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Unfortunate and Familiar—Kamala Harris Being Set Up for Failure, Again

“Gun Violence Prevention” plan ignores… criminals.

With few real details released, VP Harris is being called on for an impossible task—leading a new federal gun bureaucracy with no legislated authority. “This is classic federal overreach. What part of ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ does Kamala not understand?” asked Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (LD7, Flagstaff). JPFO notes the invented term gun violence distracts people from the crying need for crime prevention and arrests.

“This new White House office, The Office of Gun Violence Prevention, can barely be considered constitutional, with no direct street-crime duty and no delegated power in the Constitution,” said Alan Korwin, author of 10 books on gun law and a consultant to JPFO.

While government insists on “gun control” instead of crime control, crime will continue to skyrocket. Laws already exist to control crime, but law enforcement, the edge of the blade, is dull or missing. Creating a new bureaucracy wastes time, money and resources. Education, which is a missing link, needs to get attention.

VP Harris cannot succeed without focusing on controlling criminal perpetrators. America’s 100 million decent innocent gun owners nervously anticipate this latest disguised attack on them, while criminals act with impunity in our inner cities. Though Harris and her team are blocked from gun-rights violations by the Constitution, this hasn’t stopped federal incursion recently. Critics hope her lack of results as border czar, where our borders continue to be overrun, will stave off illegal and undesirable infringements.

JPFO scolds the Biden Administration for putting a feckless federal underling in charge of reducing crime and especially murder, showing they really don’t want to solve or even seriously address the problem. Crime will persist, same as the border invasion.

Massive increases in crime, by increasingly brazen riotous criminals, have nothing to do with so-called “gun violence,” a gaslighting term used to hide murder and felony assault.

VIP Law Details

Statement of Policy

 “Equal treatment under the law—a fundamental principle of The American Way and global justice—demands that anyone who acts in defense against an unprovoked violent attack must have strong and uniform legal protection in the aftermath. America lacks this at present. A coalition of civil-rights groups seeks to rectify these inequities.

 “The self-defense laws in the 50 states range from excellent for the protection of the innocent, to abysmal, encumbering any person who acts against an unjustifiable violent assault. What is needed is a set of National Model Self-Defense Laws, which aggregate the best laws from the states, and makes them available to all. This effort is underway.

 “Because police power is constitutionally reserved for the states, and specifically not a function of the federal government, the several states are free to make their own choices in this arena. Over time, this has led to a mashup of good, bad and ugly laws, with no one watching the big picture. Reasonable people are inclined to agree that equal crimes deserve equal punishment, even if they disagree on appropriate repercussions. The same must be true, if justice is to be served, on equal defense of the innocent.”

 Here then, the result of intense effort over a long period of time, are National Model Self-Defense Laws designed to provide robust protection to people who act against criminal assault, while encouraging swift and fair action against criminal perpetrators.


Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,

The Arizona Citizens Defense League,

The Firearms Coalition

More pending -- Your state association belongs here, ask them to support National Model Self-Defense Laws, and get them in touch with me. Alan.

Working bill title:

Victim Innocence Protection act (VIP Act)

Everyone Backs Speech Ban, the Idiots

The lamestream media told you:

Government must ban texting while driving. It’s just too dangerous. Almost all states now do. The few stragglers must get with the program. Lives are at stake. How can you possibly be against this? We’re the media, we know what’s right for you. The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Pressure is on to get all states to outlaw texting while driving. Only Arizona, Missouri and Montana don’t have it yet. Arizona just introduced a bill, Texas passed one after a tragedy. That’s how we do things now.

There is no disagreement this can be dangerous, and has caused traffic accidents and fatalities. There should also be no disagreement that government has no legitimate delegated authority to enact such a law. The Constitution forbids it—“no law respecting freedom of speech.” Texting is freedom of speech. If someone has the power to ban this under one condition deemed problematic, nothing stops banning it under some other condition deemed suitable. “No law” means no law for a reason.

For good measure, the Arizona bill bans reading and writing while driving too.

This situation, if we still had values, would need to be handled with an ad campaign, marketing, social pressure, schooling, tech inside the device and other creative solutions. It can’t be handled by government edict, that’s banned.

If schools can teach and convince students they’re not male or female (they’re doing this you know) they could advise on texting behind the wheel. The new law doesn’t actually prevent anything, everyone knows that, it just makes teens do it below the dashboard, where visibility is even worse. And it provides a $25 fine (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!) for a first offense, and then gets worse. Social awareness would do a better job. And it would be legal.

911 Callers Deserve "Miranda Rights"

Fifth Amendment Right Against Self-Incrimination
Right to have a lawyer present during questioning
Right to remain silent because --

"Everything you say will be used against you."

Half the convictions in self-defense cases come from the 911 recordings.
-- Mitch Vilos, author, Self Defense Laws of All 50 States

“The 911 Limited-Immunity Law”

Legislative Statement of Intent

Whereas the state legislature has enacted law defining certain circumstances in which a person may lawfully threaten to use or actually use physical or deadly physical force;

Whereas the state legislature recognizes a value for justifiable instances of threatened use or actual use of physical or deadly physical force to be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities to assist in the prompt dispatching of emergency medical and law-enforcement personnel;

Whereas the state legislature recognizes that individuals who threaten or actually use physical or deadly physical force have a deeply rooted constitutional right to remain silent, to have an attorney present prior to and during any questioning, or during the course of a potentially criminal investigation, and a sacrosanct Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination;

Whereas the state legislature desires to strike a balance between the potentially competing needs for prompt reporting of such incidents and an individual’s constitutional right to remain silent, have an attorney present prior to and during questioning, and be protected from self-incrimination, all of which could delay prompt reporting;

Therefore, the state legislature hereby enacts the following statute to provide limited immunity to individuals who are directly or indirectly involved in an incident involving the threatened or actual use of physical or deadly physical force if they promptly make a good-faith effort to report such instances by calling 911 or other appropriate authorities.

The net effect of the proposed law is:

1. Encourage people to contact 911 for assistance by protecting their 5th Amendment and Miranda rights during the call.
People currently lack self-incrimination protections.

2. Require the state to gain convictions in claimed but flawed self-defense cases by relying on everything except self-incrimination from 911 voice recordings.
The state frequently and abusively relies on unsound self-incrimination.



A. Any individual who is directly or indirectly involved in an incident involving the threatened or actual use of justifiable physical or deadly physical force shall be granted limited immunity for all statements made in a good-faith effort to promptly report such incident to appropriate authorities in an effort to obtain emergency medical or law-enforcement assistance.

Continue reading "911 Callers Deserve "Miranda Rights"" »

Law Firms to Gang up on Constitution

"Firearms Accountability Counsel Task Force"

$1,000/hr. lawyers will attempt to unravel Second Amendment

Joint effort to stop "gun violence"
(at the expense of rights you currently enjoy)

Old familiar left-wing gun-control dialog --
but with fresh blood, legal eagles and "novel" strategies,
the same misconceptions and prejudices,
plus tens of millions to spend (dark money?)
on "free" legal support.

Gun owners and local laws are their prime target

Stymied at federal level, they're targeting courts

The lamestream media told you:

The New York Times offered up one of its Sunday front pages and an entire back page to applaud the introduction of an army of elite law-firm lawyers, supported by fees from their clients, to do "free" work attacking the current status of the Second Amendment.

Diminishing rights Americans have didn't rise to the awareness of reporters or editors who produced the piece. They displayed instead hoplophobic blinders, obscuring their preoccupation with what they call gun violence, misdirecting attention from criminal behavior and crime.

The Times, literally gushing at the possibilities, lambasted the "gun lobby" for doing such a successful job in protecting the right to keep and bear arms at the local, state and federal legislative and judicial levels, then predicted a campaign of destruction for gun rights at the hands of the high-powered coalition of firms, allied with the usual anti-gun-rights suspects, naming many of the firms and their leaders.

Arnold & Porter, Richard M. Alexander, chairman
Brady Center to Promote Gun Violence, Avery Gardiner, chief legal officer
Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School, Eric M. Ruben
Covington & Burling, represented D.C. in Heller
Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg, financier (did not join)
Hogan Lovells
Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Robyn Thomas, executive director
Mayer Brown, Counsel to Brady Center
Munger, Tolles & Olsen, Brad D. Brian, co-managing partner*
O'Melveney &Myers, represented D.C. in Heller, Charlie Lifland, Partner
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, Brad S. Karp, chairman
Ropes & Gray, Counsel to Brady Center
Skadden Arps, Counsel to Brady Center

Note: Mr. Brian makes a familiar "but" statement in the article, "... recognize that the Second Amendment is an important part of our Constitution... responsible gun owners... but... an epidemic of gun violence... law can save innocent lives without infringing..." Additional easily recognizable left-leaning gun-speak permeates the story.

Continue reading "Law Firms to Gang up on Constitution" »

America's Toughest Sheriff Rides Off

The lamestream media told you:

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who calls himself "America's Toughest Sheriff" is a corrupt bully hated by nearly everyone. His prejudice and bigotry knows no bounds and if it wasn't for the power he wields and the people he controls he would have been in prison long ago. He has terrorized migrants for too long and we're glad to see him go.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that: If Sheriff Joe, as everyone in Arizona affectionately knows him, wasn't so well liked, he would not have won six consecutive terms for 24 years by usually huge margins against everything the left-wing democrats could throw against him. His fan base nationwide, well, he wouldn't have one, but he has been called on repeatedly for newscasts, public appearances, and his net positive effect on the state and national scene has been tremendously positive. He brought the illegal immigrant invasion (now called "guests" by progressives) to national prominence.

-- He limited jail TV to the weather channel and an education channel -- taxpayers shouldn't pay for cable and prisoners don't earn HBO for committing crimes.

-- Tent City housed low-risk prisoners cheap when jail space ran out, instead of releasing them like elsewhere. When bleeding hearts complained that desert heat was inhumane, he told them if it's good enough for our soldiers, it's good enough for prisoners. He hung a "Vacancy" sign.

-- Tent City housed low-risk prisoners cheap when jail space ran out, instead of releasing them like elsewhere. When bleeding hearts complained that desert heat was inhumane, he told them if it's good enough for our soldiers, it's good enough for prisoners. He hung a "Vacancy" sign.

-- Joe's get tough stand on people sneaking into our country without permission continues to be a national focal point. He single-handedly raised awareness about its effects.

-- His volunteer citizen posse has saved a fortune, instilled pride in the community, keeps malls safe at Christmas time, is its own Peace Corps in our county.

-- Animal abuse got the attention it deserves, inmates got therapeutic interactions in the kill-free shelter the Sheriff's office ran and animal crimes were back on the radar.

-- Inmates don't need coffee, that ended, and a vegetarian diet eventually saved money, eliminating the famous green baloney sandwiches that were their own cost-saving headline.

-- We get a thrill when we see Joe's chain gang working in our neighborhoods, keeping them nice. This one was right down the street from me, so I paused to snap an image. The prisoners love the fresh air and exercise, compete for good behavior to get the assignment. It's called "rehabilitation." Passersby wave and honk in appreciation. Positive feedback.

In the interests of full disclosure, Joe endorsed my book, Gun Laws of America, Every Federal Gun Law on the Books, with Plain English Summaries, when it was released, because he recognized a good thing when he saw it. You can too, only $19.95.

add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif

-- Instituting county-wide sex offender notifications was a double-edged sword, because neighborhoods now became aware when these predators moved in, but it also made it hard for them to settle. Tough problem.

I'll stop here, and while he did attract a lot of lawsuits, and that cost the county a good chunk of change, he brought his department consistently in under budget. He had enough hot button issues from Paris Hilton in his jail to, oh, catch my political-parody band sometime, The Cartridge Family,, we played his roast.

Don't Inspire Evil Initiative

Support Grows, Media Remains Immune

__________ON LETTERHEAD__________


Do you belong to a national group that would support this campaign?

Send me a letter on your letterhead expressing that support, and I'll make sure it becomes part of the program.

Hundreds of journalists at the annual Society of Professional Journalists ( conference in New Orleans were exposed to this message in September. So far, there has been no direct feedback or visible results. Leadership received letters like the ones above, and other materials, by fax to their hotel, by email, and by telephone, so we know they got the message.

This program is ongoing. News as it happens.

ATF Launches Anonymous Tip App

A government press release told us:

ATF Launches Anonymous Tip App
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has launched a new mobile app that enables the anonymous reporting of information regarding crimes or that could be used to help prevent the commission of crimes. With the reportit app, available through the App Store or on Google play, citizens can submit a tip and attach a photo or video. The information is forwarded to ATF in real time, but should not be used to report a crime that is currently in process. Submitters will have the option to provide personal information, but it is not required (emphasis added).

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Is it possible this app doesn't already know who you are if you use it? Especially considering who designed it?

Top-notch expert: Oh I'm sure it does.
Second top-notch expert: Recommend you route any tips through Hillary's personal email server to be safe.
Third: Doesn't everyone know the system has to identify both ends of the address to deliver the message?
Names withheld but it doesn't matter anymore.

Obama Nearly Doubles Commutations in Month

The lamestream media told you:
USA Today, Gregory Korte -- President Obama announced another 111 commutations, adding on to the 214 he issued weeks ago. He has used his clemency power more times than the last ten presidents combined, according to the Department of Justice... part of the Obama administration's two-year old clemency initiative... About a third of Obama's 673 commutations to date have been for people serving life sentences.

"As successful as we’ve been in reducing crime in this country, the extraordinary rate of incarceration of nonviolent offenders has created its own set of problems that are devastating," he said. "Entire communities have been ravaged where largely men, but some women, are taken out of those communities. Kids are now growing up without parents. It perpetuates a cycle of poverty and disorder in their lives. It is disproportionately young men of color that are being arrested at higher rates, charged and convicted at higher rates, and imprisoned for longer sentences."

Those granted shorter sentences Tuesday were convicted of drug offenses for trafficking cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine. But sixteen of the commutations granted Tuesday also included firearms offenses. In his August 4 press conference, he said he's tried to "screen out" inmates with a propensity for violence. 

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Obama of course hasn't doubled prison releases of criminals, or shortened sentences of criminals, he has a czar organizing this. The czar has hired an entire department of people to go over the records of criminals to select the criminals to be released. They are highly paid, sitting in well equipped high-security offices with access to everything they could want or need. They are white executives from the suburbs with 2.3 children in private schools and family vans, or since that would be racist, maybe they're not.

The point is, you don't know who is poring over the 11,477 records (as of Aug. 11), picking the criminals to be released, and the "news" media isn't looking, doesn't care, and isn't informing the public. You're lucky they're even telling you Obama is vastly increasing the numbers of criminals Obama is releasing back into the public, because their sentences are "too harsh." They didn't identify what those sentences are, or what the harsh crimes were. They "reported" it, because Obama announced it, and they are mimics, not reporters.

Apparently in a mental haze, Mr. Obama seems to believe black children are growing up without parents because black drug dealers are arrested in ghettos, overlooking the 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate in black communities, unmentioned in his "news" briefing about releasing criminals. "Kids ('young men of color') are now growing up without parents. It perpetuates a cycle of poverty and disorder in their lives," he said. The president of color is releasing young prisoners of color, issuing clemency at ten times the historic rate, and no one sees any racism in this?

Cop Body Cameras Work One Way Only

Big Brother films you, you don't film him

Police object to being filmed, for obvious reasons

The lamestream media told you:

Every state in the union is considering putting body cameras on police, following racially charged shootings of black criminals and other black people by police officers. Since the beginning of 2015, at least 15 states have introduced legislation to limit release of footage from the cameras through open-records laws. Everyone is clamoring for the devices, which seem to be a great idea. The White House is requesting free money from Congress to buy lots of test units for police.

Cop Body Cameras Work One Way Only

While many members of the public are blindly welcoming the camera idea, few have considered that this really means, "Big Brother is watching you."

Police and authorities have a very bad impression of the public wearing body cameras also, to film the police, since police cameras only take pictures in one direction -- of you as suspects.The devices omit police actions, expressions and everything happening behind them. The cameras also come with on-off switches.

Police have been known to confiscate or forcibly destroy citizen cameras, or to falsely claim it is illegal to make recordings of them -- which everyone knows might show them up to no good. The widespread presence of video recorders in cell phones has recorded numerous police actions recently, exposing wild acts of abuse that would otherwise go unnoticed. It has perhaps paradoxically led to the outcry for police to start recording the public.

Few people doubt that police caught in acts of murder or other felonies would destroy video evidence immediately, given the opportunity. Hey, Hillary destroyed thirty thousand pieces of evidence and no one was even killed... well, we don't actually know that. And I digress.

The presence of police body cameras also have the potential for stopping good, friendly police from cutting you slack, letting you slide for minor infractions, and letting you off with warnings, or looking the other way. When a Mr. Nice Guy approach makes more sense than strict adherence to silly rules -- if no one is watching -- LEOs may be stuck in statist schtick.

Cost and storage space are unintended factors as well. Data-memory makers have to be lobbying hard for this financial windfall, if c. 900,000 sworn officers nationally will be recording life 24 hours a day. Remaining unresolved is whether police should notify you they are recording (Spokane plans to notify, Tempe only if asked, for example), whether the data should stream to central command or be dropped off at end of shift (raises many tech and legal questions), who gets to see what and when (the public, suspects, lawyers, researchers, media, cops before writing up reports, or not, new teams of police video reviewers, paid for how), and how to evaluate mysteriously missing sections or possible infractions -- if any.

The person currently in the White House called it "21st century policing."

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