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The Liberty Poll

Hello candidate!

What’s the purpose of government?



1 - If you are elected to the office you seek:

  1. a) what laws will you repeal;
  2. b) what taxes will you reduce or eliminate;
  3. c) what government agencies will you shrink or close?

2 - Would you support criminal penalties:

  1. a) for politicians who violate their oath of office;
  2. b) for bureaucrats who act outside the powers delegated to them?

3 - When did you last read the state and federal Constitutions? 

4 - Should someone who has sworn an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, but who then votes to allocate tax funds to programs or departments not authorized by that Constitution, be removed from office?

5 - Can you name any current areas of government operations that are outside the authority delegated to government?

6 - Can you name areas where government might serve the public interest, but where it has no authority to act? If not, is it still accurate to say we have "government of limited powers"? Does this matter?

7 - As a candidate for a state or federal office, can you think of any ways to improve enforcement of the 10th Amendment (the states and the people retain powers not delegated to the federal government)?



8 - With regard to jury trials, should judges be required to inform jurors that they have the power, in the sanctity of the jury room, to decide whether a law in question is just, or constitutional? Should schools teach this?

9 - With regard to due process, should judges be allowed to prevent defendants from presenting a defense on constitutional grounds if they so choose?


Many more good questions on, use the Liberty Poll button.


This is what triggered the idea, the ACLU Request:


Alan –

The threat to free speech being more urgent than ever? That's crystal clear.

Understanding exactly what this fundamental right means in today's world – and how we can best defend it? Not so much.

But the ACLU is here to help. This month, we're bringing you an interactive podcast series with our Director of Speech, Privacy, and Technology Ben Wizner – and he wants to hear all your most pressing free speech questions ahead of time.

Curious about the state of free speech on Twitter? The constitutionality of "cancel culture" and campus censorship? Book bans in public schools and libraries?

Ask and you shall receive.

Submit any and all free speech questions to [email protected] or leave us a voicemail at 212-549-2558 – and be part of shaping this brand-new podcast series with us today.

Thanks for your questions,

The ACLU Team


Take them up on it, write to them about free speech threats that concern you.

Keep it nice please.


enn ess

This is an easy one: YES to all the above.
Anything not specifically authorized under the Constitution is PROHIBITED. It doesn't mean unless "congress" or other so called elected offfal thinks it's a good idea.
Judges should be "required" to state at the beginning that not only is the violator of the alleged infraction on trial but the very law which was violated is on trial as to its viability. And this as well as basic understanding of our Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civics, should be taught and mandatory for graduation.
Any elected offal found violating his/her oath of office needs firing mui pronto with all benefits eliminated with a fine of all monies accrued while they were in office .

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