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List of Hoaxes

Relying on a compliant and non-critical mass media, invented hoaxes get significant play on CNN, MSNBC, three networks, legacy newspapers and more:

Free-speech violation hoaxes committed by politicians, with media help:

-- Jussie Smollett perpetrated a racist scam with media help, even cooperation

-- Benghazi video story circulated by Hillary was false

-- Steele Dossier was a paid-for misinformation campaign Dems ran for two years

-- Border Patrol agents whipping illegals flooding across Texas border was false

-- Russian collusion hoax carried on for years was known to be false the whole time

-- Hunter’s laptop story was knowingly suppressed by media and social media platforms, which numerous surveys have shown influenced the 2020 election results

-- Hunter’s laptop wasn’t his, and besides, had nothing of value on it

-- Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy Award (rescinded) was a farce, reported with glee as if true

-- Chris Cuomo’s clandestine CNN support for brother Andrew Cuomo was obviously an affront to journalism ethics but ignored by media

-- Jacob Blake was an assaultive criminal with an order of protection against his intended victim for repeated domestic violence, refused to stop when repeatedly commanded by police, but has been portrayed as a hero by media and VP Harris.

-- “Deadly” Jan. 6 rally had no civilian murderers, only one odd police shooting

-- Arson fire riots in Pacific Northwest, summer 2020, were labelled “peaceful protests”

-- CHAP and CHOP were covered with praise yet they were totally criminal acts

-- Carter Page (White House) was falsely victimized to a fault

-- “The Border is closed,” repeatedly stated, was false, even with contrary images shown

-- ICE detention facilities are “concentration camps” is untrue; on that note, politicians who voice these inanities, are reported but not refuted or researched, perpetuating myths

-- “Swatting,” calling police for non-crimes as a form of harrassment, is an ignored tactic of the left, but a felony in real life

-- Uranium One (Hillary) was good for America, gave 20% of Uranium reserves to Russia

-- Hillary lost 32,000 emails, but they were only wedding plans, what difference does it make

-- Harvey Epstein committed suicide (unproven) with cameras off and guards away

-- Covid vaccines are free—you don’t even know what Big Pharma charges us for them


-- The Noose at NASCAR was a pull chord for shades, multiple bogus images spreading

-- Nick Sandman didn’t harass native American, just the opposite (Nathan Phillips, perp)

-- All the Kyle Rittenhouse lies are now receiving lawsuits, is that a free speech concern

-- “Men and women are the same” is reported uncritically, because it is indefensible

-- Men do not get pregnant, have no uterus, or eggs

-- Gender is only arbitrary to media types, same for pronouns

-- Gender is immediately identifiable at birth, do we really have to say this

-- People who argue otherwise should seek help, but don’ts

-- The Duke Lacrosse team rape charges were a fabricated hoax, uncritically reported

-- “Socialism works” is contrary to facts and history

-- A mom from India with a Jamaican father, yields an African American daughter (Kamala Harris)

-- The first female U.S. Vice president, is in a party that cannot recognize women

-- “Assault weapons” is a hoax, because assault is a behavior, and a crime, not hardware

-- Invisible guns was a hoax, it referred to the fine Glock pistol and all its metal parts

-- The claim that IRS did not target conservatives was not a hoax, it was a lie

-- “Ghost guns” are constitutionally protected property

-- Th constitutional right to make a firearm, not a crime, and the president cannot change this without an act of Congress, which actually has no legitimate power to act unless the Bill of Rights is repealed

-- Congressman Adam Schiff invented one hoax after another in 2020 and 2021

-- Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer’s kidnapping was an FBI-run hoax

-- I’ve stayed away from specific politicians, so many examples, e.g. Trump never said he grabs women that way, but media kept saying he does, a total lie (not a hoax)

-- Keith Olberman, Dan Rather, and others were fired for cause, not on a whim

-- Hillary was not shot at in Middle East


-- Many more, but you get the point. The public sees this with alarming clarity, media does not. I’m working on Part II, please send me any if you have some. Thank you. Alan.


-- Children immediately after birth aren’t people so they can be put to death

-- If you can’t pass math classes they should be abandoned as racist

-- Only white people can be racist, and all of them are

-- Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Ilhan Omar, Rashid Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, Andrew and Chris Cuomo, and Dan Rather are the height of integrity and good values, with no trace of racism

-- “We want as many people as possible to vote.” (Wolf Blitzer, CNN): Only adult U.S. citizens who can verify their eligibility may vote, once.

--Sharyl Atkisson has compiled a list of media deceptions concerning Trump (she’s now up to 156 -- “Repeat mistakes involve declaring that Trump’s claims are ‘lies’ when they are matters of opinion, or when the truth between conflicting sources is unknowable; taking Trump’s statements and events out of context; reporting secondhand accounts against Trump without attribution as if they’re established fact; relying on untruthful, conflicted sources; and presenting reporter opinions in news stories, without labeling them as opinions.”



Rose are red,

Kamala’s not black,

Biden has dementia

and Hunter’s on crack


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