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More on Aggravated Infringement

[This is a continuation of my post of a few days ago, A SHOT ACROSS GUN CONTROL’S BOW: “Aggravated Infringement."]

Our politicians, know, or should know, that deliberately violating the terms (“Aggravated Infringement”) of the Constitution to which they take an oath, is banned. What’s missing is specific punishment for doing so. Our Constitution lacks that, a fatal flaw that has turned so many politicians into scofflaws. They violate their oaths, and loyalty to our Grand Charter, because they know they can get away with it, and we die by a thousand cuts. This has led to all kinds of trouble the public sees every day. It must stop.

The states and federal government need to act to end the flagrant abuse. “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press...” Through the 14th Amendment, this applies equally to the States. Yet today we find a tax on newspapers—newspapers!—if that’s not a law affecting the press and free speech then nothing else is. Abolishing such (minor) abuses would help. But more than that, the people responsible for drafting, introducing and voting in favor of such limits need to be held accountable, with fines and prison terms.

When that’s in place, those sorts of infringements will be curtailed. Will politicians vote to limit their power? Don’t be a fool. They never will. If they’re willing to violate the oath they took to get into office, what are the chances they will now vote to restrict the power they usurped? It still needs to get done, and as Abraham Lincoln pointed out, “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”

The worst infringements—and there are so many—concerns your right to arms. Our immoral low-life bottom-feeding leadership vipers have had no compunction against infringing on the right of the average citizen to freely buy, possess, carry and use firearms for every legal purpose known. By falsely conflating guns with crime, they have stirred up a sleeping electorate to vrtually hate guns, instead of hating the perpetrators of crime who are the real villains.

So-called “news” media helps them in this odious task. How often you see “mass shooting” and “shooters” in so-called “news” reports? In reality they’re referring to “mass murder” and “murderers” and “psychotic rampage killers.” Those things are horrible, to be shunned, so reporters avoid them. Next time you see or hear a crime story (which journalists love to wildly promote for days) think murderer when they say shooter, and watch how the whole flavor changes. We Americans are gun owners and shooters. It’s a good thing. We practice. Mess media has stolen the word, use it instead of saying crime, this hurts us all.

A simple statute would put the blame, and the penalty, where it belongs:

“Any elected or appointed official who promotes a proposal designed or capable of infringing upon the right to keep and bear arms, has committed Infringement, a misdemeanor. This offense applies to all other enumerated rights. All efforts to implement a new or extant infringement, and repeat offenses, are Aggravated Infringement, a felony.”

Legislators can hang extra meat on these bones as they see fit. With this in place legislators will be on notice. Violating the guarantees of our Constitution puts you at risk for jail.

P.S. The classic remedies for constitutional offenses are weak and slow, and now severely limited by the existing power structure. If voting really worked, it would be outlawed, or modified to be ineffective (length of voting periods, secretive counting, no meaningful audits, exorbitant costs, barriers to running, cabals selecting candidates, hiding out before running, and while running... suppressing or outright censorship of relevant news... voting just isn't cutting it as it should. Enact and enforce Aggravated Infringement laws.

New talent at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


Alan Korwin stays on as Editor Emeritus

After 13 years—personnel changes at the top

Ever since JPFO Founder Aaron Zelman passed in 2010, an “inner circle” of dedicated individuals has kept his dream alive, running Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), its internet and media presence and its publications. As Sentinel editor Korwin steps down after eight years in that role, Second Amendment Foundation Projects Director James Jones takes over the office of the highly regarded staunchly pro-gun-rights periodical. Subscriptions are free with membership.

Mr. Jones, as the Projects Director for The Second Amendment Foundation, has been involved in many facets of SAF, the most active gun-rights group in the nation, engaged in dozens of lawsuits to reverse gun-rights infringements at federal and local levels. His bio is at

Mr. Korwin, a consultant to JPFO since Aaron’s passing, has fulfilled many of the duties of an executive director. He manages publications for the organization, writes position papers and news releases, serves as a focal point for many of JPFO’s activities and runs the monthly political Salons.

With acute insight into the dangers of genocide learned during the Holocaust, JPFO seeks to expand citizen awareness of that threat. Governments kill and murder more people (“democide”) than any other factor, exceeding criminal activity by orders of magnitude. The deterrent value of guns and an armed citizenry, to resist encroaching efforts of government to render citizens docile and compliant, plus the balance of power that only public arms can provide, helps define JPFO’s role. “You can’t arm people and expect them to accept slavery.” And you don’t have to be Jewish to join JPFO, love of liberty is enough. To be on the ride side of history, support JPFO.


Support JPFO, speaking truth to power:

A SHOT ACROSS GUN CONTROL’S BOW: “Aggravated Infringement”

It’s time to read the riot act to gun-rights deniers.

by Alan Korwin

Appearing today (Sunday 6/11/23) in, the #1 news website on the right side, is my new article on Aggravated Infringement. These are proposed statutes to correct the great oversight in our great charter, The U.S. Constitution. The Constitution provides no direct punishment for people who violate its terms or the oath they take to obtain office. They’re not expelled, disenfranchised, fined, jailed, nothing. That omission fuels many of the problems we face as a nation.

Here then is a solution. It’s simple, direct and effective enough that you can expect outrage and shouting from the people whose stolen powers it will reclaim. If you violate your oath and the limits the Constitution puts on you, go to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect endless billions of dollars.

Read the whole thing here --

Giving the Constitution Teeth

by Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman (

Our superb Constitution, for all its strengths, revered and imitated worldwide, has a fatal flaw. A weakness of Greek-tragedy proportions. The Constitution lacks punishment for those who would violate its terms. Yes, there are avenues of recourse, but these have been neutered and rendered feckless in so many ways. Voting…


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