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Thank you for this breath of fresh air.

-- Andrew Betts

Your voice is a unique, witty, vivid and highly articulate one and I’d love to see it in the national arena!

-- Sharyn Grobman Korwin, General Counsel

[I did NOT put her up to saying that.]

I have followed and admired Col. Cooper for 50 years at least.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Friends dinner at Truth or Consequences NM some years ago.  I remember vividly one statement he made about self defense (VERY politically incorrect) "There are some people who just need killin'"

-- jschuma

You are on a roll today! The folks who have unsubscribed don't know what they're missing. What a shame. Always an eye-opener to read your insights.

-- [Mainstream reporter friend, name withheld to protect employment.]

Mahmoud Amabadjihad -- had to read it twice, and worth it.

just a brief note to say thank you for your informative pieces. also, thank you for your wit and your ability to cut to the core on many issues. all the best,

-- captain d. scully

I wonder if Col Cooper told NRA management, “A gun that's safe isn't worth anything," since they help those efforts? This was the best p9 yet.

-- Russ

Another great UO! Though I don't always agree with your viewpoint I really appreciate your cynical sense of humor.

-- Art Merrill

[A scholar and author friend wrote:]
Why is the fact that some members of the Black Caucus are mulatto important enough to note and why do you feel that it cannot be discussed? Bob.

[And I replied:]
Because it's true.

Race has become a discussion obscured by agendas, political correctness and lies. Bean counters demean everyone with broad brushes to allocate resources, with no concern for constitutionality. The melting pot is balkanized.

Eugene Volokh perceptively notes that both Reps and Dems inconsistently and hypocritically accept and condemn racial profiling. Dems encourage it for affirmative action rewards and condemn it for terrorism and crime prevention. Reps encourage it for police work and the jihad with islamofascists and berate it for diversity quotas.

Meanwhile, "black" is treated as a monolithic bloc for government programs and census demographics, but Nigerian immigrants, southerners and the middle class couldn't be more different. And "white" is erroneously used to batch everyone from Greeks to Spaniards, Italians to Norwegians, Irish, Hispanics and a dozen other distinct groups. It is totally unAmerican. E Pluribus Unum. Unity, not multicultural race baiting.

Someone has to stand and say this emperor has no clothes, at the risk of being called names. Creating arbitrary and false categories, pigeonholing the public into them, and then developing cultural, legal and giveaway programs around them is just wrong.

As to why it cannot be discussed, the reasons are complex, but I believe we both are aware the news is simplistically black and white, with no shades in-between that would generate the opprobrious charge of racism*. Alan.

From my non-existent Dictionary of Reality:

Racism. n. A false charge of devastating power, that can be brought against a person without cause, especially when no real charges are available, to gain advantage in a debate.  See also, Political Correctness.

Political Correctness. n. 1. A wildly successful political tool of the left. 2. The inability to say or do what you really want, for fear of offending a person or group. 3. A disguised form of creeping socialism, that disavows traditional American values*, with rejection of personal responsibility for actions, and embracing instead centralized controls and power.

* The rights of the Bill of Rights, limited government, private property, free markets and enterprise, sovereignty of the individual, morality, independence instead of conformity, self interest as a driving force over enforced common good approach, more.

"PC is the verbal equivalent of burning books.  It is mind and thought control, pure and simple." (Gary Sepp)

Thanks so much for the 'Page Nine' update, it's hysterically funny! It was truly fantastic meeting you, as brief as it was, and I knew immediately that I had met a remarkable man. (Please know that I am not disposed to flattery, and can count on half a hand the # of times I have used that adjective when describing new acquaintances.)

-- Dr. Goodman

Are you the only one that will point out the lamestream media, and what is not being reported? Everyday it gets worse and no one is reporting it, except you. Thank You.

-- Elmo C Sherman

[Elmo, Thanks, and you need to get out more.]

"Teachers, insulated from market forces and largely addicted to copious supplies of "free" money regardless of their performance, support reporters reports. All those people need their heads placed on pikes."

As a teacher of 36 years (the last six as an unpaid volunteer) I strongly object to this paragraph.  I usually agree with your "takes" but not this time!

-- Michael Jones

[REPLY:] My mother always tells me to use the partative, and I too often forget. How about "Many teachers..." The "pikes" line is just frustration (and Mom didn't like it either).

Keep up the great work... Page Nine is great.

-- Richard Feeney

Polygamy.....when I look at my marriage I strongly believe this is a mental aberration. Who in their right mind wants more than one wife?

-- Bubba (not his real name)

That last one was funny!!

Hi Alan. In this line: "When Knickmeyer says this erased evidence of progress her editorial conclusion is pronounced and unethical, according to leading experts." Who are the leading experts? You warned us about editors slipping that in after the fact--is this a test?


Also, I'm disappointed that you aren't disputing the outrageous claims the proponents of global warming spout off. Maybe I'm just missing it in the sarcasm and misdirection. One of my favorite claims by the flat-earthers was "global warming can actually cause cooler temperatures." My minor criticisms aside, I really enjoy Page 9, it is a treat to read. Keep up the good work! 

-- Peter

lol, that's a good page 9, i like that one.

-- TK

[My remarks about the nature of leftish teachers soaking up "funding" struck a chord -- this reply resonates.]

Where is Vlad the Impaler when we really need him? The government-funded leftist/neo-communist brainwashing organization so glibly called "our public school system" is, IMHO, a more serious threat to the principles and values upon which America was founded, than the islamofascists, because, if they had their way, they'd give up, cut & run, hide and cower, appease, etc. etc. until western civilization is no more!

-- Dave Knight

Alan, you do a hell of a job with your constant up-dates.

-- Al

I just want to thank you for such a refreshing breath of logic and sanity in a country gone crazy.  There is hope.  Thank you.

-- Jo Jo Gayman

Best Page Nine yet.

-- Angel Shamaya

Alan, I liked your comment: "believability suppositories" (BS).

-- Reg

Alan, #13 is the tops. You just get "betterer 'n' betterer." I missed a couple of those curve balls thrown by the "AZ Republic" so thank you for enlightening me. Duly passed on to a horde of good people.

-- Jack Duncan

Since I see that you are taking comments from readers, I will throw my two cents in. The above sentence from #13 is a really unfortunate use of words. Although you may mean it, labeling people who take from the rich and give to the poor as do-gooders gives them moral superiority. You acknowledge they are doing good. You will never win the argument that it (good) shouldn't be done.

Sincerely yours, Jack Crawford, Maryland

[REPLY:] A "good" point Jack. The term is used sarcastically, which may be easy to overlook. How about "so-called do gooders"? --Alan.

Responding to remarks about "invasive species" actually being more fit, regardless of how they arrive (by the hand of man or otherwise), Jim Bartlett says:

Tell that to the trout and smallmouth populations that are being decimated in the Potomac river cause someone thought they were being nice by releasing a species of ornamental Chinese fish called a Northern Snakehead into the river. It's now being found all the way up into Maryland. It's killing off pretty much anything that gets in it's way, to include crab hatchlings. Goodbye crab fishermen round 2. What the algae blooms didn't do, the exotic fish industry will finish. Oh well, it was a nice fishery for a couple hundred years anyway. Not everyone who cares about the environment is a socialist operative...IE: Ducks Unlimited.

Page Nine is one of my favorites. I read the Patriot, but they tend to get off point with religious fervor. I do not bother with the media in general since it is as we know just a rotten stinking liberal morass. I got a kick out of the little girlyboy comment from "Tom" who claimed you had no right to criticize the media. Someone must. I appreciate your voicing the truth.

-- Thomas R. Cook III, DMD, MD

Regarding acetone being undetectable, SIHarmon notes: Wow.... I am surprised. I could ALWAYS tell when acetone was used in the lab... or while taking off nail polish... it has a strong and definite odor. Also, since you have to mix them, and they are instantly unstable, that makes it a little difficult to properly place them for maximum effect. I can guarantee you that anyone opening a liter of acetone on an airplane is going to get complaints from everyone sitting around them.

Alan... Marvelous, Juicy, Schtick... as usual, Thx.

-- Peter Kunka

Alan - Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this column together.

-- W.F. "Bill" Lawry

I'm somewhat trained as a scientist (BS Physics) and somewhat trained in philosophy (Ayn Rand / Nathaniel Branden Institute 1964 - 1969) and I am amazed at how much uncritical thinking I am 'guilty' of.

Your piece about Pluto was an eye-opener for me. I read the reports and had access to all the same information you did but I stepped over the absolute nature of science and let the news of Pluto's demotion slide right on by. Boy, have I gotten sloppy!

Thanks for maintaining an objective view on what's happening and for triggering my 'tune up'.

Alan: I found out about your eletter when Jack Duncan began forwarding to The Platoon, (his mailing list for items of this nature). I finally decided it was time to subscribe myself. Thanks, Ray.

Hang in there with Page Nine, it's excellent.

-- Mac Cox

Tell the census -- profiling is illegal.

Regular reader "James J. Lippard" ( observes about Pluto that:

This is just a silly definitional dispute which has no actual scientific consequences.

... and about the census: They've been doing annual surveys for a while now, and they are ridiculously intrusive, asking how many bathroom fixtures you have and what time you leave for work.

Author and commentator Craig Cantoni observes: Given the increasing number of opinions masquerading as news on the news pages, maybe we should start calling them viewspapers instead of newspapers. (,

Very good information. Been so busy with recording I haven't had a chance to read your articles. I'm trying to catch up with them now.

-- Larry Hubbard

While I'm on the subject of Alan Korwin I want to make everyone aware of his new column that comes out about every two weeks. It's called Page Nine and is a great source of information much of which is 'tongue-in-cheek'. It is an indictment of the mind control techniques being used by the 'Eminent Media' in this country.

-- John Burtt, The Fifty Caliber Institute

Your comments on the Lamestream media are short, precise and compelling. Accuracy in Media (AIM) used to do this but eventually got caught up in their own prolix. Keep up your machine gun delivery! Best, PJ O'Malley

Re: Dunsmoor redistributing wealth: Very well stated and right on the head, glad someone has the Heuvos to realize and speak this out. You are correct in that the Constitution does not name who shall steal and redistribute those riches. Great stuff and thanks.

-- Wayne

Right on Alan. I have more respect for a mugger than a welfare recipient. At least the mugger has to get out of bed and assume some personal risk to get the fruits of another's labors.

-- David Rothschild

David vs. Goliath
Tom Evans: I have followed your development of Page Nine with great interest. You are plowing new ground in the effort to bring honesty to news reporting. Perhaps there have been others, but the first time I have seen challenges of your versions of events reported in Page Nine came in No. 13. I know you, so I feel sure you do good research to find facts that expose the constant fraud committed by the worldwide news production system, but I have expected such an attack to come as soon as you strike the right nerves among the operators of our news factories. I hope that you will continue and that you will take steps to defend yourself from attacks that will surely come from those whom you expose as dishonest.

I first saw just how rotten the world's news system is during the early 1960s as a police officer embroiled in four months of civil rights protests. I mention this, now, because most people don't realize what the impact of manufactured news reports are upon later historical writings. Thirty-five years after my law enforcement experience, I was amazed by two developments. A University of Virginia lecturer was shown on television describing events reported in manugfactured print and broadcast media news reports. This lecturer compounded his errors by trusting the news reports enough to claim that he was on the scene and saw the events he described, himself. Of course, he was not there. He was too young and protected by his parents to be involved in such a dangerous situation. His lectures, based upon fraudulent news reports, were recorded and probably archived for use by historical researchers for all time to come. Another example is in a book written by a man who is billed as a Smithsonian Institution historian. The book was sold as history -- not as fiction and not as opinion. It reported other events that did not happen from the same period. His book has been widely sold and read by people who have no idea what is true or not true. This author's distortions and outright lies will also remain forever as part of the body of recorded "fact," and will influence many unsuspecting people to forever misunderstand a lot of good people and some of their very responsible actions.

Alan: The First Amendment protects this, and that's OK with me, even though lies are bad. The alternative would be the U.S. Dept. of Accuracy (DOA), which I would oppose.

Tom: I have lived and worked for the past 30 years at the site of development of much news and many news reports. When events that I witnessed or became part of were reported, I found them to be often untrue and almost always slanted in support of one viewpoint. Never, until now, have I seen any effort to combat the damage that is done daily to our country, our people and all who will be later deceived by the historical record when you and I are no longer around to point out the fraud that is so often reported as fact.

Alan: I'm flattered. Fortunately, there are many fine media watchdogs out there at this point. Go to and join, it's free, they send a great newsletter. I'm on their speaker's bureau. Witnessing an event, and then recoiling at the reported version, is a common experience.

Tom: I think the primary motives behind the distortions are to support the social and political viewpoints of the news production systems and the people who manage them for personal gain, beginning in the educational system and continuing through the news delivery factories to the sponsors who pay to have their names associated with the stories.

Alan: They are a self selected set, drawn by a misguided desire to "do good" and right the wrongs of the world -- as they see it. This is driven largely by a socialist ideology, taught mercilessly in journalism schools (and government schools in general), that seeks to take from one group and give to another deemed more needy (redistribution of wealth by force of government, the antithesis of The American Way), failure to recognize that taxes are for the public good, not for benefit of preferred groups, and false belief that this is compassionate (taking from those who earn money and giving it to those who do not, by force; willingness to use coercion to obtain personally chosen social ends).

Tom: That said, I think that no David has ever fought such a dangerous Goliath. May your stones fly true and may your sling never fail. Others like "media watchpup.--tom" (the distorted clip was intentional), whose response you reported in No. 13, will attack you in ways that even you may not anticipate. Don't stop; just be careful. If you succeed, future historians will owe you more than you will ever know.

By the way, I subscribed to, I hope it is always as good as the two clips I just viewed.

Good stuff to think about, keep up the good works on Page Nine.

-- George, Mason Electric Defense Contractor, California

News media identify sources of their information. Where are your sources? Why should we depend on your guesses and opinions? You have much less credibility to judge mainstream media coverage. Media watchdog? I don't think so. Not even media watchpup.

-- Tom

(Note: It's a good point, I'll get more assiduous in naming names.)

I like this PAGE 9, Alan. Keep up the good work! Thanks for what you do!

-- Roger Clark

My gripe is how the media set the news to music and make it like, well, Showtime entertainment. Do we need music in the background?

Alan: In reading over your Page Nine since you started it, it appears as though you may have a Winner going for you. Reading the feed back from readers, which is very interesting, I feel that you are on the Right Track and every next issue should and will be better than the previous one. The American Public is in need of news which is upfront, understandable, and tells the Truth. Keep it going.

-- Jim Paddock

As a moderate democrat in southern Indiana, I truly enjoy your news and views. Keep up the good work and, may I have one of your full-color catalogs?

Thanks, John Freeman

(Note: I need a street address to mail the catalog, right? That goes for everyone.)

I enjoy your information. Do you have any books about the Uzi pistol? [Note: No, but my band The Cartridge Family has a song, "Wake Up Little Uzi"]. More people in the U.S. need to realize that we are in a war and it will be a long haul. As a people we are so dumb. It looks like we will be sending lots of aid money to Lebanon, and most of it will go to hezabola. You are doing an outstanding job, thanks.

Respectfully, Curtis J. Boughan

Alan, another instant classic! "The War on *Some* Drugs" -- I love it! The change to "clear-thinking" instead of "right-thinking" is very fitting. "The rational(e) for keeping or donating containers of suspected explosives has not been explained." -- how spot on can you be?! I'm going to fwd this to the editors of Georgia Outdoor News -- I have a feeling they may want to get this message out to 60,000 or so monthly subscribers. And there's a long list of Bcc:s to this reply -- Keep it up!!!

-- Jim Martell

I just finished Page Nine - No. 12 Alan, and I must say -- another excellent piece. I love it when you go item by item and counter the lamestream media with the truth! Excellent work -- please keep it up.

Cordially, Don Barletta

Marvelous stuff, sir, You write delightfully. Bless you.

-- John.

Your journalism studies do show in the sober, insightful professionalism of your work.

-- David Tell

Great as usual.

-- Dick

Great stuff, Alan. Keep up the great work. And: Thank You.

-- Kirk

Best issue yet! Keep up the good work... PLEASE!

Thanks, Dave

Your 'Page Nine' bite-icles are really great. 'Uninvited Ombudsman' tickles me every time I read the phrase.

I'm still laughing over the visual of "needing" fried chicken as the result of sex!

Great stuff, Alan! I will have to quote you somewhere in something meaningful. Cheers!

-- Linda Bentley, Reporter, Sonoran News

Mr. Korwin,
I have just finished reading a bunch of your posts on your blog. And I have to say -- well done! I'd like to print one or two of them in our state Libertarian Party newspaper, Virginia Liberty. See the archive at:

I especially enjoyed "Machine Gun Stickup". Thank you for your time.

-- Marc Montoni

Dear Alan,
I much enjoy your 'Page 9', an insightful look at today's news.

Re: the lack of violence in Israel, some things never change. A close friend is retired from Her Majesties Armed Forces. For part of his career, he was assigned to Northern Ireland with a top secret intelligence unit during 'the troubles'. I was shocked to learn that he took his family with him to NI, including his two young daughters!

He told me that, other than an occasional explosion in the far distance, you never knew there was a problem. His kids walked to school, and they had many Irish friends in the community. It was just like any major US city - there were places you did not go after dark!

You would never have known that from the lamestream media.

If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you read the newspaper you are misinformed. --Mark Twain

(Note: This remark was not made directly to me.)

Hi Alan,
I've been reading and enjoying your Page Nine take on things for several months now.

While I agree with you that mainstream journalism is often mediocre at best, and that there is a lowest-common-denominator mindshare as to the acceptable or "politically correct" way of covering and describing things, I don't think your contrasting offerings necessarily represent an "ombudsman"-like alternative.

I think you have aptly and thought-provokingly offered a different take on many stories of the day that reflects a different viewpoint--not necessarily an objectively more accurate, less-BS version. I think your comment that a Page Nine could be readily supported by "right thinking" mainstream businesses amply proves that you are pushing a particular set of points of view, not a sober, neutral re-analysis and re-presentation of "straight facts."

As a self-taught journalist who has learned the profession (trade, craft, art, whatever) from 20 years doing it, not from any J-school--I appreciate reporting and analysis that goes beyond the superficial, not to mention the (covertly) biased and (blatantly) incompetent.

I do thank you for your efforts on behalf of a number of viewpoints with which I agree, for your particular specialty in the area of gun laws and rights, and for your thoughtful approach to issues in general.

-- Cheers, David Tell

[REPLY:] I guess I should have said "clear thinking" mainstream businesses.

Please unsubscribe me. I prefer RSS feeds, and am now subscribed on my blook's aggregator and on my PDA via your feed. Love this stuff! Keep it comin'!

Alan, You are something ELSE! I, of course, have been an admirer of you since our first meeting at the Cactus Chordsmen gathering. In no way, however, did I comprehend the full extent of your involvement both locally and nationally. You have my full respect and friendship! The Page Nine is a great idea and one which no body else could pull off with such aplomb.

-- Yours sincerely, Charles DeFir

Great column; made me laugh, made me cry, made me cry out for more. Two thumbs up.

-- Dave Headstream

I have read your latest posting. Excellent! You are a very bright and witty man. Keep up the good work.

"The news media continues to disguise the global holy war against western civilization, conducted by Muslim fundamentalists waging jihad, as 'terrorism,' an innocuous word that implies indiscriminate criminal activity, and hides the Islamic nature of the problem." Alan, that's a great sentence. Thanks.

-- Jack Crawford.

Great issue! Here is your link.

Thank you.

-- Sheila, The Webmistress, President, Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

This a great concept - maybe the NRA and SAF will help fund it (include a few "Armed Citizen" reports from the American Rifleman?). Let me know advertising rates as I might want a small ad to list my web site/books.

-- Author and firearms trainer Chuck Klein

AWESOME reports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Page 9, keep up the great work, you are doing this great country a great service, reporting the truth! I have been getting your emails forwarded to me by a friend, can you add me to your email list please. Thank you again.


Want to let you know your efforts to keep us informed are sincerely appreciated. I enjoy the insight you bring to the table. Thanks, God bless you and yours.

Excellent work _ keep it up!

Good Work, Keep it Coming

Looks good, Alan, and I encourage you to develop it. I admit that I've never heard of it being carried in a daily newspaper, and I think it has great potential.

However, your claim that this journalistic concept has never been tried is mistaken, at least in one way.  The John Birch Society published for several years a little weekly magazine called "A Review of the News," and it had a regular feature contained precisely what you are doing here.  It took a quote from a mainstream periodical and then tore it to shreds with the truth.  This column was called, "Correction, please!"

I was in high school, and it was the part of the magazine I enjoyed most, turning to read that section before I read the articles of substance.  Therefore, based upon my own anecdotal experience, I think your approach will have great reader appeal.

You have to sell advertising, obviously.  I would be interested in being an occasional advertiser.

-- Daniel New, Father of Michael New, U.S. soldier who refused to wear U.N. uniform

I'm sending this email to myself under my "civilian" hat--the name I write books under. I just created a page on my website called THE RYTER REPORT.

I am looking for 21 people to write a weekly column on this site in exchange for my plugging their website with a link at the end of the column.  PAGE NINE looks like an ideal column. Go over and take a look at my website. See if you would like to add your column to that section of my site. Everything else on the site is written by me.

-- Jon Spokes

Excellence in journalism!!  I'm so thankful you've decided to go forward with this venture.  I hope you will in turn send it out to us in email.  I wish you the best!!

This is great stuff Alan, keep it coming please. Someone needs to do this as a counter point.

"Page Nine" is great, and much needed.  Thanks a million for writing it, and for including me on your distribution list.

Page Nine is a catchy title. And, it’s an interesting concept. Don’t know that I can use it, but maybe bits and pieces ... :). I would suggest the subheads be: FROM THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: and, FROM THE UNINVITED OMBUDSMAN:; OR, use ACCORDING TO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: and, ACCORDING TO THE UNINVITED OMBUDSMAN:. Just some thoughts — keep up the good work.

-- Elaine Kolodziej, Publisher, Wilson County News, Floresville, TX 78114

[REPLY:] Go ahead and use as much as you like Elaine. The version that goes to my media list does as you say, mainstream instead of the more accurate lamestream. Gotta be sensitive to their sensitibilities. My fans love the lamestream approach though. You do what you think best.

Thanks for the note. It turns out I have been doing Page 9 on the op-ed page for years. I have an inexhaustible supply of column topics, simply correcting the myths, half-truths and outright lies perpetrated by the left-leaning media on a daily basis. However, you are right – newsrooms are dominated by group-think liberals and they would never print such a thing. I’m often amazed my columns get through.

No newspaper will take the ad as an op ed piece, and probably none of them will sell anyone the ad space either.  They will claim, as they reject the ad, that they have against taking deceptive advertising...advertising that is designed to appear as editorial copy and, thus, designed to fool the reader into believing they are reading something other than advertising.

-- Jon Spokes, Advertising Manager, The Washington Times, National Weekly Edition

[REPLY:] Jon, It's supposed to run as news, with appropriate research, and advertising is just the same part of the mix as any other page. Time will tell. It's not an advertorial, it's a revealing perspective on what otherwise passes for news. Sure, the mainstream will be resistent, just look at their current content, what else is new. It has caught fire on the web, with a half dozen print and radio outlets using it now. I'll have responses posted on my website soon, will advise.

The Washington Times would be the perfect place for a Page Nine. Will make national headlines, attract eyes, even from the tongue cluckers. I'll bet at least some of your advertisers would love to be positioned there, might even command a premium.

-- Alan.

great idea...make it happen obi-wan

I've been a writer for almost 40 years, and I think your idea has merit. However, I seriously doubt that any newspaper would give you an entire page, with or without the advertising.  That would be just too much "real estate" to commit.

Additionally, there's a question of sustainability.  Your concept is quite ambitious and would a require a considerable staff or at least a sizable network of reliable stringers.

Finally, we come to the matter of timeliness.  As you well know, many news items just come and go, often overnight.  Thus, it will demand considerable discretion on your part to make sure your topics are "current"...and a daily "Page Nine" would be almost impossible.

On the cold hard fiscal side of things, this is just the kind of "news" that
deserves its own website.  And that could be a great start as well, like the
Drudge Report or NewsMax.  That's where the advertising revenue is!


Reprinted in the new edition of The Libertarian Enterprise

-- Ken Holder, Editor

A great idea that is long over do.  What can we do to help? I'll be glad to run it in the NYS Rifle & Pistol Association newsletter "The Bullet" with your permission.

-- Tom King, President

Well done, Alan -- good luck with this. I'm sure you'll get many to pick you up ... if I can think of a "local" angle, I'll let you know!

-- Laurie Fagen, Publisher (

OK, you got the job. How about an Arizona media watch segment on my show each week? Would you like to discuss it over coffee? How about this? We take a few of the recent media gaffs and put them together for a segment that runs 3 or four minutes, several of them and have a month full of page nine pieces and run one a week. That way we only need to hitch up every month or six weeks.

-- Ed Phillips, Arizona Almanac

It would great for you to turn this into a local mediawatch blog. I predict you would get a lot of readers.

-- Dave Kopel, Research Director, Independence Institute

You're right, they will never print it.  It could, however, be among the most popular right-leaning blogs cited daily by major radio and news outlets and/or a fee-based email newsletter for the rabid right.

This latest e-mail I received from you has really impressed me! I love your "Page Nine" and the issues it is covering.

Great concept, great idea, and succinctly expressed.  I wish you well in this venture.

Great idea.  Been thinking how to do that sort of thing myself. I think some papers would refuse, advertising dollars or not.

I'm not the sort who laughs out loud easily... but I did several times while reading your Page Nine.

More power to you.

"Page Nine" sounds like a great idea, indeed.  I just hope that there are enough papers around the U.S. to pick it up so that at least SOME of the
truth can get to the people.

-- Talk Show Host Ron Newman, Aurora, IL

I read your email, and it left me wanting more real news.

Bravo Alan!

What a great idea.... I'd read it with relish!

Fantastic idea:  I'd actually buy the local "left-wing waste of trees" solely for this feature!  However, do you really want to help support the flagging lefty excuse for a newspaper?  On the other hand, perhaps full engagement of the adversary is a more effective policy.  There's only one way to find out.

James C Finn MD
Director of Cardiac Anesthesia
Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa

That's the best idea I've heard in a long time.

Good idea and example. You should submit it to Gannett.

-- Anthony Imperato, President, Henry Repeating Arms, Co.

I would love to see a Page Nine feature in major papers but I'm afraid the idea has problems. Conservatives aren't going to buy left-leaning publications just to see the mainstream media get their nose (deservedly) rubbed in the dirt.

Your "Page Nine" concept is brilliant! Go for it!

I like the phrase "lamestream media." The rest is an exercise in logorrhetic triviality.

You are, in fact, an ignorant, hate filled spewer of racist garbage, and it is people like you, with your ethnocentric rage, that have gotten this country in the mess it is in.

I am behind your effort 100%, we need to get the people's attention and this may be just what we need.

I am in agreement with you 1,000 percent.

Terrific idea and you are just the talented writer to do it.

-- Christopher Smith, former president, Goldwater Institute

Keep it coming, it's great!

Brilliant (again).

-- Tom Jenney, former Dir. of Communications, Goldwater Institute

Go for it! I think a lot of people would appreciate your "Page Nine" viewpoints that take the spin out the news. Thanks.

Really enjoyed receiving your Page Nine e-mail. Appreciated the more complete and very different view of the news compared to what I got from the national socialist press. Thank you for turning the light on these stories. Hope to see more.

That was excellent.  I wish you luck in your Page Nine efforts.

Alan, It will work. Terrific idea!

As usual Alan, your fertile imagination and wit have given us not only a laugh, but a lamentable head shake wishing that Page 9 would become the standard. We know that we are not getting an even handed treatment of the news, and that agendas are evident. Like the Devil's greatest accomplishment, "convincing us he doesn't exist”; the news mediums greatest accomplishment is: "convincing us that it is an unbiased source of the truth." Unlike most politicians, and their media defenders, I believe people can handle the truth. Keep on keepin' on Alan, I truly wish you had a daily column, it would make buying the Repulsive almost worth while.

-- Dave Maneck

What a great idea! Lot's of questions like which paper/s, costs, expected backlash, and others.  If you can actually do this I would start subscribing to a paper again; I gave up on the local San Francisco rags awhile back. Just as a guess, what do you think a partial monthly sponsorship would be $20, $50, $100,$$$$?  I'll bet if you got 100 guys it would become a possibility. I hope you can pull it off.

Sounds like an EXCELLENT IDEA and it should get the attention of all readers.

Keep up the Good Work.  Refreshing to know there are People out there that are willing to do what you are doing.

Alan -- Regardless of the merits of the idea, I can almost guarantee that it will backfire in your face if you use incendiary terms such as 'lamestream'.  I am not a Republican or Democrat although I lean liberal on most issues besides guns and I know I would not read past that word.  If you want to raise hackles, go ahead.  If your goal is to get people to read alternative (and possibly accurate) perceptions, I suggest you turn down the provocation level a bit.

-- Carol K. Oyster, PhD, Professor of Psychology, UWL

America needs this, my best wishes for your success!

Page Nine sounds like it might put some "truths" on the table. Keep it up!!!

I love your stuff, but this is absolutely one of your very best - keep up the great work!

Hi Alan, here is your link for vol. 2.

-- Shiela, The Webmistress, President, Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

Posted Front Page today, Friday.  Are you targeting any particular day of the week?  Fridays would be great for American Daughter because we do our new lead editorial every Monday, have a guest editorial on Thursday, publish the California and New York columns on Monday and Wednesday, and have syndicated material on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We could use a jolt of new energy like this on Friday.

You are getting really good material.  I sent a letter to the Arlington, Virginia local weekly, Sun Gazette, asking them to review your two columns that you have shared so far.  While I don't think that your column would sell in the People's Republic of Arlington, the Gazette also publishes editions in hunt country, where it would be well received.

-- Nancy Mathis, The Libertarian Enterprise

I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how much I appreciate your recent flurry of "Page Nine" posts.  Great job!

I would say "OUTSTANDING!"  But that could not be enough of a superlative description.

Keep up the great work!

My message went to roughly 400 people this morning.  Many of whom will probably forward it to their own group of concerned citizens. There are several hundred personal contacts that I haven't had time to forward it to yet.

-- Republican Party activist, Arizona

I agree totally with your position re: the media's bias(es) and I'm quite sure from reading you over these many years that you will do what you think is right, as you always do. I'm also convinced that you'll decide to continue with Page Nine, because it is sorely needed and will be welcomed, and here, for what it is worth, is one vote in strong concurrence. Many thanks for your fine work over the years.

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