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Dems Introduced Total Gun Bans

HR 127 Isn't enacted yet

Long List of Common Guns Banned

Possessing .50 Cal Ammo To Be Outlawed Immediately

Every Gun You Now Own Will Require Federal License

Full description and storage location must be provided for each one

Listing errors would be major offenses, simply relocating a gun would be illegal

License Requires Psych Test—of your family too

The Ban on a Federal Gun Registry Is Repealed

Registry Contents Accessible to the Public, and Anyone

No Firearm Possession by Anyone Under 18

No Wiggle Room, No Appeals

Penalties from $75,000 and 15 Years

Attorney General Gets All Powers

Entire bill described in Plain English below

Read the bill for yourself:


Democrats introduce totally unconstitutional
gun bill
HR 127
Shows zero concern for legality, delegated powers, Bill of Rights
Has no focus on crime or criminal activity, grants huge new powers to government
New "offenses" require no wrongdoing, just routine property ownership
Failure to buy their $800 insurance policy is a crime
Named after Pakistani Muslim exchange student victim of school mass murderer
Many requirements will be mandated later by an appointed Attorney General
Sheila Jackson Lee cites Art. I, Sec. 8, as authority for her bill
I wish I could say I was making this up, it is so bizarre
Complete details below. Be sure to sit down.

HR 127 Main Sponsor, Sheila Jackson Lee
I am describing the bill in plain English terms, which requires some ease on the grammar, but no substantive changes. (e.g., "Wherefore art thou Romeo" becomes "Where are you Romeo" etc.)
USC Section § 923 Licensing of Firearm and Ammunition Possession; Registration of Firearms
The Attorney General (AG) working through the BATFE, shall establish a system for licensing and registering all firearms and ammo in private hands.
This must include make, model number, serial number, owner, date acquired and where the firearm is or will be stored.
Plus, the identity of any person to whom the firearm will be loaned, and for any period of time (both undefined).
You're in violation if you don't provide this info within 3 months of passage. The same info must be provided for newly obtained firearms, immediately.
The AG must build and maintain a database for all this info. [NOTE: The Brady system, just for purchases, cost a quarter of a billion dollars.] The content of the database "shall be accessible to all members of the public" and all federal authorities, all branches of the Armed Forces, and state and local governments, "as defined by BATFE."
The AG must issue a license to you if:
-- You're 21 years old;
-- You get a Brady background check and are not a prohibited possessor (that's 18 USC §922 (g) or (n));
-- You go through an unspecified psychological evaluation and are not "psychologically unsuited to possess a firearm";
-- Successfully complete an AG certified course in gun use, safety, safe storage and 24 hours of training;
-- Have proof of the approved insurance policy (defined below).
A special set of conditions are described for having or displaying an antique firearm, in addition to this.
A special set of conditions are described to own and possess a military-style weapon, described later, in addition to these license requirements, and live-fire training.
The psych test must be conducted according to standards the AG will establish later, by a licensed psychologist the AG will approve later. At the psychologist's discretion, a psychological evaluation of other members of the gun owner's household will be required. The psychologist will interview the applicant's spouse, any former spouse, and "at least two other people who are family members, or associates of the applicant, to determine the mental, emotional and relational stability of the applicant in relation to firearms."
The AG shall deny the license if you're banned by law, were ever hospitalized for mental problems (listed broadly, like "disturbance"), drugs, alcohol use, or conduct that endangers others or self.
The license can be easily revoked or suspended, including for letting the insurance policy lapse.
Worded in a strange way, the license is only good for one year:
“(6) EXPIRATION OF LICENSE.—A license issued to an individual under this subsection shall expire—“(A) in the case of a license that has been in effect for less than 5 years, 1 year after issuance or renewal, as the case may be; or “(B) in the case of a license that has been in effect for at least 5 years, 3 years after the most recent date the license is renewed."
[NOTE: Since all new licenses will be issued less than five years ago, they will only be good for one year, as I read it. If you keep renewing, they remain "issued less than five years ago," and at the discretion of the AG. Go ahead, argue with me. The rest of this bill is patently illegal, why should you expect expiration to be any different. A fee for the license is not specified, so it's left up to the AG. The same for the insurance policy, whose terms are unknown. Who, you must wonder, is the underwriter, and what is covered?]
The AG "shall renew a license" if you "request the renewal by the end of the 60-day period that begins with the date the license expires;" Read it carefully. It seems to say you apply after expiration, and will spend time with your arms and no license. §923(C)(7)(A). You must re-qualify of course, and 8 hours of training are required.
However long the license is good for, the mandatory insurance policy: "that insures the person against liability for losses and damages resulting from the use of any firearm by the person during the 1-year period that begins with the date the policy is issued," costs $800.

"Military-style weapon" is defined based on familiar and common cosmetic features and by name, including ARs, AKs, semi-auto pistols, rifles and shotguns with specific features -- see the bill so I don't have to bog this down with tech specs.
The penalties are gigantic but do not include anything for commission of crimes, only peaceful, law-abiding possession of property. Owning, transferring, carrying, using, buying or selling any firearms or ammo, including for everything you now legally own, without the required license and registration, carries penalties for simple violations up to $150,000 and 40 years in prison. Moving a firearm from where the records say you store it, to another place, is a violation. [NOTE: Federal proposals like this one are why states, counties, cities and town are enacting important Sanctuary Policies, putting certain legislation exclusively under local control, using the Constitution's Supremacy Clause and Amendment 10 as a foundation. I'll have a separate report on that soon.]
The long-standing ban on creating a central firearms registry, Title 18 Section 926(a), is deleted.
It is unlawful for anyone to possess 0.50 caliber ammo (or greater).
Magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are banned.
SEC. 3. None of this applies to "the proper authorities" who are named and spelled out. In other words, officials can have everything you are being banned from, tipping the balance of power much further in their direction than it already is.
Had enough?
That's it.
Now keep in mind, I didn't comment very much as I went, which was hard. This is the greatest pile of dictatorial trash ever introduced into the United States Congress with respect to RKBA. It is prima facie evidence of the left-wing disrespect for the U.S. Constitution, your rights, the rule of law, the balance of power this nation runs on, or is supposed to run on, and undercuts any thing being said about Unity, Inclusion, Tolerance, Diversity, sanctity of human rights or crime control.
Democrats, who are behind this, cannot claim to support The American Way. This is the opposite of The American Way. This is how communists and dictators operate. We have guns, you don't. They're saying the Constitution provides no constraints, we have no respect at all for what it says. In a just system, this could not even make it to a proposal, righteous people would say you can't do that. Yet here we are.
Perhaps Sheila Jackson Lee is being used as a scapegoat, behind an impossible bill, with no hopes of floating, so when the real bill comes out, they can say, "See, we're being reasonable." Nah. The bill currently sits in committee, unmoved.
Join The Second Amendment Foundation,, who will be filing lawsuits. Join your local state association, and work for Sanctuary status.
Join Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, the most aggressive defender of civil rights. They know what Never Again! means, and bills like this are an obvious first step. "You don't have to be Jewish to fight by their side, you just have to love liberty." At least get their advanced notice mailers. Donations help.


Bill Charette Sr

One wonders if anyone has ever tried to estimate just how many American Citizens would obey these dictates. States have tried to order involuntary "turn in"s" and have been laughed at.
That said one could readily see that person by person who previously had legally bought a gun and gone through the ATF checks being pressured to buy insurance and the "gigantic" penalties mentioned in her bill being assessed against him if they failed to comply. One could either comply or be forced into bankruptcy. Where does it end?

enn ess

I have had more than enough of this commie march towards oblivion, when it comes right down to it, of the human race, all but the elites that will be running the worldwide circus.
Once they get their way of population reduction there will be no one left to be subservient to they wishes, they will implode with the various "Regional" states warring amongst themselves

We are now living in 1930's Germany. With their recent attempt to turn the military in it's entirety into another Hitlers SS corps.

HR 127 - reply with one word....NO....
They do not care about the Constitution, they do not care about rule of law, they lust for power for powers sake, and from now forward they will do absolutely anything to maintain it.
Time to fight back like you mean it. Do not obey, do not co-operate, do not comply with any fraudulent gov or any of its agencies.

When the governed become ungovernable – Let Them Herd Cats…….

You are endowed with God given rights, let none take them from you. You do not need permission, you have those rights by your very humanity.
Long Live Our Republic

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