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SAVE! Means Spend.

More proof Americans (not you of course) are stupider than Jupiter.

And Earth, by the way, takes a capital letter, it is not earth unless you mean dirt.

Start watching mess media with your eyes open, you'll see "earth" everywhere.

Envirowackos (and mess media) consistently misspell our planet, unlike mars or uranus.

No editing, no ombudsman, no ethics, no worries. What, me worry?

Don't worry. MAD magazine went belly up.

In the ongoing effort to dumb down the public, merchandise sales efforts now include impossible math, to an electorate that can't add, from a school system that doesn't teach them how. People who I won't name (not you honey, I swear) believe "Buy one get one for 50% off!" is a half price sale. It's a 25% discount, and it gets you to spend more. Do the math. Oh, that's right, most people can't. Hence the ad.

By now you have probably gotten wise to the scam of raising prices, then offering a discount, often to above the original price. That's illegal, but just like with gun law, you don't need law, you need law enforcement, and there is none. Look at Portland. Why aren't those people arrested, or worse? Democrats are proposing eliminating law enforcement, and have convinced people to vote for that. I say, don't.


You know the media lies:





The bias is stunning,

spelled out in plain English.


The President tore a new one for the education system at his brilliant Mount Rushmore speech for Independence Day.

People who read Page Nine are well aware of the near total takeover of our government school system by the forces of the Marxist/socialism/communism hordes.

Now the President, fighting Democrats tooth and nail, is insisting that students go back into these virulent pestholes in the Fall semester for... what, exactly? An education?

Indoctrination into a twisted distortion of what America is?

A hatred of America that resembles nothing of our fine land?


Counter-Intuitive Man smells a rat.


"It don't make no sense, no how."

(Triple negative is a positive.)


Trump, word-for-word, at Mt. Rushmore:

“In our schools... there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished...

“Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country, and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but that were villains. The radical view of American history is a web of lies — all perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted, and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition.”

--Donal J. Trump, verbatim

Did you know that?

Schools led by the teachers union,

are teaching hatred for America.

If you're a person of no color (aka "white people")

you're an oppressor and should hate yourself.


Colorless parents should object.

Get the school textbooks. Read about our history.

Obituary: Irving Korwin

Irving Korwin
August 18, 1920 – April 3, 2020

The nation lost another of its rapidly disappearing WWII veterans
with the loss of our Dad, Irving Korwin
Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Corps

Dear family, friends and associates,

Please enjoy your precious time this Memorial Day, May 25, 2020,
and remember what the day honors. Our Dad served and survived World War Two,
in secret service while training our early air forces in the use of radar
from a covert base in Florida.

On April 3, 2020, this country lost a great American. Sadly, our beloved Dad, Irving Korwin fondly known as “Radar Irv” for his top-secret role with radar in the Army Air Corps during WWII, passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 99-1/2 in Paradise Valley, Ariz.

Irving was a fabulous great grandfather, grandfather, father, father-in-law, uncle, husband, teacher, mentor, diamond setter, jeweler, businessman, colleague, philanthropist, certified gemologist, numismatist and inventor. He traveled the world in search of rare and beautiful places and knew how to take time to enjoy living. He’s credited with pioneering, developing and building the largest and finest line of coin jewelry available anywhere and left an indelible mark on the global jewelry market.

My brother Alan and I and our families appreciate what so many people have done in the past that added color and meaning to Dad’s life. Each of you in your own way were special to him. It was a two-way street -- his entrepreneurship at its peak employed 113 people, he donated to worthy causes constantly, and enjoyed a wide circle of contacts and friends. He is missed.

Born August 18, 1920 into the Great Depression, young Irving made his way with two close friends Manny and Marty, his dear Mom Dina, a step Dad before he was five, and grinding poverty, until the war broke out and he enlisted right away with those two buddies. When he heard “Pearl Harbor!” shouted from an apartment window in the Bronx, he knew immediately where it was and what it meant. He recounts his childhood, the war years and his role in it, finding a woman (our Mom, a red-head like the four of us!), and the decades long growth of his business and world travels in an autobiography he always promised to write. Replete with 50 pages of pictures back to 1892 family portraits, and images he took while in service, The Autobiography of Irving Korwin was completed at age 97, in 2018.

Due to the pandemic, we were unable to have a proper funeral service or Shiva but did arrange Dad’s burial in a timely way next to his wife Shirley of 61 years. Military honors (it was his wish to have the 21-gun salute he had earned) have been postponed nationally, and along with a memorial will be held at a time to be announced.

We could not accompany Dad back to his final resting place in New York,
but we were blessed in being able to get him there in a timely way.
Dad was always fond of and supported the USO, which is there for our troops and was good to him when he served, a fitting place for donations if you are so inclined.

With love, peace and wishes for good health,
Richard Korwin and family
Alan Korwin and family


Irving Korwin, WWII Vet and Founder of Wideband, Dies at 99
By Michelle Graff

April 17, 2020

Irving Korwin, left, with his son Richard at the 24 Karat Club banquet in New York in January 1999. The World War II veteran and longtime jeweler died April 3 at the age of 99; he would have celebrated his 100th birthday in August. (Photo courtesy of Richard Korwin)

New York -- Irving Korwin, a World War II veteran and founder of Wideband Coin Jewelry, died earlier this month of natural causes at his home in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

He was 99 years old.

Korwin was born on Aug. 18, 1920 in the Bronx, New York City, the son of Eastern Europeans who immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island.

He was raised during the Great Depression and entered World War II as an enlisted soldier right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

He served with top-secret clearance, training pilots and military VIPs on the use of radar and radar countermeasures at a base in Florida. Radar was credited with serving a pivotal role in the eventual victory of the Allied forces in both the European and Pacific theaters.

His role in the war effort earned him the nickname “Radar Irv.”

In 1951, Korwin started Wideband Coin Jewelry in New York, a company known for its creative charms that sometimes incorporated coins and, later, specialized in fine karat gold jewelry. [Note: Eventually, the company specialized in jewelry with coins, literally creating an industry segment that had not previously existed.]

Clients included Bergdorf Goodman in New York and B.C. Clark Jewelers in Oklahoma City.

He worked alongside both his sons for a period, and eventually son and daughter-in-law Richard and Sharyn Korwin. Over the years the firm created jewelry for a number of famous Americans, including Elvis Presley and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

He was a longtime American Gem Society supplier member, a member of the American Numismatic Association -- the nonprofit dedicated to the study and collecting of coins -- and a 40-year member of the prestigious 24 Karat Club of the City of New York. He was the club’s oldest member at the time of his passing.

A Wideband ad from an October 1959 edition of
The New York Times (Photo courtesy of Richard Korwin)

Korwin retired from the jewelry industry in 1994 and moved to Boynton Beach, Fla., with his wife, Shirley, who passed away in 2009.

He moved to Arizona in 2016 to be near his other son, Alan Korwin.

In 2017, he penned his first book, “The Autobiography of Irving Korwin.” Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the USO.

As so many do in the industry, Korwin made a lot of friends along the way, and two of his closest were former National Jeweler publisher Milt Gralla, who died in 2012, and Morris Adwar, who passed away in 2018.

In a note to 24 Karat Club members, his son Richard expressed his family’s appreciation for all they had done for their patriarch.

“Each of you, in your own way, were special to him,” he wrote. “He will be missed.”

Korwin is survived by two sons and daughters-in-law, Richard and Sharyn, and Alan and Cheryl; four grandchildren, Arielle, Mariel, Spencer and Tyler; and four great-grandchildren, Calvin, Julius, Russell and Sloane.

Anyone wishing to express condolences to the family can contact Richard at or Alan at For copies of Korwin’s book, go to

The Autobiography of Irving Korwin
WWII Veteran with Top Secret Clearance
ISBN: 978-1-889632-44-5 • $19.95 • 198 pgs.

WHY Do You Support Background Checks?

Questions the kids haven’t had to answer
“The left is not in an all-out war against the Second Amendment,” say the people on the left who are in an all-out war against the right to keep and bear arms. “We’re not trying to take away all the guns. We understand you think this way, but it’s based upon a deception.”

No, it’s not. Read what retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens was granted space in The New York Times to say. Repeal the Second Amendment. Did democrats and the left attack him for this? No, they cheered. They paid for space to say it.

Socialists, politely called the left, are seeking to coalesce power into government hands. It’s what socialists have done since the communist manifesto was published. And they lie. They want all the guns. It’s the bottom line of the current debate, taken to its plain conclusion. Now they’ve got kids doing their bidding.

This is precisely why Americans are armed -- to resist this, with force, if necessary. Unfortunately, Americans have become so wealthy and comfortable, the cold-dead-fingers motto has become just a slogan, no longer a policy. The NRA needs to wise up to this. So do you.

The left is unconscionably promoting children who have taken up their cause in complete ignorance of facts. The kids’ fears are real all right. Their desire for a solution to mass-murdering psychos and jihadis is real enough. Everyone shares their desire for a solution to that. Stop their psychotically lethal classmates, they cry. Their emotions are enormously real, and motivational and contagious. The left is banking on this.

What is not real are the facts, logic and reasoning the kids are using, adopted in whole cloth from their left-wing puppeteers.

The same tired old rhetoric, which has been proven false time and again, the left has been spouting for decades -- ever since the feckless Brady bill appeared and is now reappearing in new forms.
You remember:
-- blood in the streets from carry permits!
-- invisible guns!
-- armed pilots shooting down their own planes!
-- 30-day cooling-off periods for abusers, now trusted with guns for 30 years!
-- Sit down for it:
-- educators (formerly teachers) will shoot themselves!
-- and their students!
-- and drop their guns
-- which will go off!
-- and forget them in bathrooms for kids to find!
-- and shoot each other because they know nothing!
-- And cops will shoot matronly old armed teachers
-- because they can’t distinguish them from armed psychotic kids with ARs!

-- if only they had to go through better background checks!

Who are these incompetent gunless boobs we’re paying to educate our kids? Teachers are incapable of handling firearms -- or even teaching about them in a historical context? Toothless NRA gun bubbas can handle firearms but teachers can’t? Say what? Who starts these rumors? How do these people get dressed each day without help.

The abject stupidity of the arguments -- with grade schoolers as ambassadors of irrational policy -- is plainly evident by questions the media has avoided asking, and answers the children and their adult instigators obviously couldn’t answer if asked.

The lack of curiosity points out the poverty of leftist positions the kids are carrying for mind masters, the lack of grounding, and the dangerous, freedom-choking socialist stench that is a death knell for The American Way.

That may be a big hoorah for socialism, but it is not what America needs. God help us if a band of activated kids whines, nags and cajoles adults in Congress to placate them with reckless bills from which we may never be able to extricate ourselves. A few youngsters and malfeasants in Congress are especially sympathetic to the ignorant whining and thus extra dangerous.

This is not gimme-a-dollar-for-an-ice-cream ma, to a kid who is already packing too many pounds. This is a wild kid with no focus who’s demanding keys to dad’s ’Vette and broke into the liquor cabinet.

Reporters, get woke --

Questions you should be asking but aren’t, of the nation’s child-active anti-gun-rights commandos:
When you say assault weapons, what do you mean exactly? Get answers.

What specifically would be subject to confiscation, banned from sale, and how is this constitutionally permissible? Note: Reporters should estimate quantities involved and property values for well-researched articles.

What should the public then be allowed to have?
Who in your opinion should decide what firearms the public can have, and how is that power delegated?
You seek to limit magazine capacity. How many rounds should a magazine have?
How did you arrive at that number?
Experts say having less ammunition is dangerous in an emergency. How do you respond?
Would police accept reduced-capacity magazines, and why or why not?
A key purpose of the Second Amendment is to provide a balance of power between the public and the government. Are you aware of that, and does that matter?
Do the police and the public have any parity of arms?
Have you read any of the bills adults have proposed in response to your demands?
If it turns out the bills, which have only been proposed by democrats, do not match your demands, a) would you still support them, and b) Would you feel like you were being used for influence, but not for your goals?
Should background checks include gun registration?
What’s the difference?
Background checks have played no part in stopping the ongoing Muslim jihad mass murders, which have targeted the LGBTQ community and so-called “infidels.” How will your plan affect that?
Why are children becoming psychotic and willing to mass murder their classmates, when they never used to, even though guns used to be more available than they are today?
Will background checks address that problem (suddenly sociopathic children)?
Do drug companies have a role in that, as critics charge, which everyone is sweeping under the rug?
Are you or have you ever taken psychoactive prescription drugs and if so which ones, on whose recommendation?
Would you be willing to be permanently banned from ever owning a firearm yourself, for your own safety or the safety of others? Why or why not? If you’re under age, would you be willing to have an adult sign for you?
Is there any difference between the M1 rifle millions of soldiers brought back with them from World War II and Korea and the AR-15 rifle you want to ban, besides the wood vs. polymer stock?
A version of this article appeared in American Handgunner in May, 2018.
A superb publication, worth your attention.


Stopping psychos, and gun checks, are unrelated

Anti-gun-rights crusaders keep calling for new and improved background checks. You know why. They dance in the blood of victims, using tragedy to manipulate for their goals. It’s what they do. Bottom line, they don't want checks, they want all the guns.

The problem with the check scheme is that background checks are a lie. The crusaders’ big claim, constantly repeated on the old-news channels, is that the existing check has stopped about three million gun sales. What a glorious achievement. We need more of this, they say.

Not a single reporter in the entire profession has the brains, training or ethics to ask even the most obvious questions. This perpetuates the lie. Whether that’s deliberate, ignorance, stupidity, a plot, it doesn’t matter. What matters is it’s harmful. So I’ll ask.

Where are the three million arrests? Right?

It’s a serious crime to try to get guns if you legally can’t, you know that.

The check is designed to find criminals trying to buy guns at retail. The criminals banned are really bad dudes—bank robbers, rapists, murderers, fugitives, addicts, the mentally unstable, spousal abusers, jihadis, illegal aliens, there’s a federal list. It’s a long-term felony for these people to try.

What good is the background check if it finds these villains, has them right there in the store with the FBI on the phone for Pete’s sake, and we just turn them away? Do you know how much money we’re spending on this? Do we want to catch and lock up “the element” or not? We have their signatures on a form for proof. The background check is a lie.

But wait... are these people really guilty of anything? That’s one of the excuses the Brady supporters and authorities give (they have many) for not locking up virtually any of the desperados they identify: a positive hit in the system is insufficient grounds for dispatching an arresting unit. It’s not exactly court-quality evidence to press charges. Say what?

Put another way, those three million background-check “victims” experienced denial of their fundamental constitutional right to buy firearms by government clerks and a list. They could not confront their accuser, did not get a reason for the denial, and in significant numbers the denials were wrong. They were essentially convicted and denied their rights without a trial. Their due process was revoked. The background check is worse than a lie, it’s a travesty. For those three million denials, prosecutions are extremely rare, in low two digits annually, convictions are apparently not even routinely tracked.

Left-wingers dreamed this up, and got it enacted dancing in blood (they still do) back in the 1990s. It seemed to make sense, like many of their schemes, but in practice it is totally bogus. It destroys due process, plays find and release with criminals, can’t distinguish between the guilty and the innocent and wastes scarce funds. They don’t care, they just promote it like crazy, maybe because they are -- and it is. Reporters march along. Shame on my journalism profession for the harm they cause. "If the media reported accurately on guns the debate would end."

The BIDS system, the Blind ID System, performs a similar function, but it costs far less and doesn’t register gun owners by the tens of millions, like the current “NICS” system seems to. Gun-owner registration is the primary but unspoken goal of the current plan, another lie. When Janet Reno first built the thing in Clarksburg, W.Va., back in 1998, not only was it a registration system, in direct violation of the enabling statute’s ban on recording (18 USC §922 s&t), she had the audacity to announce that her $250 million computer could not erase records. There is no end to the hubris of bureaucrats and anti-gun-rights crusaders.

The FBI assures us none of the inbound gun-buyer data is stored in any way, but you can’t audit, and how much faith do you have in that? When I diagrammed the entire system for Gun Owners of America, ( it turned out NICS queries criminal databases in many lands (Scotland Yard, Mossad and Interpol, for example). There's no indication those search records are wiped.

In the BIDS system, instead of gathering millions of innocent people’s names, licensed dealers receive the names of the bad guys, like wanted posters, and they check it out in their stores. Simple, efficient, encoded, logged so you can’t check out your daughter’s boyfriend. We trust certified dealers to sell guns, we can trust them to look up their customers in a secure phone book.

BIDS might make sense. The send-me-your-name NICS registration scheme is hoax-like from the word go. But ever since the presidency changed, the nation has learned how much one side perpetually lies.

POSTSCRIPT: When it comes down to it, the gun-ban cheerleaders won't be happy until guns, "go away." But there is no "go away." They are guaranteed to remain dissatisfied, while we refuse to cooperate. Have the government take guns? You're only giving them to Mr. Trump, who gun grabbers think is a Nazi personified, so that's hopelessly irrational. Irrational. And even a wave-a-magic-wand disappearance method (or 100% effective bill) is nonsense, communist China would start imports worse than cocaine trafficking. South America too. All we face from the left on guns is mythtology and Utopianism that interferes with life.


A version of this article originally appeared in The Daily Caller.

Gun Laws We Need Are No Longer Options

Edited for Page Nine from the original in Dillon's Blue Press

The democrats are on the march. Because they now run the U.S. House of Representatives, they figure they can draft and introduce anything, and they have. They took an entire congressional day a while back (when they were still doing law) to preach, proselytize and promote (they no longer debate) H.R. 8, a gun-registration scheme disguised as some sort of so-called “background checks.” It says no gun will move between people without paperwork filed.

We already have background checks, which we were promised would basically end gun-related crime. H.R. 8 does nothing about armed criminals. The checks are expensive, consume crime-fighting resources, and have become an entire employment branch of the FBI and BATFE. According to Dept. of Justice studies, massive inner-city murder counts, domestic-violence hostilities and murderous sociopathic outbursts in the news (with endless saturation media “coverage”) are unaffected by the existing or newly proposed checks. Mass media omits the inconvenient fact.

All the focus on checks is being prompted by, and done in hopes to forestall homicidal children from slaughtering their classmates, and to stop spree killers and jihadis from randomly creating massacres. If only the “news” media would point out that this and related bills are not remotely related to fixing those problems. Stopping mass murderers, and implementing new record checking are unconnected phenomena.

“If mass media reported accurately

on gun issues, the entire debate

would end.”

 H.R. 8 says gun registration is banned, but people in the know understand that’s just window dressing, designed to provide plausible deniability. That clause can be removed with ease at any later date. The important thing for the left is to get H.R. 8 passed (which they have done), by the one House they control. Control. In the future, the near future, they can massage, change, amend, completely rewrite and reintroduce amending amendments, and make registration the core of the program. They know it, I know it, now you know it. The Dept. of Justice said the obvious, the scheme can’t work without registration: without knowing where everyone’s guns are, private transfers (the new wrinkle) can’t be controlled. That’s why the left just considers this a good first step. Everyone who understands is aware of that.

The results of crime control

are not demographically diverse.

Control of privately transferred firearms, the actual goal of this bill, doesn’t work unless the government knows who has what guns. Without that information, there’s no way to tell if you or anyone transferred a gun to anyone. To know if you own the guns you always had, and still have all the guns you used to have, the government needs a list. All of the time, effort and money of H.R. 8 goes into tracking YOU, not stopping crime. Remember, gun control is about control. It is not crime control. Crime control would look like increased budget and facilities for arresting, trying and incarcerating some of the 6,000 murderers annually who walk free. Crime control means disarming armed criminals lurking in the usual haunts. The left doesn't propose crime control.

The left actually detests dealing with crime control for a difficult reason -- the results of crime control are not demographically diverse. This defeats a tenet of leftist ideology. Crime control to the left is racist, due to its disparate results.


Because gun registration is a required piece of the new so-called background-check scheme, and is meaningless without it, this is a reason why it meets such stiff opposition. It’s evil incarnate, not due to one powerful lobby or another, positioned well and struggling uphill, fighting the good fight. Lobbies like NRA, GOA, SAF, JPFO and the rest are there because left-wing socialist gun-rights-denial plans are so bad.

America needs a law to guarantee that registration—the prerequisite for gun confiscations—cannot happen. The Constitution’s ban on infringement itself is no longer enough. That in itself is astounding. People would approve banning transfers without government approval, as if they are empowered to vote for such things. Too many politicians, sidewinding, bottom-feeding ethics-free maggots—no longer have honor, and violate the Big C without remorse. We the people must hold them accountable, and contained, with legitimate threats of jail time. Here’s how it’s done.

Gun-owner registration is infringement.

Registration is infringement. Infringement is banned. Why? Well it’s easy to see that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, that’s in the Constitution itself, that language is plain. What’s missing is punishment.

Gun and gun-owner registration puts brakes on what you can and cannot freely do—like handing a gun to your buddy, or buying a gun from your friend. Those freedoms you currently enjoy are interfered with—infringed—by the registration and background-check schemes democrats are pushing in both H.R. 8, H.R. 1112, previous proposals, and bills floating now through state legislatures.

Anyone who would infringe your right to property you already own should face (a court martial, ethics inquiry, censure, expulsion, impeachment, fines, ridicule, ostracism, penalties, jail time, tar and feathering, firing squad, pick one). Due process and a ban on cruel and unusual punishment helps guide your choices.

Such a bill would actually provide protection for proper law enforcement officers who might be pressed into service to enforce unconstitutional infringement dictates now being cooked up by the socialist party disguised as democrats. Officers could legally refuse to act in any way that infringes on a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, which people already keep and bear. Because the officers would be subject to penalties for violating citizens’ rights to arms, they (the officers) would have grounds for refusing to obey such orders—it would make police criminals to do so.


1st Amendment faces risks as great as 2nd Amendment

4th, 5th, 6th and 10th Amendments also under assault

For years, only 2A folks payed attention

by Alan Korwin, “The Uninvited Ombudsman

An increasing number of Americans are becoming aware of an ignored “holiday,” formerly the purview mainly of gun activists and Second Amendment supporters—the day the Bill of Rights was ratified, Dec. 15, 1791.

Articles 3 through 12, proposed amendments to the then new U.S. Constitution, were renamed and became the U.S. Bill of Rights. A landmark in the record of human liberty, nothing like it had ever been attempted. It now faces threats as never before.

While gun rights previously took most of the heat, all civil rights are in more jeopardy in 2019. Gun-rights advocates promoted the date, because they saw Second Amendment guarantees of the right to arms as fundamental to protection of the rest. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, has vigorously promoted the date for decades, under a banner, of “All of the Bill of Rights for all citizens,” knowing gun rights were carried on its coattails.

Journalists, who as a group often disparage the Second Amendment and the armed populace it encourages, now face a torrent of anti-Bill of Rights sentiment and laws, largely from left-wing college students and professors, who believe free speech, which derives its nearly absolute powers from the First Amendment, falls out of favor. Along with it, the right to practice religion without government interference, and even the right to assemble, have come under withering scrutiny, including physical and moral attack. Varieties of “political correctness,” euphemisms for marxism/socialism are to blame, promoting fear, hatred, racism, intolerance, “required diversity,” offensiveness, narratives and group think as reasons to curtail free exchange of ideas and speech.

Pundits note that so-called “red-flag gun laws,” as well as current congressional efforts to impeach the U.S. president, rely heavily on removal of due process protections under the 4th through 6th Amendments. These include bedrocks of freedom such as innocence until guilt is proven, the ability to confront your accuser and compel witnesses to appear in your defense, and public trials by jury, all of which have been abrogated. Other guarantees of the Bill of Rights have been ignored, with no penalties—or even charges—brought against the perpetrators, one of the most glaring flaws in the Constitution—it provides no specific penalties for abuse of its terms, short of revolt.

Bill of Rights Day can be easily celebrated by simply reading The Bill of Rights, alone or with friends, privately or aloud in public:


Left-wing politicians left the closet

As originally published in American Handgunner Magazine

January-February 2020 edition, on newsstands now!
See Alan's previous work there:


If a political party with significant power abandons the rule of law, proceeding headlong down a path with no Constitution, no due process and brute force thinly disguised as court decisions, is this why America’s public is armed?

Back in Colonial times, the public understood the only deterrent to a government run amok was power in the hands of the people:

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

–Thomas Jefferson

To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.

–George Mason

 OK, so we’re well armed, at least the half of us that understands these things. The other half, unfortunately, collectively cloistered in a single political party is clueless. They have reached a point, whipped on by their “democratically elected leaders” where they’ve been convinced they must vote us out of our rights.

They can’t legitimately confiscate property we already own, but this doesn’t seem to matter in present presidential debates. An entire party’s worth of candidates don’t see it, or ask each other—they have actually put it in their platform. A full palette of prohibited acts have become their goals—ex post facto laws, takings without compensation, warrantless searches and seizures, even total bans on firearms. It’s as if the Constitution does not exist.

The so-called “news” media doesn’t question it either, not even a little. If there ever was a third rail of politics, it is no longer Social Security, at least not with millennials cheering skateboarders onto a stage. It is guns—and not just keeping and bearing them. It is the disarming, subarming and confiscation part. The part no reporter will address. Not because they don’t care—they care deeply. They want you disarmed as much as these campaigning pols. They won’t touch it out of electrified fear.

One candidate after another has a more ambitious plan to outlaw, confiscate and ban the best firearms we own. The types police prefer because they’re the best. America, we have reached a tipping point. We have reached the point the Founders armed us for, and only we the armed seem to notice. It’s because we’re old enough to have been educated before socialism overtook and overwhelmed the education system—marxism uber alles.

America has gotten so opulent, comfortable and frankly lazy, the idea of using the front end of guns for their intended purpose—defense of freedom against a confiscatory, un-constitutional, radicalized government seems virtually unthinkable. Candidates don’t fear our arms. They’re proudly—proudly!—promising to confiscate, well, virtually everything that launches lead. Ask what they believe is protected, they stammer. Some believe and have said the Constitution protects muzzleloaders, from the time the document was written.

They say that into microphones that spread speech worldwide instantly. When the Constitution was written, speech traveled as far as you could throw your voice from a soapbox, and no further. The irony is lost on them.

Their hatred—yes hatred—of you and your guns knows no bounds. The days of denying it have ended. They are out of the closet. Some do hate guns in a hoplophobic way, like arachnophobes hate spiders and aquaphobes fear water. It’s just blind medical hatred, and subject to cure, but medical magicians have their heads firmly up where the sun don’t shine. They are “in denial,” the left’s favorite phrase for everyone but themselves.

But others hate you for that root cause—you represent freedom. That firearm in your hands is power, just like guns in their alphabet-soup agencies is power. Sure, power comes from the barrel of a pen, and they have those, but hard power comes from the barrel of a gun. They know this. They want yours which, just coincidentally, will leave you powerless. It will make their tyrannical leadership more secure. They understand it like the communist Chinese leadership understands it. And like every dictatorship that rules (“leads”) a nation of people who are disarmed.

So at what point does the muzzle of your gun protect your gun from tyranny? When one of these socialist-dictator types (running as “green” candidates but actually outspoken virtual commie red ones) decides you can’t keep a decent rifle you already own, and assaults it with “a bill”? Do you file a letter or protest? Do you wait for an official vote? Go to courts they run, with judges they pay, and lawyers—yours and theirs—licensed by them, and learn, as Lenny Bruce poignantly noted, “In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls”? They’re coming for your guns, loudly, proudly, in the open, now, on center stage. Do you really expect to get the kind of fair treatment the Central Park Five got?

It is beyond comprehension—ambitious candidates of an entire party—are campaigning on things the Constitution bans, and getting cheering support.

I certainly don’t advocate violence. On the other hand, like my armed countrymen, I vigorously support self defense and am prepared to act if desperate immediate proximate criminal trouble were to arise, God forbid. I’ve been through intensive training, classes, reading, for decades. I’ve written ten books on the subject—so far.

What I haven’t done is consider the dire threat politicians present to the nation, when they stoke the flames of revolution by doing precisely what the British did that got us there those many years ago. They have announced they’re coming for our guns. It is not subtle. It is not limited. It is not allowed.


Remembering what Germany didn't finish -- that millions of people still want.

Nov. 9 is the day Jewish genocide became official government policy, "anti-Semitism" writ so large today's use of the term is silly.

It's not anti-Semitism -- Arabs (Semites) want it.

It's Jew hatred.

Jews the world over know what Kristallnacht is — Nov. 9, 1938 -- the day Nazis got serious about wiping out the Jews. Using the assassination of one low-level German officer in Paris as an excuse, Germans went about murdering Jewish people, burning their stores and homes, destroying synagogues, Torahs and other artifacts. Basically, the gloves came off, the so-called final solution was on.  

Millions of Muslims Want Kristallnacht Again

It is exactly what tens of millions of Muslims all over the world seek to accomplish today -- wipe Jews off the map, Kristallnacht II (in the Middle East, maps are made without Israel printed on it). The non-partisan Pew Center estimates the precise number at "only" 180 million radicalized Islamists (15% of all believers). Experts say the 15% figure is an underestimate. They are a genocidal enemy army that the current president, Mr. Trump, is confronting directly -- leading furious left-wing American citizens, Jews among them, to aim not at the enemy, but at him and the defenders of freedom.  

Make even vague reference to the real threat these muslim monsters represent and expect to be attacked... by your countrymen. The Southern Poverty Law Center, itself a radical left-wing group, detests these statements, and works to suppress such thought. Free speech aimed at our enemies is intolerable to the intolerant left, that our media bills as tolerant.  

So while our mass media obsesses on miniature anti-Semitism domestically, global institutionalized anti-Semitism is not only ignored, it is excused, justified and even sits on the U.N. Human Rights panel. Reporters can't see lethal enemies in front of them, but can find time and space to argue for disarming the public in the face of all this. And then supports officials complicit in efforts to undermine the Bill of Rights, ignore due process and disarm the public. Any effort that disarms Jews, even slightly, by disarming any segment of the decent public, is intolerable and must be met with resistance. Infringement is banned.  

Kristallnacht , extended article.

Armed with Weapons of Sport

NOTE: Dear Page Nine readers -- It's been a while. My WWII vet Dad, now 99, has been taking up some time. My other projects, national magazine columns, decreasing energy with advancing age (my overachiever days seem to be behind me now that I've turned 70!), clients, grandson, sci-fi screenplay, speaking engagements, travel, Bloomfield Press, no matter how hard I work, I can't seem to do everything anymore, like I used to do. Page Nine appeared regularly for 13 years (can you believe it?) 184 issues, all still posted and most still good (too much honesty Alan). Read some! I've been drafting news releases as a consultant for JPFO, a group worthy of your support regardless of your religion or interest in such matters. Their fight for freedom and preservation of firearms ownership is second to none. I plan to post some, like, now. Alan.



Robert Francis Couldn't be More Wrong


The “Nicknamed Candidate” has no clue about firearms

Our forefathers fought our British oppressors with weapons of war. The “Nicknamed Candidate” for president, this Beto fellow, thinks the Founders couldn’t imagine us armed properly with weapons of war. We had the most sophisticated weapons of war imaginable in the late 1700s, weapons capable of fighting and defeating the most powerful army on the planet. That was the plan. It still is. The Second Amendment codifies this for the Militia -- our People.

This person running for president as Beto must be a fool. His understanding of history stops short of any comprehension of why we are armed. We are armed as a balance of power, a threat to the existing order if it gets out of line. It keeps us free. You don’t do that subarmed, with weapons of sport, or weapons of hunting ducks. Americans must have parity with police and infantry. To the extent we do not, we are subject to subjugation and frankly, that balance is slipping, and so tyranny creeps closer. Any careful observer can see that’s true, and frightening.

The fact that no one at the presidential debate, no competing candidate, moderator or people "allowed" to interview him afterwards even touched on this subject later tells you all you need to know about the sorry state of modern politics and so-called "news" media. It lacks any news content. The perpetrators of the broadcasts couldn't qualify for an entry level journalism exam. Their understanding of history -- and interviewing skills -- is lower than an eighth grader. They are not just fake news, they are incompetent and misleading the nation, doing irreparable harm.

CNN for one was just outed as a deliberately partisan shill for the democrat party, led by a man whose license to operate should be revoked. Oh, that's right. Journalists are unlicensed, operating without background checks -- or morals. Or facts. And they fired their ombudsman years ago, like the rest of the media.

Relying on a handful of psychotic maniacs who senselessly murder unarmed civilians as leverage to disarm the entire populace -- what the entire democrat party seems to be doing -- is emblematic of exactly who you do not want to elect or even listen to for advice.

Asking the nicknamed candidate, riding a child’s skateboard -- which didn’t even exist in Colonial times -- for advice on how to run the country, is a fool’s game. The fact that our so-called “news” media would give him serious consideration may be the second biggest problem we face. Not just fake news, but fraudulent reporting, misleading the body politic, using a putz as a pundit.


A version of this essay was published last week by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, who I have been consulting with for many years. They stand alone among many fine gun-rights groups, putting teeth behind the words, Never Again!, unafraid to call a spade a spade. The lamestream is afraid to attack JPFO openly, for fear of being called anti-Semitic or racist, which of course they all are, but hide. Muslim Arab communities for example, which the lamestream often shows unwarranted sympathy for, even when the subject is the ongoing jihad against Western Civilization, are all Semitic people, the first deception. It's proof media isn't anti-Semitic, they are Jew haters. Media often use language to hide what they do:

The Politically Corrected Glossary,

As far as blatant racism, media hides it front of your face by lamenting the problems facing people of color, using the preposition "of" to hide what they used to freely call colored people, now a prohibited phrase, because it's racist. Hey media -- they're both equal. Singling out colored people (oops, people of color) for notoriety, is racism on your sleeve. Dear readers, when you see that preposition next (it is constant) read the line without it, and have your eyes opened. Become woke.

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