favored races to dwell narcissistically on their own grievances and accomplishments, and even to exaggerate both. Okay, you get your wish.

At the link below is a 59-page list of accomplished Italians throughout history, without exaggeration, including painters, sculptors, musicians, singers, writers, actors, scientists, architects, philosophers, and leaders.

That’s my way of saying to woke dopes like you: Fottiti!


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