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I'm From the Government and I'm...Here to Kill You

Dave Hardy's new book takes your breath away.
While you're still breathing.

This book makes your blood run cold.
In the dictionary next to "chilling" they should have a picture of it.
Between negligence, fatal disasters, deliberate malfeasance, lack of accountability, secret operations, standard procedures that have no place in a system like the one we think we have, tanks, grenades, this is a wake up call -- or a way to prevent sleep. And they get away with it.
Maybe you know about atomic testing to see what effects radiation will have, or giving people syphilis in labs that imitate German bunker operations, but what about illegal lethal orders, Veterans Affairs officials causing death... can anything be done about it all? Read Dave's new book.
I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Kill You

By David T. Hardy, # IFTG, $24.99


Traveler's Guide to Gun Laws 2017 Has Arrived!

Dear Friends and Fans,

A quick note as I rush out to help my WWII vet Dad move from Florida to Arizona—the brand new 2017 guide for armed travel has just come out and we have it in stock for immediate shipment!

The Traveler's Guide to the

Firearm Laws of the 50 States

2017 Edition
by J. Scott Kappas

Available now.

Only $14.95 -- New for 2017!
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[P.S. Dad remembers how he heard WWII had started—on a street in the Bronx with his two best friends Manny and Marty, a woman stuck her head out the window and started shouting, "The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor! The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor!" People didn't know what Pearl Harbor was, some thought it was a woman! He knew exactly what and where it was, and he knew what it meant. And he knew they'd be called up—so he and his friends went and enlisted. He ended up teaching top secret radar to pilots, a subject so secret you weren't allowed to mention the word radar in public. It's a long story, I'll tell it someday.]

Antonin Scalia's Greatest Hit: A Defining Moment in History

The lamestream media told you:

Barack Hussein Obama has decided to skip the funeral of recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, whose dedication to the Constitution and the rule of law does not closely match Mr. Hussein-Obama's, according to leading experts.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The District of Columbia vs. Heller case, considered by the firearms community to be among Justice Scalia's finest pieces of work, is being made available in annotated form and on special terms by Bloomfield Press, the nation's largest publisher and distributor of gun law books.

The book's co-author Alan Korwin was invited by the High Court to observe oral argument in the case. He attended with his Cartridge Family Band fellow musician Bob Blackmer (who had originally planted the idea of going); Bob had to wait outside overnight in freezing conditions to obtain a seat. Korwin reported directly from Washington D.C. on the landmark event and was joined by dozens of luminaries in attendance, including his co-author, David Kopel (who sat at the Respondent's table up front). Read about the court time itself:

The book, The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! here: became an instant classic, spelling out in plain English what SCOTUS Justice Scalia had written in crisp, compelling legalese, having been assigned the case by Chief Justice John Roberts. It confirmed that the Second Amendment is an individual right of American people, despite fabrications and concoctions invented by leftists to deny the right people had exercised for more than 200 years. The opposition claimed the right was "collective," and belonged to no person in particular, a false perspective expressed in the dissent, which the book includes.

In addition to every word of both the decision ("the holding") and the dissents, the book highlights hundreds of important quotations in the texts and features plain English summaries of every aspect of the case, plus explanations of how the case came to be, who the various players are, and how the Court works. "News" media typically exhibit an abysmally low understanding of such things, misleading the public, you included, unfortunately.

The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! also includes three other Supreme Court important gun cases that were decided before the Heller case, but after Supreme Court Gun Cases, the unabridged guide to the Court's 92 prior gun cases Supreme Court Gun Cases Journalists constantly and inaccurately say the Court has been largely quiet about guns but that is totally false -- they have used some form of the word firearm more than 2,900 times in those decisions, consistently recognizing an individual right to keep and bear arms.

This is reflected in the fact that in America we have gun stores, we have always had gun stores, and you don't need to join a state militia to walk in and buy as many firearms and as much ammunition as you like.

Lobbyist John Snyder, Dick Heller, and Alan Korwin wait for the proceedings to begin at the Heller case, downstairs at the U.S. Supreme Court. You can tell how cold it was, we were bundled up.

The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! is a joy to read and a tribute to the memory of one of the finest legal minds to ever grace the Supreme Court bench. If you have never actually read a High Court decision, this is the place to start. It is an education, an exhilaration and rollicking good fun all at the same time.

Justice Scalia and Alan Korwin had a word about their books, author to author, on May 12, 2015, at a Federalist Society reception in Phoenix. He had graciously agreed to sign my book, Supreme Court Gun Cases, at his book signing for Reading Law, which I'm working my way through

Bomb Jokes in Texas

While the media, left wing and half the right wing in America went apoplectic over showing 200 nice drawings of mohammed in an art contest, I had to wonder what other elements of sharia law they thought we should also bow down to and obey. The media is still portraying this wholesome American art exhibit, contest and political statement in derogatory language, watch for it every time it is mentioned, you'll see the built-in bias and prejudice. If you haven't seen the drawings (most people haven't, the media has been sharia-scared into suppressing them), look:

The Contest Winner:
Click to see them all

In contrast, islam belittles Jews constantly, but no one complains:

The original mohammed drawings that made the religion of peace go crazy are in my book on the things you're not supposed to say. I have gathered so many new things you're not allowed to say I could write two new books on it. Please buy the first one, it's a whopper:

Bomb Jokes At Airports --
And 186 Other Things You’d Better Not Say

Gannett's #2 newspaper ran my letter (!) chastising them for scolding the wonderful art exhibit, saying it shouldn't have been done, and then pounding their chest as a defender of free speech. But that's nothing -- the lunacy of other letter writers on the subject was stupefying, pasted together neatly, drop me a note I'll send them to you:

The gaping hole in American Self-Defense Law

After You Shoot: Your gun's hot. The perp's not. Now what?

You’re gasping for air. You’ve just stopped a would-be murderer cold with your sidearm—four rounds to the chest. Do you have the right to remain silent? Then why would you immediately dial 911 and talk into a police voice recorder? How do you make that call and stand on the advice that says, “Don’t say anything”?

After You Shoot, my latest book (due out this month) answers these life-or-death questions. After you shoot in self defense, you face a possible murder trial. Even if you're completely innocent. And that may be a bigger risk to you than the would-be killer you just stopped.

According to criminal-defense attorneys, half of all convictions for self-defense incidents rely on frantic traumatized 911 tapes. As a bonus, the media will air your voice nationwide for weeks. That can’t be right.

Do you have the right to an attorney during questioning? What about Fifth Amendment rights against self incrimination? Can you call 911 and protect yourself?

You cannot. When you call 911 after saving your life with gunfire, you are giving up the crucial life-saving rights you think you have. And that’s wrong.

The dangerous snare of 911 recordings is built right into our American self-defense system—and nobody has looked at it hard—until now.

After You Shoot lights up this overlooked problem and provides common-sense, workable solutions to these horrors—vicious traps that threaten every gun owner and innocent crime victim in America. If you have a gun for self defense, find out how you should protect yourself—After You Shoot.

See it:


More than 75 experts spoke with me and wrote to me about this. People like cops, prosecutors, judges, lobbyists, top-level firearm trainers, other authors, attorneys by the dozen. Their reactions are stunning. Many had never considered the problems very deeply -- it never dawned on them! Too many took a statist (government) approach that you should simply call 911 and not worry! Or only say X, Y and Z, so you'd "get off" later, as if you could do that with your blood pressure through the roof and your body shaking from the adrenaline dump.

The controversial Adnarim Statement

And what about when the second responders -- you are the first responder -- arrive on the scene. Should you babble as most people do? Stand in mute silence? Try to exonerate yourself and "get yourself off"? Well for one thing, when they (the state) read you your rights, would it be unreasonable for you to read them your rights? The proposed Adnarim (reverse Miranda) statement addresses this head on. It's not uncommon for defense attorneys to put a statement on the backs of their cards for clients to use. Is that a good idea? What should it say? This book fires that concept up a few notches.

Bottom Line -- If you have a gun, you must know what your options are, after you shoot. This book will open your eyes like never before, and provide you with options you need to know to stay safe and free, After You Shoot.


Hot new items:

Do you ever leave your home state?
Don't leave home without this:

Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States!

The complete guide to the self-defense laws in plain English!
556 pages, a stunning achievement, for all gun owners --
not just CCW permit holders. How fair and just is your state compared
to the others? How can you defend yourself legally and not end up
in more trouble than an attacker? Just look at the Table of Contents.


NOW AVAILABLE for immediate shipment (and it's excellent)!!

320 pages!

The Traveler's Gun AND Knife Law Book -- for All 50 States!
Brand new and five times thicker than the original Traveler's Guide (which is still an excellent resource), the new book covers guns AND knives, restaurant carry, park carry, your rights in a traffic stop, do you have to notify officers, much more, with tremendous detail you could not get before! Get 'em both!

PLUS -- If there's no guide available for your specific state, this is the book to own.

Get more info on our website.

Available for immediate shipment -- now in stock!

Mysterious Tea Party

The lamestream media told you:

We don't understand the Tea Party, but we sure don't like it.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The Tea Party movement, as I've witnessed it, is merely a direct response from Americans who are distressed at the way the nation is headed. These are deeply concerned newly activated citizens (they key point) who have self-appoint themselves as members, and assemble in meetings, rallies and online, and are massing in huge numbers. They do not include many people from the left, for reasons that were unclear at press time.

They are centrists (not right wingers) who firmly hold centrist American values (limited government, low taxes, delegated powers only, individual responsibility, free enterprise, free markets, property ownership, capitalism, moral values, charity, rule of law, etc.) but are called right wing by the left wing, which is simply inaccurate. Those core American beliefs these people hold defines them as centrists. Now a group seems to be out to discredit the Tea Party, by infiltrating the meetings and causing trouble. I can't tell how or where this comes from, but you should at least know the idea is floating around out there.

Now more than ever it's important to understand what the Founding Fathers believed in and wanted for America. I've made that easier with The Founders Package, 11 key books the Founders read and wrote. Just my posted summaries will give you the tip of the iceberg, so look. The set belongs in every American household, assembled here so you can own it in one easy step. At least look. Read the summaries to get the gist of each man's thinking.

Bloomfield Press News

Bloomfield Press plans to file an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in the Chicago gun-ban case, McDonald v. Chicago. Joining the brief are independent gun-rights groups from Arizona, Texas and Virginia,* and Sheriff Richard Mack, the sheriff who filed and won the original Supreme Court case against the Brady bill.

According to publisher Alan Korwin, "Newly confirmed Justice Sonia Sotomayor said during her Senate hearings that she was unaware of any self-defense cases at the High Court, and that has gone unchallenged. The Court has heard 14 self-defense cases, it has consistently and unambiguously covered all major elements of self-defense law, and state laws are in perfect harmony with the Court's rulings. This had to be brought to the Court's attention." More news soon. *(Arizona Citizens Defense League, Texas Concealed Handgun Ass'n., Virginia Citizens Defense League.) Self-defense summaries:

Why don't I track proposed gun laws instead of enacted ones? Because I need to have a life -- Congress has 35 proposals to take away or defend your gun rights at the moment. Have a nice day, and track them yourself at this terrific site:


Suzanna Gratia Hupp, who survived the Luby's massacre in Killeen, Texas, and went on to become one of the most pro-rights legislators is releasing her eye-witness account and personal story in hardcover; we'll have copies on day one, reserve yours now!


NEW plain-English gun-owner guides for
New Hampshire
North Carolina
South Carolina
New Jersey at long last
plus North and South Dakota in one book.
Guides for 27 states, more coming.
Know your laws, stay safe.

50-State Traveler's Guide:

 Plus -- we've introduced the Armed Response series of self-defense DVDs, truly excellent, take a look (including a simulator-style set of 48 shoot-don't-shoot scenarios):

Book Beats Socialism

The lamestream media told you:

Obama's plans aren't socialist, and even if they are, they're good and what America needs. People who use the "S" word are just trying to hold America back and bring down the greatest president we've ever had, at least since Bill Clinton -- who was really the first black president, according to TV commentators.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

I read a short book last night. I got so much more out of the book than I would have ever gotten over hearing Wolf Blitzer rant (what kind of name is Wolf?), or Bill O'Reilly expound, or Olbermann act snide, that I have a new motto. "Anything is better than TV."

A book is harder than TV.

With TV, I let my mind go numb and soak up what they program, while clicking the gizmo. With a book, I had to think about what was being said, and apply my own free intellect to it. I could take whatever time I needed, didn't have to fit my thoughts into the time slots between breaks, and I got a lot. A real lot. It was a beautiful thing.

The book was "Inclined to Liberty" by Louis Carabini, the man who invented and became rich from the metals-trading company Monex. I was wondering if Bloomfield Press should carry this obscure book, from the Von Mises Institute, and it so impressed me that I decided we would be crazy not to carry it. I underlined almost everything.

Carabini, a died-in-the-wool successful capitalist has identified why our system works, the way to prosperity, the way out of poverty and the heart of the American dream, in a modern and shorter take on what Adam Smith found in Wealth of Nations. He completely guts socialism. The freedom to have cash to buy a gun (or ten) is central to our liberty and the vibrant core of this book.

I'm living those principles without trying, it just comes naturally, and you are too if you love and pursue freedom. The world needs to do these things and understand these principles if it truly wants to lift itself out of the natural order -- poverty and want -- and into the bright light and abundance that freedom and liberty bring. They sure aren't teaching this in public schools.

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