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Afghanistan "news"

If the Afghanistan exit shows us anything, it's that you can't trust the "news."

No, that's not it. Not, "don't trust." The so-called news is a deceptive crock of misdirection that the people presenting it don't and can't recognize as a manufactured pile of designed tactics controlled by puppeteers.

It is worse than misinformation. It is manufactured by people with agendas who want you to believe a set of statements that have nothing to do with truth or reality. They use panels of people who say what they want them to say, without understanding or any connection to the situations on which they comment. People in tailored suits, coiffed, in air conditioning, opining away with the key tell, "I think..." We should care what you think? You same people on this new subject? The guy on the bar stool next to us at happy hour has as much relevance.

Like a John Grisham or Clive Cussler political novel, we're getting 100% Wag The Dog. Watch that movie if you have not already, it's an eye opener. The news panels issue series of statements designed to throw you off the scent. Made to keep you well informed of what isn't so. Ready to turn on a dime and keep you believing that NOW you know.

We will be out of Afghanistan by August 31. Oh, now it's August 30, the people in charge knew all the time, issued phony statements, and just misled us (and every talking head in the nation) for our own good. To make the project fly. To cooperate with our pseudo allies the Taliban. To help deceive ISIS. Say what?

No, not ISIS. ISIS-K. ISIS what? Who is that? No one asks. It simply is. Where have they been for the past decade... or week? Media lapdogs just lap it up, as do the Generals on the tube, and everyone swallows. Including you.The new ISIS, with a new name. Now at a theater near you. Is there an ISIS-B? Will you swallow when they make an appearance? How many are there? As Mr. Obama used to speak of, with reverence, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, remember them? You can look it up (but when was the last time you looked up anything, not on the Internet?) whose leaders "are people of misbelief and misguidance..." Let's just not go there.

The Taliban are controlling the roads and, well everything, these 6th century backward heathen barbarians. No, wait, they are spiriting out the Americans, by the thousands! Hooray for our side! But they had to keep it a secret. Uhh, whose report do you trust now? Do they know how to use all that gear we bought for them, that Mr. Biden turned over? While he is making every effort to disarm we citizens at home?

We do know our spy agencies can read newsprint from satellites in orbit. Do you really think they are not watching everything from space? Military gear is flowing across the borders to neighboring countries, the trashcanistans, for favors, cash, you name it. Have you heard any reports about that? You do recognize that you can turn on any channel and in 30 seconds, literally 30 seconds, and hear everything they are going to tell you. The Taliban have overrun everything, Afghan soldiers surprise collapsed, Americans are stuck, most got out, except some who might want to stay, atrocities are coming, we can project force over the horizon. the war is over, no it's not, we did the right thing/we're screwed (depending on station) the commies are coming. Did I miss anything? Now for the weather.

China's Secret War Against America

The lamestream media told you:

Nothing significant. Our big trading partner is growing at leaps and bounds. Trump and China's leader have held meetings and talks. China's middle class is growing. China has an air pollution problem. Their new "national bird" is the construction crane, ha ha. China is North Korea's main sponsor, big deal, they're bad but China is our friend. Even though China supplies almost everything to North Korea and could stop them cold if they wanted to. Hey, isn't stuff going on with North Korea now after Trump's meeting?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

"The Chinese Communist Party has for decades waged a quiet war against the United States, mobilizing all elements of its society and targeting the institutions and foundations of the American system. The strategies pull from the Soviet-era practices and are part of the Chinese regime's system of 'unrestricted warfare,' which promotes the idea of war without morals.

"The Epoch Times* lays out the various strategies used in this hidden war in a new infographic and reveals the use of each strategy. Among the more than 40 strategies explained are culture warfare to break the moral fabric of a society, cyberwarfare as a tool to achieve various goals, economic warfare to rob and destroy a country's economy, and psychological warfare to alter he way people interpret information."

*The Epoch Times is an English language newspaper, published in California, by journalists with a different and inner view of China, covering subjects that American media won't go near. See the full infographic and be horrified: Accuracy of reporting on our friends the communist Chinese is almost as accurate as mass media reporting on anything concerning firearms.


It's Still COMMUNIST China

Sworn Enemy of Freedom
Brutal Dictatorship
Merciless suppression of dissent
Long-range goal: World Domination
Nice to visitors, hides its malfeasance nicely, Slave labor out-of-sight

The lamestream media told you:

Trump met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s opulent Florida estate. China this, China that, China refuses to control North Korea, which is totally dependent on China for almost everything.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Everyone who fails to refer to communist China as communist China is supporting and helping to hide the true nature of this brutal inhumane communist dictatorship.

The communists’ long-range goal is the utter annihilation of America, capitalism, human rights and everything you believe in. They are in a fortunate bind (for us), because they depend on us for buying all their stuff.

In the March “free” elections in Hong Kong -- the formerly super-robust free market which the commies took over -- the red commie rulers carefully selected a mere 1,200 people to vote (island population 7.2 million). Right, it doesn’t sound fair. And two who refused to take an oath to communism were later disqualified. Current whereabouts unknown.

Prison terms for dissent, religion, reporters, internet users, anyone the regime deems worthy of prison are easy to obtain, since due process or even justice is not in their play book. It’s a dictatorship, remember? Expansion of their military bases on land they do not own continues, with no one willing or really able to stop them way out there in the South Pacific. These clever communists are using dredges to create land that didn’t previously exist, and claiming that for their own.

Perhaps one of the best things in all this is the rivalry between commies in Russia and commies in China, who basically hate each other and wish the other dead, so the last man standing can rule the world, if they can get us out of the way. It’s in our interest to sidle up to both, keep the other guessing, and remember they are both dedicated anti-American commie villains, like in the old red-scare days, a point phony news reports insist on hiding. America is safer awake.

BTW, in Chinese the new ruler’s name is pronounced “chee” so whose idea was it to spell it “Xi”? It’s just more phony news from officials, backed up by the entire press corps -- without a single dissenter. Make it hard to say or know who the ruler is. Xi, like Xerox? Or maybe, xenophobia: “intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.” President Chee.

U.S. Nukes Stored at Turkey's Airbase At Risk

Official's Lies Are Blatant, Self Evident

Safe as "Blocks of concrete"? C'mon!

We'll Never Get Truth About Foiled Coup

The lamestream media told you:

Tribune News Service

[Note: Turkey, a staunch and formerly stable U.S. ally, has housed U.S. nuclear weapons for decades. The foiled coup in July raised questions about the security of those bombs.]

Wesley Clark, the retired 4-star general who was a NATO supreme allied commander in the 1990s, is quoted by Tribune News Service (link above) about the dozens of nukes U.S. has stashed in Turkey: “They are very secure.” He said they could be extracted quickly if the situation deteriorated, and the electronic locks on the bombs would render them useless: “If you captured them, it would be like having a block of concrete.”

The Tribune states that the B61s are broadly considered more a political symbol of US commitment to the NATO alliance than a military asset. The US does not have aircraft at Incirlik airfield qualified to deliver the weapons.

For the weapons to be used, the US would have to fly a squadron of aircraft into Incirlik to load the bombs, all of which would be observed by Russia and possibly make the base a target of a first strike.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

If the airbase in southern Turkey base is overrun by neighboring Syria, or the Islamic radicals in Syria, both just a short drive away, or the poorly identified coup rebels already in Turkey, the scores of nuclear bombs there are anything but secure, this much is obvious to a retard, a word that politically correct forces threaten us for using. Clark is not retarded but perhaps thinks we are.

Calling captured nuclear bombs with trigger locks "blocks of concrete" wouldn't fool Oliver Wendell Holmes, who recognized a three-tier hierarchy of idiots -- morons, imbeciles and idiots, from stupid to stupidest. He decided it was fine to sterilize a woman because she was in category two, an imbecile (and she wasn't actually but the federal government sterilized her anyway, thanks to Oliver). But I digress.

A nuclear weapon even without a trigger, let alone one with a perfect trigger lock (and there is no such thing, since someone can operate it, right?) is packed solid with enough unstable nuclear metal to explode -- uranium or plutonium -- just what jihadis or terrorists want. And it's also got enough hi-tech hi-explosives to set it off, that's how these things work. A block of concrete indeed! What sort of blockheads do they think we are? Even unbathed jihadis in rags can figure this much out. Journalists, reportedly intelligent, didn't question the general.

As to acting easily and getting them out quick, and I won't reference Benghazi here, the political implications of "declaring" the situation so dire, and our most heavily armed NATO ally unfit to store the things by rashly pulling them out, this is drastic or we'd have done it long ago, aside from demonstrating how weak we now are.

And finally, the abject nonsense that we have no system qualified for delivering a B61 tactical nuke, a design from the early 1960s and among our oldest, whose yield apparently ranges from 300 tons to 170 kilotons of TNT, c'mon! If the Iranians had one, just for starters, they could put the fissile material and explosives in a truck with some guy and a hammer. We delivered in WWII in a propeller plane.

I just don't see how the "news" could get any worse.

Socialism Plans To Win

This links to a fascinating obituary for Robert Conquest.

Dr. Conquest documented the calculated evil of the world's largest totalitarian state (socialist/communist) when it was quite unpopular to do so -- until then it had enjoyed unbounded praise of outsiders. The New York Times knowingly hid the truth from the world for decades. The world owes much to the gut-wrenching truth he published. From the obit:

"... An ardent Bolshevik as a young man, Conquest became a bitter foe of Soviet “Socialism”. He had first visited Russia in 1937 as a youthful devotee of the great experiment. It was a half century before he returned in 1989, having spent his life between chronicling the horrors the country had endured, and emerging, in the view of the Oxford historian Mark Almond, as “one of the few Western heroes of the collapse of Soviet Communism”. “He was Solzhenitsyn before Solzhenitsyn,” said Timothy Garton Ash.

"Of his many works on the subject, perhaps the most important was The Great Terror, published in 1968 and detailing the full enormity of what Stalin had done to the Russian people in the 1930s and 1940s. The Mexican writer Octavio Paz paid the most succinct tribute to this book when he said in 1972 that The Great Terror had “closed the debate” about Stalinism."

And we now have a socialist openly running for president ("Go get ’em" Bernie Sanders). And we have huge minions ardently following him. And we have a lapdog media singing his praises and failing to point out that socialism is the arch enemy of The American Way and everything this nation stands for. And this man commanding media attention calls for redistributive economics, central controls on the economy, and abject collectivism, all of which are proven failures and tyrannical forms of governance. And nowhere in the mainstream is "balance" from reporters, with reference to individual effort, entrepreneurship, profit motive, self interest, capitalism, free markets, laissez faire, personal responsibility -- none of the values that made America the most prosperous bastion of freedom the world has ever seen. Socialism should be debunked not defended.

Who Gets U.N.'s Billions of Food Dollars?

The lamestream media told you:

UN Needs Billions in Aid to Meet Goal, by John Heliprin, Associated Press.

Valerie Amos, the under secretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator, told a news conference in Geneva that aid agencies needed nearly $13 billion for humanitarian relief operations worldwide in 2014. “This is the largest amount we have ever had to request at the start of the year,” she said. Provided by 500 organizations... $6.5 billion for Syria... food, shelter, clothing... terrible situation... 52 million people, 17 countries, High Commissioner for Refugees... only 60 percent funded... humanitarian response... millions of civilians... Haiti, Somalia, Djibouti... huge gaps... 20% of Lebanon's inhabitants... need for a political solution...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Not one word in this lengthy bleeding-heart story, about very real tragedies that occur non-stop all over the world without end, perpetrated essentially by governments, ever mentions who GETS all the money.

We know where the money comes from, though it is also never mentioned. It comes from working stiffs like you and me who work hard and earn it, taken in the form of taxes from the publics, by their governments, and given to the U.N. for "humanitarian do gooderism," without direct representation. The U.N. itself has no direct representative structure, just governments operating among themselves.

But who gets the $13 billion the U.N. is now advertising for, through the Associated Press' pretend "news"? Why didn't the "reporter," this John Heliprin person who ran the under secretary's staged press conference announcement, with the cooperation of his chain of command and so-called editors, ask?

Is it Campbell's soup? Or the Heinz food companies conglomerate, owned by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's wife? Does it go straight to dirt farmers in Kansas growing subsidized vegetables? Could it be rice paddy farmers on subsistence wages in Vietnam?

Inquiring minds want to know. After all, $13 billion is a lot of money. It buys a lot of food. What kind of food does the U.N. buy -- but you won't find out, if your source of news is the "news" media.

If you were a skeptic, you might even conclude that the companies that get all the billions, have a perverse love of the governments that run the wars and create the tragedies -- because it generates the billions they get. That of course would be sick, but it would send their kids to school, pay for their vacations, and make their bottom lines look very nice indeed. If government malfeasance stopped, or when tragedies slow down, they have an inverse desire to see things get worse.

Year After Delhi Rape, Women See Changes

The lamestream media told you:

New Delhi, by Nirmala George, Associated Press
One caller, speaking in whispers, said her husband beat her regularly because she failed to bring in enough dowry. Another woman said her teenage daughter was being stalked by a neighbor and needed legal advice... Established in the wake of last year's gang rape and murder of a young New Delhi woman, the government hotline is part of a wave of change since the case forced the country to confront its appalling treatment of women... the case cracked a cultural taboo surrounding discussion of sexual violence in a country where rape is often viewed as a woman's personal shame to bear... And in such a conservative country with patriarchal traditions, it will take more than a year to erode generations of sexism.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Unrepentant, the Associated Press continues to assault decent wholesome conservative values by calling backward, primitive, crime-ridden, intolerant, sick rape-filled nations like India as "conservative." A universe of adjectives exist for AP and other "news" sources to use in describing disgusting, disgraceful, hellish behavior in backwater pestholes like New Delhi besides "conservative," but the "news" media and AP in particular which spoon feeds media lapdogs perpetuates its offensive behavior without remorse or apology.

There is nothing conservative about tolerating abuse of any group, especially crimes against humanity like the rampant physical molestation of half the population. Feminist groups and women's libbers were totally silent on the issue, and none were contacted for comment by the abuse-promoting AP, not even women on their staff or in their editorial departments, if there are any worthy of the name.

Feminists Support Women's Oppression

The lamestream media told you:

Two Women in Riyadh Detained for Driving
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia (AP):

Saudi activists say police have detained two women in Riyadh caught breaking an official ban on females driving. The activists say the women were stopped on Wednesday afternoon and taken to a local police station where their male relatives were also called in.

In recent situations where women were caught driving, their male relatives were asked to sign statements saying they would not allow the women to drive again. Saudi activists launched a campaign starting last September renewing calls to allow women the right to drive in the conservative kingdom.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In an ongoing effort to slur conservatives in America, the Associated Press continues to refer to primitive Saudi Arabian radical muslim slave-driving heretic maniacs as "conservatives." Slavers keeping women in virtual chains are not conservatives. "These people are dangerous threats to civilization, sexist dogs, throwbacks to the 7th century," said an Arab spokesperson for sanity who did not wish to be identified.

There is nothing conservative about forcing women to dress in garbage bags from head to toe, banning them from driving or being seen in public, and making men responsible for their every move, gleefully reported without opposing views by the so-called "objective" AP. Fear of reprisals or "offending" alien cultures is their typical but unacceptable excuse for such biased and distorted reporting.

The fact that women's libbers in America tolerate such physical, mental and emotional abuse without a whimper shows the hypocrisy and utter destitute morality of feminism. It stands beyond any condemnation they could otherwise earn. The liberal media could not be breached for comment. For Pete's sake, they ran the story. The AP apparently has no feminists on their staff, or at least none with any power.

Saudi Arabia, perpetually labeled an ally of the U.S. by the AP, spends massive funds on building sharia-spreading madrassas and mosques around the world bent on destroying the great Satan, us. The AP consistently fails to report this minor item.

The U.N. Is Preparing Global Gun Control

The lamestream media told you:

Part I: The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty has collapsed in complete failure. (That was back in June 2012; that was a complete lie, a perfectly good draft treaty had been written and was a good first step, as these things go). You can read it in plain English:

Part II: The final negotiating conference on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty has failed to produce a Treaty Text that achieved consensus approval, to report to the U.N. General Assembly. It sounds like the wonderful effort by the glorious U.N. for an international ban on horrible guns has ended in failure.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Here's what really happened. In an effort to get unanimous support, called "consensus approval," the U.N. negotiating conference voted on an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) draft and got three "no" votes -- from the worst human-rights violators known to man -- Iran, Syria, and North Korea. They wanted to be free of the U.N.'s proposed controls, which is a good thing in a bizarre sort of way, but it won't stop the U.N.

That vote just kicked the whole thing up to a vote of the General Assembly members, for a less prestigious, but easier-to-get approval of the "Resolution" which has the same language. On April 3, 2013 they got 154 yeas, 3 nays (the same ones) and 23 abstentions. The U.S. voted "yes" (but that doesn't mean we adopted it). Russia and communist China were among the abstentions. This puts the draft in play, and instructs the Secretary General to open it up for signatures.

When 50 nations sign it -- and get it ratified by their governments -- and deposit that ratification with the U.N., the treaty enters into effect, 90 days later. That vote opens on June 3, a few days away. It is expected to pass. Our president is expected to sign it, which is an action taken solely by the Executive Branch, and is only for show. Sorta. The media and the antis will treat like an act of Greatness.

For it to become law here though, it would need ratification by 2/3 of the Senate (normally 67 out of 100 votes), and that is highly improbable. Now. But it will hang over our heads literally forever. Procedural trickery could possibly achieve "two-thirds ratification" with fewer than 67 votes, but that's another story.

You will see a flood of stories from the "news" soon assuring you the ATT has little affect on the Second Amendment. That's simply false. I'm also predicting a new narrative that bombards us with a sense that we are "out of compliance with the international community," and that our gun laws are "anachronistic," (old fashioned), no longer appropriate, that the world is sneering at us, that we should get with the program, and even that this should be the law even without it being the law, and we should obey. The "news" media is becoming one of the greatest impediments to freedom by campaigning for an agenda instead of reporting what is.

"Small arms" are right there in the treaty language. Signatories are required to create "national control lists" of all arms and ammunition imports and exports, and since this includes parts and even metals used, it's a very broad brush. Fine imported guns could be severely affected (can you say Glock?) Make, model and end users are covered, the U.N. is supposed to get copies of the lists, and the U.N. is supposed to give copies to every other participating nation, who are encouraged to make the lists public. "Improvements" are supposed to be made by amendment after six years.

Will this affect the tyrants, dictators, mass murderers, human-rights abusers, genocidal maniacs, people who want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and others who it is ostensibly aimed at? An extensive analysis in the Penn State Law Review by Kopel, Gallant and Eisen (Vol. 114, No. 3) concludes that the ATT "would have no more effective force than the arms embargoes that are already imposed by the U.N. Security Council... accordingly, the ATT is a distraction."

The authors point out that, "Control Arms, the leading international gun prohibition lobby, forthrightly acknowledges that, every one of the 13 United Nations arms embargoes imposed in the last decade has been systematically violated."

Syrian Kidnapping Spun Into Anti-Gun Story

The lamestream media told you:

Gunmen on Saturday abducted the elderly father of Syria's deputy foreign minister (emphasis added) in the latest kidnapping targeting family members of figures in President Bashar Assad's regime, according to a story with no attribution or byline in The Arizona Republic, attributed in "news" media elsewhere nationwide to the AP There was no immediate claim of responsibility...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Rebels on Saturday abducted the elderly father of Syria's deputy foreign minister... Islamists on Saturday abducted the elderly father of Syria's deputy foreign minister... Kidnappers on Saturday abducted the elderly father... Unknown thugs on Saturday... Someone on Saturday... gunmen is a biased term used by bigots in the media to smear gun ownership...

In lockstep compliance with Dr. Brown's rules for vilifying guns in the "news," AP reporters Bassem Mroue and Albert Aji on Sundayturned a story about a vicious muslim terror-tactic abduction into yet another gun-bashing story, by using the slanderous word "gunmen," as Brown recommends, instead of anything more accurate or descriptive.

Brown, whose revealing guidelines help make any story into a gun story, and any gun story a fear-filled screed, have been recently updated to include new buzzwords, anti-rights programs, mind-numbing legislative proposals and propaganda being promoted by liberals, now called progressives, leftists or blue staters.

One look at his guidelines is instantly enlightening. Much of what passes for news is described and recognizable as propaganda techniques that can be applied by any writer, as in the case cited above. Why call a kidnapper a kidnapper and lose an opportunity to smear firearms, when you can simply refer to any criminal as a gunman, and get the job done.

The new release of the guidelines is posted here:
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