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Trump's Deal on Iran Makes Sense

Obviously democrats will oppose it.
Their guy (BHO) arranged to give Iran nukes
Trump says no way no how.

The lamestream media told you:

[Compiled and summarized:] In typical fashion, Trump is being provocative and irrational in his handling of Iran and its nuclear program. He will never get his hair-brained schemes through Congress. Congressional democrats are standing firm in their righteous resistance to his stonewalling and unreasonable demands. In other news he has cut funding to the U.N. causing grievous harm to that fine organization, and causing outrage among our allies.

“Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., who voted against the agreement two years ago, said at a hearing Wednesday U.S. interests are best served by keeping the deal and aggressively policing the agreement to ensure Iran doesn't violate the terms.”

More than 180 House Democrats sent a letter to Trump last week calling on him to certify compliance unless he could produce “credible evidence of a material breach by Iran.”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In his statement, Pres. Trump detailed his requirements for fixing the Iran deal:
“I am open to working with Congress on bipartisan legislation regarding Iran. But any bill I sign must include four critical components.

“First, it must demand that Iran allow immediate inspections at all sites requested by international inspectors.

“Second, it must ensure that Iran never even comes close to possessing a nuclear weapon.

“Third, unlike the nuclear deal, these provisions must have no expiration date. My policy is to deny Iran all paths to a nuclear weapon—not just for ten years, but forever.

“If Iran does not comply with any of these provisions, American nuclear sanctions would automatically resume.

“Fourth, the legislation must explicitly state in United States law—for the first time—that long-range missile and nuclear weapons programs are inseparable, and that Iran’s development and testing of missiles should be subject to severe sanctions.

“...I also call on all our allies to take stronger steps with us to confront Iran’s other malign activities. Among other actions, our allies should cut off funding to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, its militant proxies, and anyone else who contributes to Iran’s support for terrorism. They should designate Hezbollah—in its entirety—as a terrorist organization. They should join us in constraining Iran’s missile development and stopping its proliferation of missiles, especially to Yemen. They should join us in countering Iran’s cyber threats. They should help us deter Iran’s aggression against international shipping. They should pressure the Iranian regime to stop violating its citizens’ rights. And they should not do business with groups that enrich Iran’s dictatorship or fund the Revolutionary Guard and its terrorist proxies.”

After extensive analysis, The Uninvited Ombudsman cannot find any hair-brained ideas here. We do agree though the democrats will do what they can to block it.

Obama Spins Gun Yarn Expertly

The lamestream media told you:

Mr. Obama has a message for us about the Tucson atrocity, in the Tucson newspaper editorial section.

"But since that day, we have lost perhaps another 2,000 members of our American family to gun violence...

"Every single day, America is robbed of more futures. It has awful consequences for our society. And as a society, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to put a stop to it.

"Now, like the majority of Americans, I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. And the courts have settled that as the law of the land. In this country, we have a strong tradition of gun ownership that's handed from generation to generation. Hunting and shooting are part of our national heritage. And, in fact, my administration has not curtailed the rights of gun owners - it has expanded them, including allowing people to carry their guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

"The fact is, almost all gun owners in America are highly responsible. They're our friends and neighbors. They buy their guns legally and use them safely, whether for hunting or target shooting, collection or protection. And that's something that gun-safety advocates need to accept. Likewise, advocates for gun owners should accept the awful reality that gun violence affects Americans everywhere, whether on the streets of Chicago or at a supermarket in Tucson."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a nearly perfect use of Alinsky's principles (Rules For Radicals, the socialist play book for modern times), Mr. Obama has reversed the reasoning of both sides in the gun debate, exactly 180 degrees. It is a stunningly clever manipulation of language, for manipulation of thought.

He ascribes to gun haters (what he now coins as "gun-safety advocates," a term you can bet you'll start seeing from the Brady clan) all the values that gun-rights advocates hold, and tells the haters it's something, "you need to accept" such as "gun owners in America are highly responsible. They're our friends and neighbors. They buy their guns legally and use them safely, whether for hunting or target shooting, collection or protection."

Then he tells gun-rights advocates they need to accept what the haters believe: "gun owners should accept the awful reality that gun violence affects Americans everywhere, whether on the streets of Chicago or at a supermarket in Tucson."

That last statement is demonstrably false, despite his earlier assertion that, "we have lost perhaps another 2,000 members of our American family to gun violence." The drug-gang members, illegal immigrants and poverty-stricken victims of government policies who live in bad neighborhoods are a tangent to the American Family. These people don't die in your neighborhoods, and are not victims of guns. They are victims of demographics, geography, poverty and socio-economic conditions no one wants to look at hard. They include a large portion of suicidal elderly who have become destitute, are in pain and have no recourse in a disintegrated medical system, and a moderate number of individuals who are depressed without adequate support.

See the maps and data in Gunshot Demographics, to learn the truth. Find out how, "The Bad Part of Town" and failed social policies are used for sinister attacks on the right to keep and bear arms,
and help justify the law enforcement world and its budgets.

Columbia Earns Rebuke

The lamestream media told you:
Iran's president gave a speech at Columbia University, to mixed reviews.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Mahmoud Ahmabadjihad's speech at Columbia University was a good thing.

Nothing else could have brought the well-deserved and heartily earned shame and disgrace, that this dictator's appearance brought to the school.

No amount of commentary by U.S. commentators could have demonstrated the politicized education the students must be getting, as they cheered the man's bald-faced lies and total evasion of the questions he was asked. No one else could have sparked the national debate about this enemy that wraps itself in a cloak of dignity, virtually abetted in some respects by the U.S. media.

Only Ahmabadjihad's appearance could have shown the world the sniveling, spineless, groveling cowardice and anti-American sentiment of the school's feckless leader, Lee Bollinger, who balanced his approach with a caustic introduction.

The Iranian's biggest misstep may have been insisting there are no gays in Iran, shaking the multicult students' faith in the gay agenda and provoking the only boos and laughter of the event. Was the true nature of the student body ever revealed in that or what.

Other outrageous lies and distortions met with silence or applause from the assembled students, who recently booed, attacked and forced secure-borders advocate Jim Gilchrist from their hallowed halls. No reprisals from Bollinger or the school were taken against the hooligans.

Yes, the Iranian mullahs' hand-picked puppet's visit here was a good thing.

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British Hostage Mystery

The lamestream media told you:
Iran released 15 British soldiers it accused of trespassing in Iranian waters.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
You will never know what really happened. All the reports that say they know, or speculate they know, or postulate they know, are baloney and just filling airtime and newsprint for the gratification of the masses. The Uninvited Ombudsman has no crystal ball and no independent insight into the situation, just like everyone else.

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Bomb News Suppressed

The lamestream media told you:
More bombs went off in Iraq, killing many more people in crowded areas, as sectarian violence continues to escalate, and hopelessness expands.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Somewhere in military command there must be a huge battle map, and teams working on it, to identify every explosion that goes off in Iraq. It must identify the bomb type, explosive used, detonator, size, casualties, and of course time and place.

This allows commanders to recognize the high-risk zones, bomb makers’ patterns and deployment, identify newcomers, and help root out those responsible. With so much explosives floating around, identifying the sources is a primary goal. They link each maker, supplies used and MO so our forces can spot patterns.

That much bomb making takes supply lines, expertise, command and control, and these patterns are readily noticeable.

News reports give a sense however that completely indiscriminate bombs from unrelated sources are just madness produced by mindless madmen, rebels aimlessly killing people. That ain't so.

Think back to any domestic bomb incident (say, the Atlanta Olympics), and you'll recall how much detail the FBI went into day after day to identify what occurred. Bomb experts are having a field day with all the research opportunities they have overseas. None of it is leaking into the boring repetitive drone the media provides, numbing you down.

Iran has recently been singled out as a suspected bomb maker, as a prelude to an expected incursion.

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Yes -- Counterintuitive Man examines history denial -- no?

Korwin's new superhero idol, Counterintuitive Man, says:
Yes -- the two-day 30-nation convention sponsored by Iran to deny the Holocaust, which has yielded little serious outrage in the "news" media, is paving the way to an amazing tomorrow -- no?

Next, we could set the record straight by denying America's history of slavery before the Civil War!

Everyone knows blacks lived much better on beautiful southern farms than they ever did in the muggy African wilderness!

Sure the conditions on the voyage were less than ideal, but luxury cruise ships hadn't been invented yet -- and even they get diseases onboard!

Instead of being hunted and enslaved by other tribes, these people were protected by their new employers!

Getting eaten by wild animals came to a complete halt under the beneficial new system!

Murders and mistreatment of blacks was almost the same before the civil war as murders and mistreatment of women, children and other demographic groups!

Because the new black immigrants were economically important, they were fed, clothed and cared for by farm owners!

Despite highly publicized complaints, blacks who are here today because their ancestors were brought over long ago on ships, have no desire to go back to their so-called homeland!

So what if they weren't taught to read back then -- reading is highly overrated anyway! And many can read today!

Blacks prospered and multiplied under so-called slavery, and developed their own culture and music!

Many blacks found romantic partners of other races once they were in America and aren't even black anymore!

Even blacks in so-called poverty today have refrigerators, color TV, cell phones, fancy sneakers, furniture, beer and even cars (not available in all locations, some conditions apply)!

Yes -- everything about the so-called "slavery era" is subject to question, and who knows what the real truth is anyway -- no?

Yes -- if the world doesn't revolt against Iran's denial of the Nazi Holocaust, despite overwhelming evidence, why not deny anything -- no?

To wit:
Richard Stengel, Managing Editor, TIME Magazine: "I don't really think there is such a thing as truth." Oct. 4, 2006, Ethics in Journalism conference at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, broadcast on C-SPAN.

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News "Stories" Unchanged

The lamestream media told you:
Iran is still sponsoring terrorism, North Korea is still being bad, China is violating civil rights, and people are asking the United States to intervene in Darfur.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
I can't keep covering the same stories over and over like the lamestream media does. For the record --

Iran is sponsoring the global jihad, North Korea is an independent nation doing what it wants to, communist red China is violating civil rights because that's what communists do, and the Muslims killing each other in Darfur have some nerve expecting the U.S. to intervene.

If we don't intervene (at great taxpayer expense and lethal risk to our armed forces), count on the "news" media to call us heartless, and if we do, expect them to say we're imperialist war mongers.

The world's Muslim nations have not commented publicly or offered any assistance to their Muslim kin reportedly suffering rape, pillage and genocide in the unfortunate, war-torn, panic-stricken, strife-filled, underdeveloped, deprived, impoverished, depressed, demoralized third-world African nation. U.N. diplomats have failed to point out the awkward silence.

Iranian Uranium Growing

The lamestream media told you:
"Diplomats told the Associated Press that Iran is ready to consider complying, at least temporarily, with a U.N. Security Council demand that it freeze uranium enrichment, which can be used in developing atomic weapons," says AP reporter George Jahn, on 9/11/06. "This would be a major departure by Tehran as it faces possible U.N. sanctions for its nuclear defiance. The diplomats spoke on condition of anonymity in exchange for sharing confidential information."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Diplomats spoke with a naive reporter named George Jahn, but told authorities absolutely nothing, as its nuclear scientists continued enriching uranium for atomic weapons. Weeks later, enrichment continued, while Iran says it still may consider changing its plans.

A leading sponsor of global jihad, with an avowed interest in establishing a global caliphate (a Muslim dictatorship), Iran has been telling the Associated Press it may stop bomb production, which the AP dutifully reports, constantly. Meanwhile, inspectors are locked out, promises are made to gullible reporters instead of responsible authorities, and no smattering of reality leaks into AP reports, now a standard feature of the so-called wire reports.

In other news, Iranian president Mahmoud Amabadjihad spoke to thunderous applause at the U.N. General Assembly, and was widely covered by virtually all news media. He told the world he has no intentions of stopping uranium enrichment. The crowd of 35,000 that jammed the public plaza outside the U.N. in protest received no mention.

Uranium Cookie Jar

The lamestream media told you:
Iranian leader Ahmadinejad, who advocates wiping Israel off the map, has challenged President Bush to a televised debate. He is also not comfortable yet with proposals to stop his nuclear energy program, even under the threat of U.N. sanctions.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Regarding the ongoing threat of sanctions against Iran, one high ranking unidentifiable source asks, "Why implement sanctions and cause grief and suffering, when you can just threaten sanctions and harm no one?"

Meanwhile, the simple Iranian plan to stall all international forces aligned against it, while filling a specially made cookie jar with fissionable uranium for atom bombs, is working.

Iran's Nuclear Bomb

The lamestream media told you:

In an ongoing international struggle, Iran has again rejected a package of incentives designed to stop its uranium enrichment program. In a surprising development. Iraq has assured Iran on Friday (5/26) that it supports Iran's right to develop nuclear energy. U.S. officials are discussing whether to hold talks with the Iranian Muslim fundamentalist leadership that seeks to annihilate Israel.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

John Bolton, frequently portrayed as a radical right-wing ideologue, has now settled into his role as U.S. Ambassador to the highly corrupt United Nations in New York City.

In a moment of refreshing candor, speaking to the public at length on FOX TV, the Ambassador displayed a commanding knowledge of international subjects, and a cool and reasonable demeanor. According to Ambassador Bolton, speaking about Iran's nuclear program, "There's no way they could've undertaken the breadth and scope of their current operations unless they had a weapons program in mind."

The Ambassador noted that reasonable people could disagree on how close Iran is to a bomb, but there is no question that a bomb is the goal of their nuclear "program." Saying that while we're whistling they're building, he noted that Iran has publicly admitted deceiving Europeans about their plans, using the time to develop their nuclear capabilities. The remarks were unreported by other "news" media outlets.

When asked by anchor Neil Cavuto what the U.S. policy is toward them (nuclear-armed promoters of the jihad, in Iran), Bolton said President Bush's policy is that, "Iran having nukes is unacceptable." When probed further on what that means, Bolton said, "Iran having nukes is unacceptable."

Cavuto went on to inquire what might be done, and Bolton pointed out that the President has said, "No options are off the table." Even unilateral military action?, Cavuto asked. "No options are off the table," Bolton replied. Lamestream media outlets have reported at length about dignitaries and others holding dialogues with the Muslim fundamentalists ruling the country.

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