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It's not about GUNS. It's about CRIME.

It’s not about “gun violence.” It’s about CRIME.
We all know the left is masterful at twisting words. From “Saturday Night Specials” to “Cooling Off Periods” to “Junk Guns,” now long forgotten, “gun violence” is the exact same deception.
CRIME is what’s running rampant. CRIME is out of control.
You all watch TV, see, hear and read the so-called “news.” Stabbings, murdering people on train tracks, daylight muggings, thousands of inner city murders, stealing, retail thievery without compunction, smash and grab—the real problem is people who would do such things. America suddenly has many of them—with long rap sheets, multiple felonies, loose on the streets.
The false narrative says murders will stop, if only we confiscate guns—a subtle but seductive error of logic. Weapons aren’t the issue. It is use of weapons, for evil purpose by misguided or evil people, that’s what needs attention. Our politicians are avoiding this harsh reality, in vain efforts to preserve a voting base. It’s not working. It can’t work. The criminals must be stopped, and the racist and economic reasons they are multiplying and getting more brazen must be addressed.
Until politicians get on the case, and empower law enforcement, you better have your own loaded gun, for its intended purpose—protection from thugs and tyranny. Both are in our faces daily. Wise Jewish people understand this, we have been through it since the Exodus. Learn from us.
When media reports say “gun violence,” think “crime,” and reach understanding. When you hear “ghost guns” (a brand new term invented by the left), realize we have 350 million guns, ghosts are pure distraction. They’re faking you out. Think instead, “armed criminals,” the real problem they don’t want you to recognize.    
Part 2: An open letter to the left:
Focus on the murderous psychotic children, you’ll meet success. By focusing on guns, all you do is face a wall of honest resistance.
All Americans want to stop the murders.
They do not want to relinquish their rights.
Work with us, not against us, we shall overcome.
Once again, psychotic murderous youngsters are motivating Democrats to attack guns, instead of attacking crime and psychosis. Why are children murdering each other? You don’t know, don’t want to know, and want to do what you’ve done before—that everyone knows doesn’t work.
1. Gun control is not related to crime control. Crime control is what’s needed. People who commit crimes, without conscience or resistance—that’s a problem. Crimes by psychopaths, that’s a problem. Assault of every type is already totally illegal. That’s done, enforce it, get results.
2. With 350 million guns already distributed, restricting more sales makes no sense. About half the nation, maybe more, qualifies as innocent gun owners. That’s a good thing. They harm no one. Don’t fail to grasp this. By aiming at them after rampage murders, with repetitious laws, you anger a sleeping tiger. You defeat yourselves, and hurt us all.
3. By assaulting gun rights you merely aggravate the NRA and 100 million gun owners. This is not what you want, it’s a battle you won’t win, and it won’t protect kids—just like all the times before. You want to stop murderers and save lives, right? Do things that stop criminal behavior.
4. People bought 22 million guns last year (it’s true!) because you’re doing the wrong thing. People, even you, want to feel safe and have protection. Right now people feel unsafe, vulnerable and undefended. So they’re doing the right thing by getting armed. Trying to stop them, because a tiny number of psychotics are acting out gets you nowhere. Surely deep down you must know that. You’ve been down this path before. If you don’t change, then you are personally perpetuating the problem.
5. Remember—Assault is a behavior, not hardware. Stop the behavior. Relying on this fabricated term “assault weapon” hides the fact that any weapon can be used in an assault. It is the crime, not the tools, that you must resolve. You are avoiding the problem, caused by people, so it just gets worse. You share responsibility for the bloodshed, along with the evil perpetrators, by adamantly repeating your past actions that you know don’t work.
Work with the firearms community to stop hellacious murders. Or work with your fellow gun-controllers to illegally confiscate legal property. Only one will get the result you say you seek. Choose wisely.
Here is a compromise for you—Disarm everyone, bad guys first. Disarming good people doesn’t make bad people harmless.

"We never point guns at each other." –Hollywood


Hint: "Know your target and what's beyond it."


enn ess

Every single weapon & tool devised and built, from the lowliest stick and spear to the use of the lowly rock, on up to the laser computer guided whatever blow it all up devices, has been devised and built by what? MAN!
All items take the input of what for them to be used for the purpose for which they were devised? MAN!
None of what has been devised, invented, built by man, can do anything but sit there as an inanimate object.
It's mans increasingly evil nature that turns inanimate objects into weapons. Virtually everything can, has, and will in the future, be used as a weapon to advance the forces of evil.
It's clear that mans inherent evil nature is the problem. In short. MAN is the problem, not his inventions or devices. What are we to do: Ban MAN?
It is the destruction of the moral compass and belief in responsibility that is causing the increase in violence in the world. NOT THE GUNS.

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