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“Standing with Israel” Is Not Enough Mr. President!

MAKE IT EASIER TO ARM AMERICANS NOW Don’t repeat Israel’s error and wait for an attack. “Death to America” is still a thing. Joe Biden said, “We stand with Israel,” and JPFO says that’s insufficient. Under wartime duress Israel is now re-arming its citizens, following years of weakening their right to keep and bear arms. America must learn from this bloody lesson. “If there had been more armed women at that concert, there might be fewer dead,” said consultant Beth Terry, Certified Speaking Professional, a staunch friend of JPFO. “Death to America” is and has been on the lips of these treacherous villains for decades. Follow foreign news sources—you’ll hear people cheering the attack on Israel just like they did after the attack on 9-11. Brainwashed college students join in. “Gas the Jews” is chanted in Australia. We here at home face a serious risk. Promote marksmanship training nationwide now. Open all government ranges to full-fledged civilian marksmanship, required by law, 10 USC §4309. Don’t get caught with our pants down, Mr. Biden. Don’t just “stand” there, act.

Israel once encouraged citizens to own and carry. Gradual infringement cut this natural right to self-defense and property ownership (arms). Danger is what you get when government denies civil rights. Israel’s slightly relaxed gun laws are a good step, but a small one. America needs to remove any restrictions on peaceful possession of arms—infringements—banned by the Constitution. Officials who act to maintain infringements need to face charges for aggravated infringement—putting innocent lives in danger. Denial of civil rights is a crime, 18 USC §242. Aiding our enemies by disarming us must stop.

SIDEBAR: “Relaxed Israeli gun laws” means: Expedited permits, telephone permit applications, ammo purchases up from 50 to 100, quite modest, but retains waiting periods and no long guns.

Even Israeli Intelligence Didn’t Spot Them In Time— IS HAMAS HERE? Are we ready?

U.S. Border Patrol has identified and caught 150 foreign watchlist suspects trying to infiltrate the U.S. through the Mexico border last month alone. Now Hamas is calling on sympathizers worldwide to commit jihad this weekend. Our president is virtually complicit—by encouraging immigrants while insisting the wide-open border is closed.

Officials don’t know how many “gotaways” are terrorists, and more keep arriving, using Mr. Biden’s open-door border deception. Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) announced 530,000 gotaways in the past year alone. Border encounters last month hit a record 260,000. Captured known terrorists hit 659 in September. How many are Hamas?

JPFO encourages American citizens to be armed, ready to prevent Muslim jihadis from doing to us what they have done to our Israeli allies. All barriers to peaceful possession of personal arms must be suspended or repealed. We can’t trust Biden, a known ally of the border invaders, allowing them in, granting them papers and forgoing any serious screening or tracking. We must trust our own armed citizens needed to repel invaders if and when they act. We the people are “necessary to the security of a free state.”

Remember “sleeper cells”? It’s more than a catch phrase. It describes what these vicious murderers do—they hide until ready to strike. 1-Sneak into America. 2-Hide in plain sight. 3-Communicate internally. 4-Wait for the command from their leadership, our hardened enemies. The only question is how deep the Iran–China–Russia–North Korea axis runs. Three have nuclear weapons. Only Iran, backing  the Gaza attacks, lacks nukes. Arm yourselves, citizens, our first and possibly last line of defense.

If you’re untrained or rusty in the use of personal arms, now is the time to take a class or get in some range time. Remember, If innocent life doesn’t immediately depend on it—don’t shoot. And if it does, don’t miss. Join JPFO and stay deeply informed.

The jihad isn't terrorism

Now that we've seen a madman plowing a truck into people exiting a mosque, the media has to stop treating everyone the same -- as terrorists -- or we won’t know what’s taking place!

Would it even make sense now to wait for "official word" if a mass death is an act of terrorism? That word terrorism no longer works as a substitute for the jihad.

How can you be accurate about jihadis and the muslim jihad if you call every mass murderer a terrorist? That sure isn’t right, even a journalist can see that.

Surely this recent guy with a truck isn’t a jihadi, right? It’s time to call killers killers. Stop calling murderers gunmen, which demeans guns and men (with a misandrist sexist term). Get back to the business of using language with precision. The journalism Code of Ethics requires it.

Arab Cooperation

Let us agree to stand with our Arab brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, and implore our Arabic-named president Barack Hussein-Obama for sympathy and to follow their lead toward their fellow Arab refugees, for the same reasons the Arabs intelligently express. They understand, and being so much closer to the problem, are in the best position to judge and establish a rational policy.

These Arab nations refuse to accept any of these refugees due to the threat of jihad they pose, what our media prefers to call terrorism. Perhaps more important, moving these people halfway around the world at enormous expense to a totally alien environment where not even the language, food, clothing, housing or customs are familiar is cruel and unusual, and frankly, bizarre.

P.S. The irony of governors using Executive Orders and Executive Action to halt forced federal immigration, where the governors' powers are less than explicit, is exquisite. Taking their examples from our own glorious leader, it absolutely highlights the "news" media's hypocrisy and convulsions -- having to denigrate these actions while championing Hussein-Obama's identical approach. A joy to behold.

$5B Spent to Help Afghans... who, uh, gets that?

The lamestream media told you:

"U.S., allies spend $5B a year to help Afghan Forces"
...have failed to defeat Taliban forces... remains a threat across the country... islamic radical insurgents have overrun dozens of checkpoints... the enemy is fighting in almost every province... " USA Today 5/19/15. And in other news, Ramadi falls, defenders ran away, outnumbered the enemy 10 to 1, have no will to fight...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

With no mention of how much the unnamed "allies" spend and how much we taxpayers pickup, USA Today, following standard policy seen in media outlets everywhere, fails to even hint at who gets the five thousand million dollars ($5 billion) every year that isn't stopping the "islamic radical insurgents," a term the media has refused to use until recently.

According to high placed unnamed observers speaking on condition, the media doesn't know who gets all the money, and certainly doesn't do the research needed to find out. No reason for the change in policy that allows use of the term "islamic radical insurgents" has been released, despite perhaps the obvious difficulty in continuing to deny their existence. Media long ago stopped calling islam the religion of peace, a tired propaganda ploy direct from islam, which flew in the face of observed reality. So called islamic moderates, supposedly out there in great numbers, never appear, do not demonstrate and are never reached for comment, leading observers to conclude they don't exist. The notion that local islamic defense forces simply leave the battlefield when islamic radical insurgents arrive suggests, to conscious people at least, that they're all on the same side, give or take, and will sing Kumbaya when it's all over, despite U.S. efforts to pit them against each other.

Officer Uses "Pistol," not "Semiautomatic Handgun"

The lamestream media told you:

"Texas Shooting Suspects Had Ties To Islamic Jihad" USA Today

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

They were not suspects. They were perpetrators, shot dead in the act. A proper headline would be, "Muslim Terrorists Had Ties To Islamic Jihad." Suspects indeed. Why not say alleged ties?

The media has incorrectly taken the "protect the innocent" posture too far. In its ongoing effort to pretend a global muslim uprising is not occurring, and to follow a pre-scripted spin playbook, media uniformly misrepresents events. When possible, it will hide (or emphasize) race or religion to present a rose-colored world.

The two muslim fanatics who were shot dead in Texas in early May had opened fire where an art exhibit was being held at the time. They were perpetrators, not suspects. They are not awaiting a fair trial, where innocence needs protection, they were shot dead in the act.

In other news -- am I the only person who noticed the media nationwide speaking about the hero cop who used a "pistol," while every other story about shooting incidents would use the phrase, "semiautomatic handgun," which, according to the Brady Center for the Promotion of Gun Violence, creates fear in ignorant people, many of whom believe this refers to a machine gun?

Bomb Jokes in Texas

While the media, left wing and half the right wing in America went apoplectic over showing 200 nice drawings of mohammed in an art contest, I had to wonder what other elements of sharia law they thought we should also bow down to and obey. The media is still portraying this wholesome American art exhibit, contest and political statement in derogatory language, watch for it every time it is mentioned, you'll see the built-in bias and prejudice. If you haven't seen the drawings (most people haven't, the media has been sharia-scared into suppressing them), look:

The Contest Winner:
Click to see them all

In contrast, islam belittles Jews constantly, but no one complains:

The original mohammed drawings that made the religion of peace go crazy are in my book on the things you're not supposed to say. I have gathered so many new things you're not allowed to say I could write two new books on it. Please buy the first one, it's a whopper:

Bomb Jokes At Airports --
And 186 Other Things You’d Better Not Say

Gannett's #2 newspaper ran my letter (!) chastising them for scolding the wonderful art exhibit, saying it shouldn't have been done, and then pounding their chest as a defender of free speech. But that's nothing -- the lunacy of other letter writers on the subject was stupefying, pasted together neatly, drop me a note I'll send them to you:

Is Kayla Mueller Really a Hero?

NOTE: My Arizona readers have seen this, as Ms. Mueller was from Prescott,
a local town, where they are considering a statue (or something) in her honor.

The lamestream media told you:

Sweet and innocent Ms. Mueller helped unfortunate refugees in the Middle East and was tragically killed by Jordanian jet fighters, seeking revenge for the horrible televised burning death of one of their captured pilots, after she was held in Syria as a prisoner for a year, after her Syrian boyfriend failed in multiple attempts to free her. Note: There was no debate on whether horrible televised burning death in a cage was torture.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

To: The Arizona Republic newspaper
Dear Ms. Sanders, (and entire editorial staff)

Your lengthy story about Kayla Mueller in today's Arizona Republic has this one tiny mention about how she worked with "impoverished communities in Israel...".

Reports have begun to surface that Kayla had worked with Hamas in that region, a designated terrorist organization according to the U.S. State Dept., and served a role that paints a far less favorable picture than the narrative that seems to be sweeping the nation about this young woman.

Reading from her own writings posted online, if they are authentic, it almost sounds as if she was an ally of Israel's enemies -- our muslim enemies.

This is from Israeli TV, not a neutral source perhaps, but not to be discounted out of hand either:

"Kayla Mueller was a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who spent at least two years working with that terrorist support group... As an ISM activist she was a tool for the worldwide jihad. A letter she wrote which appears on the ISM's website describes the usual ISM claims of atrocities that never occurred..." (read that letter at the link above)

Before we end up with stories we may come to regret, her background should be carefully vetted. Have you looked into any of this? There is more on line with a simple search. Can you confirm the veracity of these reports? You know what it means if they're true. Desire to erect statutes and push the popular tale must not supplant real journalism.

Good journalism of course demands that you do the due diligence necessary to keep any potentially unsavory history from embarrassing your organization and our nation's honor before we run off headlong in search of heroes. A starry-eyed optimist can unfortunately be used too easily by those with bad intent, or be misdirected or poorly thought out to begin with. We owe it to ourselves to be particularly cautious when dealing with youthful "true believers" and especially with enemies of the scope we have in the middle east.

With all due respect,
Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America
The Uninvited Ombudsman

(No reply received)
The Sunday paper had pages of glowing adoration for this young woman.


Special note to Prescott, Ariz., residents about Kayla Mueller,
from a correspondent who wishes to remain anonymous;
this will go out nationally soon, OK to circulate:

"I was thinking of sending The Arizona Republic a letter saying that she was a wonderful human being -- a saint, a model child -- who unfortunately was deceived by the propaganda of her liberal professors when they fed her the Clinton/Obama narrative that the Palestinians were the good guys and Israelis were the bad guy 'oppressors.' But they just published a letter from me, so I'm locked out for 30 days [Az Rep policy], so I'm telling you.

"So, Kayla volunteered to help the children of Hamas terrorists instead of Israeli children who had been maimed by Hamas rockets. True, all children are blameless and deserve to be helped, but by associating with terrorists, she put herself in peril. The lesson for other young people is, by all means, follow Kayla Mueller's example. Work to make the world a better place, but choose your friends carefully. If you hang out with murderers, you risk getting murdered. If you take up with radical, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, Islamic savages, don't be surprised when they act like radical, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, Islamic savages."

Lowering our flag

My advice [Alan speaking now], mentioned in a prior note, is that we should be very careful who we honor by lowering our flag. The rules for the flag are precise, though they allow for some judgment, and should be applied with great restraint. [That memo, to The Arizona Republic and a few friends, is reproduced below.]

Etiquette for flying the flag at half staff does not include arbitrary lowering every time a popular figure dies:

The National Flag Foundation points out many "good-faith misunderstandings" where people not authorized, or circumstances not justified lead to half-staff flag postings. "Not to criticize or embarrass anyone, but rather to head off a growing trivialization of this memorial salute, and to preserve the dignity and significance of flying the U.S. flag at half-staff."

And let me [Alan again] add that, according to an IDF contact of mine, working with Syrians raises red flags if you haven't had too much Kool Aid: "...the fact that she ended up in Syria with her Syrian boyfriend made me suspicious regarding her world views... The first American victim of ISIS (the free lance "reporter") was also anti Israel as well as the three American hikers held in Iran when they crossed from Jordan. Apparently being anti Israeli doesn't help you in the end. I am sure they couldn't understand that." Kayla's own letters, posted on the terrorists' website with her approval, recognized that if you don't look Arab, you are subject to death on the spot.

Obama provides cover for radical islam

The lamestream media told you:

Mr. Obama refuses to use the phrase islamic radicals or anything like it, preferring to speak of violent extremism. FOX News is quite upset about this, other networks and cable stations have at least noticed it as well.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Why is to so hard to accept that the man currently in the White House is being deceptive about what's going on with the worldwide radical muslim jihad?

He is. Deal with it. Yes, the "news" media is in cahoots. Everyone can see that. Get over it.

Everyone else knows the muslims, a few hundred million give or take*, support violent quran-based jihad, they're conducting it, we're facing it. Everyone knows that, even his supporters. Obama too. By not admitting it, Obama frustrates the shoot out of us. Accept it. (*Pew Center shows 22% of 1.5 billion muslims support jihad, that's 345 million spread in 49 muslim-majority nations. And here.)

But he also frustrates the heck out of them. They want to engage in holy war, and we're not playing along (at least not yet). You can't have holy war that way.

It's like the therapy exercise: To show how aggression works, two people stand facing each other and push against each other as hard as they can, getting typical reactive results. Start over. But this time, only one person pushes. Totally different result, lesson learned. Conflict takes two.

If you think dropping huge accurate sacks of high explosives on your cities, based on intel and satellite images that make Google maps look like 1947 TV, constantly and without warning, is not being at war, then you're buying that bull pucky too. Refusing to give the enemy the very thing it wants -- a declared enemy -- is not the worst tactic (in a perverse sort of way, as long as you keep bombing them). It's not like no one in Oshkosh really knows what's happening. The top dog just won't say so.

Question: If he says the magic words, what would you have him do then -- send your children over in uniform, right? More bombs would only need more resolve and budget (which he admittedly adamantly refuses to do, raising sincere doubts about his resolve and loyalties. Remember this -- no Arab for 7,000 miles in any direction relishes the idea of this foreign power barging into their homelands and killing people face-to-face. And no Arabs there, despite their huge armies on the spot, are willing to do it themselves (just look).

How could they? It would be (sorta) like asking our National Guard troops to shoot our own citizens. Not happening. And, they know if they aren't killed in battle (mortal muslim sin), and they face the joys of capture by muslim extremists, where there are no girlyman debates of whether it's really torture or not.

I'm not supplying an answer on this conundrum. I'm just pointing this one out.

Iran Tweets in English: "Israel Must Be Annihilated"

Media fails to cover THAT part of Netanyahu's speech

The "secret" treaty Obama/Kerry want won't stop an Iranian nuke Netanyahu spells it out -- THAT'S why they hated his appearance

The lamestream media told you:

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a highly controversial speech before Congress on March 3, 2015. Many democrats boycotted the speech, people in Israel thought it was a political stunt, and the president made a big deal out of deciding not to watch it. Mr. Obama and Mr. Netanyahu do not get along.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The crucial parts of Netanyahu's speech were in the beginning.

These were excluded from most U.S. "news" reports, but having watched the whole thing live I heard it. My jaw dropped. A simple web search provides anyone with the transcript. 

You heard about the controversy, the fact that the man currently in the White House turned his back on the speech -- from our greatest ally in the Middle East! isolated among endless murderous muslim maniacs in the region.

Here's what the "news" didn't give you -- the news. FACTS about the blood thirsty madmen seeking atom bombs, literally being aided and abetted by our own president and secretary of state -- unimaginably impeachable offenses. These are not minor glitches or problems. These are full-fledged nightmares.

Netanyahu shed light: "Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei spews the oldest hatred, the oldest hatred of anti-Semitism with the newest technology. He tweets that Israel must be annihilated -- he tweets! You know, in Iran, there isn't exactly free Internet. But he tweets in English that Israel must be destroyed."

Have you seen that in the "news"? No of course not. It would upset their narrative. We need a man to come here from the other side of the world to say it, so the man in the White House can turn his back -- and our media can decide it's not important enough to repeat.

He continues: "For those who believe that Iran threatens the Jewish state, but not the Jewish people, listen to Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, Iran's chief terrorist proxy. He said: 'If all the Jews gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of chasing them down around the world.'"

I am not making this up. Neither is Netanyahu. Have you seen that in the "news"? No of course not. It would upset their narrative of "controversy." We need a man to come here from the other side of the world to say it, so the person in the White House can turn his back and our media can decide not to dwell on it.

"But Iran's regime is not merely a Jewish problem, any more than the Nazi regime was merely a Jewish problem... The people of Iran are very talented people. They're heirs to one of the world's great civilizations. But in 1979, they were hijacked by religious zealots -- religious zealots who imposed on them immediately a dark and brutal dictatorship. That year, the zealots drafted a constitution, a new one for Iran. It directed the revolutionary guards not only to protect Iran's borders, but also to fulfill the ideological mission of jihad. The regime's founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, exhorted his followers to 'export the revolution throughout the world.'

"America's founding document promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Iran's founding document pledges death, tyranny, and the pursuit of jihad. And as states are collapsing across the Middle East, Iran is charging into the void to do just that."

Israel's prime minister goes on to list Iran's "successes" in pursuit of jihad, all familiar to us, but never spelled out one after the other, connecting the dots.

And then Netanyahu warns us carefully:

"Don't be fooled. The battle between Iran and ISIS doesn't turn Iran into a friend of America.

"Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State. Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire.

"In this deadly game of thrones, there's no place for America or for Israel, no peace for Christians, Jews or Muslims who don't share the Islamist medieval creed, no rights for women, no freedom for anyone.

"So when it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy... is your enemy."

And these people want the atom bomb, and are determined to get it. Right now, Secretary of State Kerry is working to give it to them. He is naively negotiating with these savages, agreeing to terms that are unenforceable, conditions that cannot be verified, guarantees that cannot be confirmed, and that doesn't even matter, because in a mere few years, the entire agreement expires, and Iran is totally unrestricted and can do whatever it pleases. It's as if Obama wants Iran to have nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu points out that the only difference between the warring factions, "is that ISIS is armed with butcher knives, captured weapons and YouTube, whereas Iran could soon be armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs."

Speaking only of publicly available information (he was scolded for using secret intelligence, but made it clear everything he "revealed" was already on Google), "To defeat ISIS and let Iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle, but lose the war... that, my friends, is exactly what could happen, if the deal now being negotiated is accepted by Iran. That deal will not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It would all but guarantee that Iran gets those weapons, lots of them."

And he goes on to detail how all of Iran's nuke plants continue to exist, grow, operate and make enriched uranium. Inspectors can document violations -- but can't stop them. And like North Korea, Iran breaks the locks, takes out the cameras, and plays "hide and cheat," constantly. These aren't Boy Scouts -- they are villains. They've been caught twice with huge secret nuke plants -- not barrels of uranium, that inspectors didn't know existed. The chief IAEA inspector said, "If there's no undeclared installation today in Iran, it will be the first time in 20 years that it doesn't have one."

Netanyahu told us, in front of Congress: "Iran's Supreme Leader says Iran plans to have 190,000 centrifuges, not 6,000 or even the 19,000 that Iran has today, but 10 times that amount -- 190,000 centrifuges enriching uranium. With this massive capacity, Iran could make the fuel for an entire nuclear arsenal and this in a matter of weeks, once it makes that decision."

Did the "news" media report any of this to you? This is the important part of Bibi's speech. And there is nothingcontroversial about Israel in this. Iran is the controversy here. And our media -- now among our greatest enemies -- is a root problem for us. They are keeping you in the dark. Iran plans to make enough enriched uranium for an arsenal of nukes, not a bomb, they want to annihilate our greatest ally. We're their greatest enemy, and you had to read my report to find out. Hmmm.

Netanyahu's not done: " Now I want you to think about that. The foremost sponsor of global terrorism could be weeks away from having enough enriched uranium for an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons and this with full international legitimacy.

"And by the way, if Iran's Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program is not part of the deal, and so far, Iran refuses to even put it on the negotiating table. Well, Iran could have the means to deliver that nuclear arsenal to the far-reach corners of the Earth, including to every part of the United States... That's why this deal is so bad. It doesn't block Iran's path to the bomb; it paves Iran's path to the bomb."

And Mr. Obama is designing it with Mr. Kerry, who claim ignorance. Who knows, maybe they are. That's why Mr. Netanyahu came here  to speak directly to us.

Then the controversial part (according to our press) -- if Iran wants a good deal, stop behaving so badly, stop exporting terrorism, stop your path to nuclear weapons, stop your brutality at home and abroad, treat your woman like humans, endure sanctions while you behave so badly, Israel will always remain a staunch ally of the U.S., and we know we in Israel can count of you in America, but we cannot and will not allow this to occur no matter what, for the sake of the world. You can read it all online.

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