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Black Lives Matter Is a Racist Fraud

Black Lives Matter Is a Racist Fraud

by Tom Patterson with Alan Korwin

Tom Patterson is a retired medical doctor, former Republican Majority Leader of the Arizona State Senate, and former Chairman of the Goldwater Institute. Alan Korwin, the author of 14 books, is the publisher at Bloomfield Press and has been writing as The Uninvited Ombudsman since 2006.


Black Lives Matter claims to be fighting for things it calls “social justice” or “black liberation” and “black sovereignty.” It’s conveniently unclear how anyone would know when those goals are met. Meanwhile, they do promise to “burn down the system” if they don’t achieve success. Some of these conflagrations are easily perceived.

Black Americans, no, Americans, already enjoy legal equality and civil rights protected by law. Polls reveal police are well regarded by 70% of minority community members. Charges of excessive black deaths at the hands of police have been debunked statistically time after time.

So what’s really going on here? Mass media certainly hasn’t illuminated the subject. The fact is: BLM was founded by proud Marxists with the avowed intent of spreading Marxist ideology. In a 2015 interview, co-founder Patrice Cullors broke the code, stating “myself and Alicia [Garza, another co-founder] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.” Nothing said or done since provide cause for doubt.

With media’s help, many well-intentioned Americans and the corporate class have bought into the false notion that BLM is a populist movement dedicated to combatting police brutality against blacks, and promoting the welfare of a black underclass. But Marxism is nothing of the sort—it is an ideology devoted to the destruction of democratic capitalism and the eventual triumph of a group-think dictatorship. Corporations funneling buckets of guilt tribute to the organization are financing their own destruction, vainly hoping as Neville Chamberlain did to appease the beast.

Like other totalitarian movements throughout history, BLM has never been that concerned with the plight of minorities or the public, though it may expediently profess to be. In fact, the liberals of Marx’s time were a major source of irritation to him—liberals here meaning those dedicated to Enlightenment values like reason, liberty and equality.

So now BLM starts to make sense. Totalitarians don’t tolerate criticism. Critics of BLM get attacked and lose their jobs, some for simply not showing adequate enthusiasm, or departing from the party line.

If black lives mattered to BLM, they now have the funding to do enormous good (blindly supplied by terrified or misguided and extorted donors on bended knee). They could establish community watch programs, create opportunities for black children with education initiatives like charter schools and provide rewards for the apprehension of the murderers of black children.

But that’s not their interest or style. Their street “protests“ inevitably degenerate into terrifying, demoralizing riots with looting and burning that couldn’t possibly benefit blacks. Erasing the nation’s past is in the Marxist playbook, flatly stated by communists and written into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963. It was the heart and soul of the Cultural Revolution perpetrated by Mao in China, and now taking root here.

Death to religion, the family, art, culture, comfort and the rest. Statues reflecting our history and past are toppled, and American values are denigrated even though again they have nothing to do with helping today’s blacks or what matters. Manhattan is a boarded up wasteland hidden from you by the hopelessly corrupted “news” media.

Some of the BLM‘s stated goals are nominally concerned with actual black lives, but even these include such dated nonsense as “ending the war against black people.” That “war” put a black man in the White House (for two terms), made Oprah a multi billionaire, generated the Black Congressional Caucus which you better not decry as segregated, discriminatory and racist while calling for an equivalent white caucus.

Now BLM explicitly demands the dissolution of police and prisons. That’s not even rational. The level of extortion and excess is reflected by Congress, cowed into awkward silence. BLM wants a “radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth through the tax code.” In America, if you want money, you go out and earn it, like Oprah and all the other rich people of color and no color did. Redistributing people’s wealth—which is done by force at the point of a gun—is the corrupt communist way. We don’t do that here, hear?

Then there’s that left-wing totalitarian staple, the “disruption of the western-prescribed nuclear-family-structure requirement.” Now they’re treading on really dangerous ground. What’s next? Maoist style abortions or death to all female newborns? Eugenics to solve the fatherless birth problem in the “community”?

The BLM movement bears no resemblance to the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, with its stunning progress and accomplishments. MLK’s followers believed their campaign was a moral witness that should be conducted with dignity. Protestors were non-violent, wouldn’t brook pillaging, arson and wanton destruction. They didn’t hate America like these malfeasants do.

No, they sought to be part of the dream in a fully realized way. Unlike today’s radicals, they faced real racism embedded in the institutions and laws of the time. But they followed their dreams with high ideals, a just cause and in the end proved profoundly effective. Democrats’ counterproductive war on poverty, dissolution of the family (which BLM still champions as a Marxist goal) continues to beleaguer full participation in America’s wealth creating engine. We’re not there yet.

BLM followers are the diametric opposite—sharing a core belief that America is irredeemably racist and therefore deserves destruction. America is not “a thing,” it is its people. These people, of every stripe, are the greatest force the planet has ever seen, for eliminating poverty and improving the human convention, and BLM only sees horror! Shelby Steele, a veteran of the civil-rights movement, points out that they have to search hard for signs of actual racism, instead resorting to complaints of “micro- aggressions” and “cultural appropriation” as well as endless hoaxes and myths. America, a work in progress, is among the most tolerant nations on Earth. Would BLMers prefer Nigeria, or Cuba, Russia or Venezuela? Make it so, buy a ticket to ride. They won’t. This is the promised land.

The bright future promised by the civil-rights movement and our Founding documents is materializing, slow and steady. But now it struggles against the twin toxins of black victimhood and white guilt, aggressively exploited by this new BLM—for the perverse advancement of Marxism, socialism, communism, and destruction of the greatest system of governance ever devised.

BLM isn’t here to help and heal. Everything it does serves to divide us and pit Americans against each other, in classic Marxist class-warfare style. By their own words, they are here to destroy us unless we bend to their intolerant tyrannical will. Stand firm America, let not the unholy forces of the dark side of human nature overtake the bright white light of all we have and will continue to accomplish in this, the greatest nation on God’s green Earth.

CounterIntuitive Man says...Of course TV is addictive!

Leave your TV off for two whole days! Can you?!

Watch... what happens without TV!

You'll feel terrible pangs of withdrawal, proving TV is addictive!

See how your mind keeps reaching for the remote!

Don't cheat and watch videos on your computer, but you'll want to!

Especially don't watch in glimpses while a family member watches!

Get them to do it too -- but boy is that ever hard -- be prepared for WWIII!

You'll hit the fridge repeatedly, like an addict going for cold turkey!

With luck, you'll clean up all the piles of things you've accumulated around your home!

You might actually go outside, and experience the world, take a walk even!

All the books and magazines you've been meaning to read, you'll read some!

Your brain will start getting exercise, and you'll remember what that's like!

You will start to actively think, instead of passively absorbing!

It will feel strange, but strangely satisfying, even as you crave some TV!

But -- you won't do any of this because the addiction is so strong!

The rationalizations you'll come up with, well, try writing them down!

They will amaze you, and it's OK to write down the same ones over and over!

Because that's how the TV addiction works, it's amazing!

When you tell yourself you're missing the news, remember you know it's not news!

You know the news is trumped up vacuous propaganda or worse, yet you miss it!

If you succeed for the full 48 hours, write me and tell me how it went!

And if you have already broken the habit, don't bother writing!

Just enjoy being free.

Counterintuitive Man Says: The U.S.-Led War On Some Drugs Is A Good Thing!

What a great release the war provides for people who want to skulk around at night in dark alleys waiting to kill people! And that's just the officials!

Without the government-run war, drug dealers would have no price supports, and couldn't sell their goods for more than bananas or other vegetable products!

With the price supports caused by reduced supply, think of all the extra kids whose parents can afford to send them to school! And feed them!

Revenue from the drug trade, being 100 times what it would be if drugs were legal, provides one of the largest sources of cash for the entire Mexican government, keeping it standing! And they know it, despite denials on TV!

If drugs were legal, American companies would reap huge profits, which is bad, and dirt-poor third-world farmers would suffer, which is also bad!

Without the war on some drugs, we wouldn't be able to militarize local police forces so easily!

If the drug war ended think of all the bail bondsmen, attorneys, jailers, federal agents, bureaucrats, parole officers, social workers and drug-war hangers-on it would put out of work! Think how bad that would be in a recession!

With tobacco being legal, and killing at least 50 times more people than illegal drugs, think of how much less effective legalized drugs would be in population control! And mostly, it's only low-lifes who are killed!

It's providing half the income for the entire nation of Mexico! Without that revenue, people would be starving -- and have little to do!

Thanks to the war on some drugs, gangsters keeping killing each other, in what cops call, "the good riddance factor"!

Federal spending on the war on some drugs goes up every year, without measurable effect on drug supply, proving Karl Marx was right about capitalism!

With federal spending on the war on some drugs going up every year, the U.S. bureaucracy is kept vibrant, strong and growing!Yes, the U.S-run war on some drugs is better than a good cocaine high! It supports government, helps feed the poor, manages to make available any quantity of any drug in any city at any time day or night, provides work for tens of thousands of federal employees, and is known the world over as emblematic of the American Way! Pass that straw and don't bogart that joint, hey they ought to write songs about this, and make even more money!



Counterintuitive Man says: "You can have my gun when you take it from my cold dead finger," is a total myth!

Spineless American whiners at a huge gun show recently were busy stocking up on mountains of ammo, buckets of magazines and reloading supplies, "for when Obama takes over," according to the Uninvited Ombudsman, who watched and heard their whines in between signing books for fans. Buy now or forever forgo your piece, eh?

Like during Katrina, when obedient slavish Americans meekly turned over their guns, handle -- not bullets -- first, to cooperative authorities, gun show buyers were preparing by stockpiling. The assumption was that authorities were preparing to take the guns from their warm live fingers with either a smile (we're from the government and we're here to save you) or with a tough gritty face, at gunpoint.

Not one gun owner fired one shot during the Katrina confiscations, to avoid "news" broadcasts that would have said, "Crazed maniac shoots at peaceful peace officers maintaining neighborhood safety after disaster, and is shot dead in a hail of police gunfire along with his entire family and dog; neighbors thank police for their brave efforts and propose statues; dead gunman may have had mental problems, motive is still unknown, police found 300 rounds of live assault ammunition in his flooded compound bunker; more news at six."

The revolution will not be televised. It will not be brought to you in three parts by any sponsor, and it will not feature guns taken from cold dead fingers.

Counterintuitive Man says: Lobbying and lobbyists are swell!

The candidates and the media whine non-stop about lobbyists, power brokers and bowing to special interests, but they don't have their thinking caps turned on!

Politicians swear to uphold the Constitution, which says we the people have an absolute right to "petition Congress for a redress of grievances." How do you think you do that, by writing a letter?

Every industry, every group and every person has the freedom and an inalienable right to lobby Congress directly themselves! And they should -- it's the American way!

If you want the elites in Congress to consider your wishes, what better way than to hire a pro to represent you! Or two pros!

If someone wants to cut off your access to Congress by outlawing your professional representatives, that makes them the enemy!

Lobbying is why America is better than a dictatorship! Well, it's part of why.

If your mouth and brain don'ta worka so good, it's great that you can hire extra brainpower and a mouthpiece to speaka for you!

Continue reading "Counterintuitive Man says: Lobbying and lobbyists are swell!" »

Counterintuitive Man says: Unequal treatment is a good thing!

People who want everything equal and nothing offensive should go live where that has support -- so the rest of us can peacefully enjoy it when:

Smart students get better grades that dumb ones!

Hard workers make more money than lazy workers!

Great athletes make more money than lousy ones!

Unmarried women who pop out lots of babies don't live as well as married couples with two incomes and two children!

People who speak redneck, ebonics or spanglish can't get jobs as phone operators for large companies with national clientelle!

Folks who lie and decieve can get jobs as politicians! Uh, maybe that one's wrong.

Repair men who can actually fix things attract lots of business, and the rest starve!

Stores that offer good products at low prices thrive, even when community activists protest and call them names!

Yes, unequal treatment is a bedrock of American success, provides incentives, rewards and drives us to a brighter better day!

Counterintuitive Man says: "Democrats are Republicans, they just don't know it."

When you ask Democrats these questions, they consistently pick the Republican answer. They just think they're Democrats, and follow those candidates out of herd mentality (which is all some of them have). Hey, Republicans follow the herd too, so don't think I'm just banging on one side. Try asking your Demo friends, and see what they say. It's fun!

Would you like more freedom or less freedom?

Would you like to pay more taxes or less taxes?

Would you like government to tell you what you can peacefully do in your own bedroom?

Do you want the government to tell you who your doctor can be?

Do you want government agents or your doctor to tell you what medicines you should or can have?

Should the government be able to restrict your ability to protect your children or spouse?

If you save your child's life in a desperate criminal emergency by using a gun, but didn't take a government approved test first, or get some paperwork approved, should you go to prison?

Do you support government taking money from you, and giving to other Americans they think need it?

Does your answer change for giving your money to people who aren't Americans?

Does your answer change for giving your money to subsidize someone's business, or an industry, or rich people?

Do you think government should have the power to prevent you from educating your child as you see fit?

If you personally want your child to have a moment to pray while at public school, should government be empowered to prohibit your choice?

Now if we can just get Republicans to act like Republicans, problems solved!

Yes! Counterintuitive Man says it’s OK to hate, no?

Just ask the political left: It's OK to hate guns and gun owners!

Or ask the right: It's OK to hate anti-gun-rights bigotry and the smarmy policies and corrupt political hacks who promote it!

Just ask the president: It's OK to hate broccoli!

Ask anyone but Islamist murderers: It's OK to hate Islamofascists who blow up little children and behead innocent people as a political statement!

It's OK to hate your enemies!

But it's not required. It's a choice you get to make!

Yes, hatred is as natural a human trait as hunger, and neither one is going away any time soon, no?

And hate-crime laws are as hateful as the hate they hate and impotently seek to ban!

So stop sniveling! Reduce hate in your own life? Fine!

Enforce your will on me? Not so fine, because I hate that!

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More Mammograms Please

The lamestream media told you:
"While once-a-year mammograms are urged for older women, women who haven't reached their 50th birthday should feel free to make up their own minds about whether to get annual exams, according to new guidelines from the American College of Physicians," reports Lisa Krieger in the San Jose Mercury News on April 3.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
"Letting women make up their own minds is so radical and dangerous the idea should be abandoned immediately," according to Counterintutitve Man. "The College of Physicians should be ashamed of themselves for such a preposterous suggestion, clearly only meant to increase the numbers of exams they sell to line their pockets with filthy lucre from unsuspecting patients," he said.

Correcting Counterintuitive Man, the Uninvited Ombudsman notes that physicians don't sell exams, they just bill the government (or government-sanctioned insurance monopolies), which takes money by force from the public, to give to doctors.

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Yes! Counterintuitive Man looks at the end of the world, no?

Al Gore says the world will end in fire.

When I grew up they told me ice.

Will Muslims destroy Western Civilization out of religious desire?

I'll vote for ice or fire.

See The Great Global Warming Swindle on YouTube.

History teaches us: The human condition includes declaring that the world is about to end.

A friend at lunch recently confessed a sense of loss that this great country, and the monumental human achievements we've introduced to the planet -- freedom, self rule, rule of law, individual rights, free markets, wealth and abundance for the common citizen beyond anything previously imagined -- was nearing loss, and how, pray tell, would we ever recreate the unique circumstances that generated it all? Such a crushing sense of loss.

I imagine the Greeks felt the same as their ascendancy declined. The Roman Republic felt it as the Roman Empire took control, and the citizens of the Empire felt it as society became increasingly debauched and unworthy.

The folks caught by birth in the Byzantine and Dark Ages maybe didn't care much, who cares, but Western Civilization from the Rennaisance through the height of the British Empire had to endure the frightful loss of their position over time. Well, the French maybe haven't realized it yet, but they've fallen from their pinnacle too.

And maybe now it's our turn. We've made our contributions, peaked probably somewhere around Leave It To Beaver and had our death gasps with the Sixties  hippies through the Millennium. The future will build on what we did, take some, leave some, become the next best thing. Maybe we'll imitate France for a while, believing our past defines our future.

It must have been hard on the Greeks and Romans living through their post-peak plateau to watch it slip away. That rush of ascendancy we all know today -- as opulence increased, markets grew, the arts flourished, innovation was everywhere.

It must have been like what some of us see and feel -- desperate attachment to what was, grudging recognition of the impending fall, refusal by some, self-deprecation by others, emphasis on the faults and the we-deserve-to-die mantra.

Not to worry, our run isn't done, and be proud -- we've built a legacy humanity will savor for millenia. Your kids and their kids kids will inherit our wind. Momentum alone will carry us for a good while.

China seems like the next big thing, the place where mucho smart money will gravitate. Even if the Muslims establish their caliphate, push Western Civilization away, build Eurabia and destroy all those cool buildings in Holland and France, destroy what they can of the music, theater, literature, art, while chasing their own closed primitive theocracy, China is on the cusp of kicking some serious butt.

A critical balance between the tyrannical dictators of the olden communist Empire will succumb to the luxuries and opulence of the free markets they're building, a good thing. Alternative power structures based on industry, intellect, finance, capital, markets, goods and services will force and entice the tyrants to the fold, bribe them with pleasures of the flesh and mind, relieve them of the need to act tyrannically as their every whim is fulfilled by a culture burgeoning with good stuff. It's their turn. It's OK. Life is good.

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